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Vote in the Cult TV Awards 2015 and you could win Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Complete CollectionVoting has just concluded for the Cult TV Awards 2015, with a trio of incentives up for grabs, and the First Prize was the entire seven seasons, over 35 DVDs, of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS in a superb box set, with a RRP of £149.99! Following the nominations phase of the Awards, where we asked you who should go in each of the five pigeonholes to be in with a chance to win each of the coveted gongs, it was up to YOU to decide who the lucky winners would be, Thanks to our good friends at Fabulous Films, we have huge incentives for you to take the time to tell us who should win.  Remember - if you didn’t vote, you can't now complain about who has won!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is an anthology series which features guest stars such as Steve McQueen, Vincent Price, Jessica Tandy, William Shatner, Roger Moore, Walther Matthau, Burt Reynolds, Dick Van Dyke, Charles Bronson, Diana Dors, Sydney Pollock, Leslie Neilsen, Bette Davis and Robert Redford. Who could possibly resist a running time of 6,679 mins approx, which accounts for ALL the episodes, including the 1962 story “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” which was not broadcast by NBC (they felt the ending, involving the “sawing a woman in half” trick was too gruesome)? Second and third prizes were Season One on its own, with a RRP of £29.99 per set, 961 mins over six DVDs!

Between 1955 and 1965, Hitchcock used the simple words “Good evening…” to introduce his timeless stories of horror, mystery and intrigue. The CBS and NBC show received three Emmy awards as well as a Golden Globe for Television Achievement, and set the gold standard for all television mystery series to come. In the words of Alfred Hitchcock himself, it “brought murder back into the home - where it belongs”.

There were 268 episodes, one of the most famous being Roald Dahl's “Man from the South” starring Steve McQueen, in which a man bets his finger that he can start his lighter ten times in a row.

Hitchcock was a multiple nominee and winner of a number of prestigious awards, receiving two Golden Globes, eight Laurel Awards, and five lifetime achievement awards including the first BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award, as well as being five times nominated for, albeit never winning, an Academy Award as Best Director.

After refusing a CBE in 1962, Hitchcock received a knighthood in 1980. Asked by a reporter why it had taken the Queen so long, Hitchcock quipped, “I suppose it was a matter of carelessness”.

Walt Disney was not a fan though. He refused to allow Alfred Hitchcock to film at Disneyland for Alfred Hitchcock Presents because Hitchcock had made “that disgusting movie “Psycho”.”

Hitchcock was infamous with cast and crew for his practical and warped jokes. While some were harmless, such as colouring all the food at a lavish dinner party with blue food dye, others were more macabre. Actress Elsie Randolph revealed her fear of fire to Hitchcock, which led him to getting an electrician to pump smoke into a telephone box, after she had been locked inside. Much has been made of how Hitchcock tortured Tippi Hedren during the filming of “The Birds”, but he also extended this sadistic humour to her six year old daughter, Melanie Griffith, to whom he sent a wax figure of her mother in a coffin, dressed up in the same costume she wore in “The Birds”. Unsurprisingly Melanie Griffiths has said about Hitchcock “He was a mother******, and you can quote me”.

Despite this reputation, a great many stars still queued up to work with Hitchcock.

Here at Cult TV, we hope you appreciate that the prizes on offer are a small token of our appreciation for the many minutes it can take to cast your choices in the Cult TV Awards 2015. The Voting Form has a total of 27 categories. 13 of these Awards are part of our HALL OF FAME – an ever-expanding pantheon of the most deserving from nearly seven decades of television.

The Cult TV Awards have gained an excellent reputation by celebrating the entire history of the small screen, not just the latest “flavours of the month” – every year you help us continue to live up to this billing, and have done so once more.

All you had to do to be in with a chance of being a winner of one of our ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS prizes was to make your selections on our voting form. The winner of the top prize, the complete seasons 1-7 DVD box set, was Martin Best of Wimborne. The runners-up prizes of season one DVD sets were Geoff Hibbert of Paignton and Roy Jefferies of Yates. Well done all!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – The Complete Collection is out now from Fabulous Films/ Fremantle Media Enterprises. The 35 DVD set has a ‘12’ certificate, a running time of 6,679 mins approx, and a RRP of £149.99.

All seven seasons are also available individually, Seasons 1 and 2 are cert ‘PG’, Seasons 3 to 7 are cert ‘12’, all with a RRP of £29.99 each.

  • Season 1 – 6 discs, running time 961 mins approx.
  • Season 2 – 5 discs, running time 958 mins approx.
  • Season 3 – 5 discs, running time 963 mins approx.
  • Season 4 – 4 discs, running time 930 mins approx.
  • Season 5 – 5 discs, running time 930 mins approx.
  • Season 6 – 5 discs, running time 962 mins approx.
  • Season 7 – 5 discs, running time 975 mins approx.

All titles are available for less at

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