John Ainsworth

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:32

A producer and director of a huge range of audio dramas, including Doctor Who and its various spin-offs ...


Producing, directing and script-editing audio drama has become the main focus of John Ainsworth's professional life over the last few years. For Big Finish Productions he produced the 2000 AD series featuring the comic-strip characters of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, working with versatile voice artist Toby Longworth and the star of Spaced and "Shaun of the Dead", Simon Pegg. As well as directing eleven of the eighteen titles in the series, John directed the dialogue for the Dredd vs Death console and computer game.

Also for Big Finish, John produced the highly successful Doctor Who spin-off series, Doctor Who Unbound for which he had to cast six new actors in the role of the famous Time Lord. These included David Warner, Derek Jacobi, Arabella Weir, David Collings and Geoffrey Bayldon.

For the BBCi website, John recently directed "Embers", the second instalment of Christopher Golden and Amber Benson’s Ghosts of Albion animated web drama. The production starred Anthony Daniels and Emma Samms. Other work for Big Finish has included directing episodes of Doctor Who (with Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy), Professor Bernice Summerfield, U.N.I.T. and Sapphire and Steel (with David Warner and Susannah Harker).

John also had an enjoyable collaboration with Nicholas Briggs when he script-edited all three series of Dalek Empire. John is currently collaborating with Elisabeth Sladen to produce the second series of Sarah Jane Smith which will be released in 2006.

Prior to his life in the exciting world of sound, John has worked in the BBC set design department before moving on to magazine publishing as a freelance writer and subsequently editor of such illustrious publications as "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Official Poster Magazine", "Film Review" and "Cult Times". After launching the short-lived ETV magazine (that's Emergency Television!), John was head-hunted by the UK Sci-Fi Channel to become their Marketing Manager and Web Editor.

In 2000, John produced and directed his first stage play, "Deceptions" by Paul Wheeler. The production starred Jacqueline Pearce and was a critical success which the author proclaimed to be the best production of his play that he had seen to date. "Deceptions" lead to John being invited to direct for Big Finish Productions.

John has established Noise Monster Productions to develop, produce and market his own audio and publishing projects. Space: 1889 - a Victorian, H G Wells-style space opera where man has travelled through the Ether and colonised the other worlds in the solar system - is the first series of audios to be released by the company. Series regulars include Simon Williams, Toby Longworth, Ivor Danvers and Tam Williams, and guest stars have already included Anthony Daniels of "Star Wars" fame and well-known British TV stalwart, Philip Madoc. Space: 1889 is on-going and other titles will soon be forthcoming from Noise Monster.

John joined us for Cult TV in 2005 in Solihull where amongst other activities he directed the audio workshop that featured Doctor Who stars William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, as well as doing some interviewing over the weekend. He was also onhand in 2006, to co-ordinate a discussion concerning approaches to audio drama with Elisabeth Sladen.


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