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Alex G

Alex G

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

CTV Awards nomination winners 2014

Win Parks and Recreation seasons 1 to 5 for nominating in the Cult TV Awards 2014Voting has just concluded in the nominations phase of this year’s Cult TV Awards, in what is now our 21st year of presenting our appreciation of the best in fictional television, to the talent behind the shows that we make time for more than others. As an incentive to cast your votes, we had three copies of the season 1-5 Box Set of Parks and Recreation, each with an RRP of £119.99, thanks to Fabulous Films/ Fremantle Media Enterprises, available as an incentive to get your 'thinking caps' on and make your nominations.

And here are the list of winners - Michael O'Connor of Chatham in Kent; Philipa Chapman of Glastonbury, Somerset; and Colin Cooper of March, Cambridgeshire. They will be receiving their prizes soon. The top five nominations in each category from what you have suggested will now be compiled onto the Voting Form, which is the next stage of finding out this year’s eventual winners! For those of you new to this, there are NO premium rate phone lines to call, or even stamps to buy to put your votes on record! With the process being online, and with each form being individually verified to ensure that block votes are discounted, this is the best system going to ensure that we genuinely take the pulse of the UK’s Cult TV appreciators.

Thursday, 03 April 2014 14:00

Supermarionation hits big screen!

Filmed In Supermarionation - the book jumps onto the big screenBack in 2010, we were amazed by the book “Filmed in Supermarionation”. A tightly researched tome, full of exclusive new information and many a correction of long-duplicated errors on the marionette work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, now we have something none of us were expecting... the movie of the book!

Network Distributing are the backers of the project, which is bidding to be known as “the definitive documentary about the culturally iconic puppetry and animation technique developed by Gerry and Sylvia, Supermarionation”. Considering the previous attempts at doing so, from the likes of the BBC and Channel 5, it’s fair to say this isn’t too much of a stretch! For the uninitiated, Supermarionation was utilised in all their programmes throughout the 1960s including Stingray, Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons and, most famously, Thunderbirds.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 15:50

Win Joey Boy on DVD

Joey Boy finally comes to DVDA monochrome release from 1965, this is a feature wrongfully forgotten in the archives of British cinema. Perhaps this is due to it being consigned to Black and White at a time when the majority of films were being realised in colour could be a key to this – by the time television would have beckoned for it, the number of screenings would have been limited on a medium that, by the end of the 1960s, was thirsty for as much of its output to be in bright and brash colour.

“Joey Boy” is set during World War II, and has its focus on a group of London-based hustlers who are given the option to take a tour of duty with the Army over incarceration for being captured red-handing running a gambling den. Directed and co-written by “St Trinian’s” Frank Launder the major star is Harry H Corbett (Harold in Steptoe and Son, DS Sidney Bung in “Carry on Screaming!”), but he’s just the first of what are now a series of well-known faces populating every corner of the tale. With “Joey Boy” presented on DVD for the first time in a pristine brand-new transfer from original film elements, Cult TV has three copies to give away in our prize competition.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 14:32

Mysterious Cities of Gold: Season 2

Mysterious Cities of Gold - A Season 2 at long last!It’s thirty-odd years since a children’s adventure cartoon aired on BBC1, fondly remembered by those of a certain age. It was introduced to us by Philip Schofield in the infamous broom cupboard, which also played host to a certain Gordon the Gopher. And incredibly, a brand new series of The Mysterious Cities of Gold has just been released on both DVD and Blu-ray.

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold's second season rejoins the adventures of Esteban, Tau, and Zia as if they had never been away. Indeed, it’s been seen in the UK on the Kix channel (the premiere run from 9th November last year, 2013), which is channel 627 on Sky, or 606 on Freesat. It comprises 26 episodes (the original ‘First Season’ clocked up 39 on its own), and has been brought to fruition by the production team that helmed the original series.

Monday, 17 February 2014 14:46

Some Will, Some Won’t on DVD

Some Will, Some Won't comes to DVDThere aren’t many films which can create such a jaw-dropping reaction when viewed for the first time – especially if you don’t read the cast list at the start of the movie. This is certainly the case with lost British film “Some Will, Some Won’t”, which is offered here by Network Distributing in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, with the option of seeing it in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio, too.

Released in 1970, the plot revolves a bizarre condition in a will, which tests the four potential benefactors. Know as an arch-prankster, Henry Russell (Wilfrid Brambell) starts the film by making Big Ben chime well beyond 12, before falling to his death from the clock face, in a scene which has echoes of an Emmet Brown scene in “Back to the Future”.  To bag their legacies of £150,000 each, the quartet of relations have to step out of character, and prove themselves as human beings. Can they rise to their respective challenges?

Monday, 10 February 2014 15:17

Q Planes comes to DVD

Q Planes - out now on DVDKnown stateside as “Clouds Over Europe”, this seldom-seen 1939 movie stars Ralph Richardson as Major Charles Hammond, a Scotland Yard officer who is a prototype for the Jason King character of Department ‘S’ fame. Laurence Olivier is in a supporting role as Tony McVane, a test pilot engaged in secret experimental missions. Valerie Hobson (Edith in 1949’s “Kind Hearts and Coronets”) is cynical reporter Kay Lawrence, in this fun pre-WWII spy drama.

Directed by Tim Whelan (best known for 1940’s “The Thief of Baghdad”) and featuring superlative art direction from Vincent Korda (1949’s “The Third Man” and 1962’s “The Longest Day”), “Q Planes” is presented on this Network release in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements. Of interest to Cult TV appreciators are two uncredited performances – one from John Laurie of Dad’s Army fame as a newspaper editor, and also look out for Derek Farr (Ensor in the Blake’s 7 episode “Orac”).

Wednesday, 08 January 2014 00:00

Cult TV Awards 2013 winners


The 20th annual Cult TV Awards was back to be being live and direct this year!  And for you, in helping make the winners truly representative of the views of those who appreciate extraordinary fictional television, we had three super DVD prizes up for grabs, thanks to Network Releasing. All you had to do, in order to be in with a chance of acquiring one of them, was take part!

Prizes up for grabs in the Cult TV Awards - vote to be in with a chance of winning

you can hear the one hour awards show by clicking here.

First held in 1994, the Awards have become a cornerstone of television appreciation, particularly in the UK. Below is the link to the Awards Voting Page to see who was in the frame for the 28 categories you had to make your choices in:


Tuesday, 11 February 2014 00:00

Double CULT TV on Your Radio!

A double-dose of alex:g and Tom Mutiny with previews and reviews of extraordinary fictional telly, tonight and every Tuesday but for one week only two hours from  5-7pm on www.peterborough.fm - or you can also tune in via tunein.com

Join us for CULT TV ON YOUR RADIO - available worldwide on Peterborough FM

Following the last-minute cancellation of last week's show due to technical difficulties at the station, the duo are back to point you in the direction of the TV shows to look out for, the best of the movies at the cinema, and DVD and Blu-ray reviews (both new releases and back catalogue). All to celebrate the best in television that inspires people to do a lot more than just sit and watch!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 11:03

Network's vinyl LP soundtracks

Network Distributing is imminently launching a range of vinyl soundtracks, in gatefold sleeves, of some of British television’s most iconic programmes from 1960s and 1970s. Working with Ray Staff, the renowned vinyl cutting engineer whose credits include David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and The Rolling Stones’ “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll”, Man in a Suitcase and Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) will be available from 28 October 2013. The recommended retail price will be £25.00 a pop, and will be available exclusively from the website www.networkonair.com  

Man in a Suitase and Randall & Hopkirk - Vinyl LP Releases imminentAdditional vinyl releases are planned for 2014, and these are expected to include The Saint, Department ‘S’, The Prisoner, The Champions, Strange Report and The Protectors. The roll-out of retro-product of this nature, designed for the discerning audiophile and television fandom alike, was gauged by the release of a limited edition EP called Themes for Action! on Record Store Day in April this year. This was available exclusively in those participating record stores who had got their orders in quick (as they realised the value of such a release), and contained the opening titles from Man in a Suitcase, The Saint (1966 and 1968 themes), The Prisoner, and Danger Man (1960 and 1964 main titles).

Monday, 07 October 2013 09:13

The Witches Blu-ray/DVD

The Witches - out as dual format DVD and Blu-ray releaseOriginally released in 1966, “The Witches” is a portrait of a disarmingly quaint ‘Little England’ for its first couple of reels, before revealing its credentials as a legitimate entry into the Hammer horror film canon. Based on the novel “The Devil’s Own” by Peter Curtis, you know things are going to take a very dark turn when you see its screenplay came from the pen of Nigel Kneale, the creator of “Quatermass”. And here it comes, digitally restored on a dual Blu-ray/DVD release.

The pre-credit sequence sees our protagonist Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine), an English schoolteacher, working as a missionary in Africa. The cliffhanger leaves her being attacked by a tribe of local witch doctors (look out for a young Rudolph Walker as Mark, one of her assistants). All we know for sure is she has been exposed to the occult, but it is only later in the movie that we find out exactly how deeply she has been left traumatised.

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