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Eleventh Hour USA in UK

Friday, 03 April 2009 09:53

From uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes the gripping new American drama series Eleventh Hour. Based on the 2006 mini-series that starred Patrick Stewart and Ashley Jensen, this reworking of creator Stephen Gallagher’s format stars Rufus Sewell as Jacob Hood.

Dr Hood is a special science adviser to the FBI charged with investigating incidents involving scientific mysteries – very much taking up the mantle of the classic Doomwatch series. Protecting this brilliant but distracted scientist is agent Rachel Young (Marley Shelton). The vigilance of this sassy lady is all that stands between Hood and radicals who are threatened by his unbending commitment to truth.

Eleventh HOur USAIn the series premiere, police engaged in a car chase make a grisly discovery by the side of the road - an aborted foetus in a medical waste container. A thorough investigation of the scene soon reveals another 18 buried in the area, and there's something odd about all of them… they have identical genetic profiles. This leads the duo to realise that someone is attempting human cloning.

Armed with his intelligence and scientific background, Hood must track down those behind this engagement in human cloning. For these misguided individuals, no price is too high to see their experiments succeed and their fees paid; they are even willing to sacrifice the lives of vulnerable young women who they pay to carry the manufactured embryos.

Now the latest surrogate's life is threatened by the cloned embryo she's carrying. Can Dr Hood unravel the scientific mystery and track her down before it's too late?

The premiere screening is on LIVING from 8.00pm on 8 April, repeated 10 April at 9.00pm.

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