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Misfits, a new home-grown comedy drama arrives on E4 on 12 November 2009. It’s the UK’s turn to come up with something new within the super-hero genre, which happens to be both original and fun - and worth tuning in each week for. 

We start off with a group of teenagers turning up for their first day of community service, meeting up with their probation officer. Our main five characters are chav Kelly, cocky Nathan, fallen athletic hope Curtis, spoilt Alisha and social outcast Simon. Our ‘Misfits’ have super-powers thrust upon them after a strange localised storm, though it takes them some time to realise that they have changed and to start exploring the limit of these new powers. We also find out to varying degrees what they’ve done to end up doing community service.

Cover of Misfits Tie-In ComicTo some at the advance screening, it seemed obvious that creator/writer Howard Overman’s inspiration was routed in the world of comics, not helped by one of the characters finding an old wheelchair to propel himself around in, like Xavier from “X-Men”. Howard, not having been a comic reader said, “No”, his inspiration was routed in series like The A-Team and Knight Rider – “heroes in modern cynical society” and “a group doing community service….. a most unlikely group of super heroes.”

It will be interesting to see how this aspect develops, as why should the ASBO-ed and electronically tagged, once they gain a super-power, become a super-hero - a fighter for good? Howard said he’s “not trying to make a social point….. just tap into the minds of teenagers”, giving them a “genuine voice” and “being true to the created characters”. Howard said his initial idea came about before Heroes first appeared on UK telly, not that it borrows any ideas from that series, and series one has come close to realising his original vision, but obviously some will point to 1985’s Misfits of Science television show as having some considerable overlap in format.

Another question was how the super-powers were selected. Let’s say, without giving anything away, on screen we’re in for many funny moments judging by this first episode. What won’t be obvious to the viewing audience, certainly straight away, is that the powers were decided upon by our characters’ emotions at the time of the storm. As this season progresses we won’t be meeting super-villains, but instead other characters of whom at the time of the storm were experiencing minor emotions, and who, as a result, developed minor powers. Season two is on the cards if the viewing figures are good.

What Misfits won’t be doing is delving into what the storm was and why our ‘heroes’ have developed their powers. We just accept it as having happened and move along, which for this series can only be a good thing.

Misfits is not just going to be a regular 10.00pm date with your telly on Thursday evenings but will very much be an online experience too: you’ll have to check out a variety of platforms for the full experience, and many are matched to each of the characters. Here’s the list of what to check out:

Kelly’s Twitter page -   www.twitter.com/kellymisfits

Simon’s Twitter page -  www.twitter.com/simonmisfits

Misfits official E4 sitewww.e4.com/misfits

There will also be pages on Facebook, Flickr  and YouTube (a dedicated channel coming soon). 

In the meantime you can watch the trailer on YouTube here.

Expect the social networks to be active and live as each episode is broadcast, as well as between them. Video content unlocked online will be woven into future episodes.

But you do not have to wait until 12 November to meet our characters, you can do so now by playing the online game, ‘Misfits do a runner’

Let us have your views on Misfits on our Cineology Forum  and I hope you enjoy this first episode as much as I did.

Could very well become a cult series?

Meanwhile, we had an item of Misfits marketing as a competition prize to give away in the shape on an XL bright orange t-shirt in the style of a set of community service overalls; you could have been seen walking down the street with “Community Payback” emblazoned across your back in big letters, and the envy of fans of the show. All your had to do was answer this question: What channel is broadcasting ‘Misfits’? The answer was E4, and the winner was Yvonne Poole of Livingston - well done, and our thanks to everyone who took part.







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