Leverage Series 2 on Bravo

Saturday, 17 July 2010 11:11

Fast-paced, expertly told capers from the other side of the Atlantic return exclusively to Bravo from Wednesday 28 July at 9.00pm. Gang leader Nate Ford (Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton) gathers the Leverage group once again to seek revenge on the wealthy and wicked. Not only that, but the series returns with some ‘Cult’ stripes to its name, as its first season is one of the nominees for the “Best New Premium Channel Series” in this year’s Cult TV Awards.

Those of you who like Hustle will love this show. The Leverage team of renegades includes British beauty (Gina Bellman of Coupling and Jekyll fame) as Sophie Devereaux, a grifter with a taste for expensive art (or, at least, its theft) whose feminine wiles turn most men into putty in her hands. Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) stars as the show’s rough-diamond lothario with a heart of gold, a highly skilled martial artist, weapons guru and retrieval expert. Added to the mix is expert thief, cat burglar and pickpocket Parker (Beth Riesgraf) who lives solely for the thrill of the con. The team is completed by the technology expertise of the master computer hacker (Aldis Hodge, Friday Night Lights) as Alec Hardison.

The second series of compulsively watchable scams reunites Nate's band of master criminals to even the score and offer the down-and-out a little bit of extra ‘leverage’ when they are taken for a ride by the rich and powerful.

Leverage - Season 2 will make its UK debut on premium channel Bravo

Nate used to be a card-carrying member of society with a job as one of the world's top insurance investigators, helping the corporation that employed him to retrieve stolen goods. But that was until his son fell ill and the same insurance company refused to cover the boy's treatment, ultimately leading to his death. Having resolved that wrong-doing in a two-parter that concluded the first season, now Nate is determined to put his underworld expertise to good use playing Robin Hood with a crew of the world's best con men and criminals. 

Nate is determined to return to straight life in the season two premiere, but after about five minutes in a dreary office it is enough to send him running straight back to his old ways. Walking away from his very brief interview, he is almost hit by an out-of-control car. An onlooker rushes towards the burning vehicle, but rather than help the father and daughter trapped inside, he snatches a briefcase from within the car. What could the case contain? Is it enough to get Nate’s criminal instincts up and running…

Nate is not sure that he wants to go back to righting wrongs, and even remains unconvinced after a man breaks into his apartment and tries to kill him. If attempted murder is not enough to change Nate’s mind, what is?

Is it time for Nate to rally his team of hackers and con artists to help him on his own style of Robin Hood revenge or is it time for him to take a back seat and live a normal life.

Viewers can find out how Nate gets back in the game, an exclusive only to be found on Bravo...

Produced by Dean Devlin (“Independence Day”, “2012”) along with co-creators John Rogers (“Transformers”) and Chris Downey (King of Queens), Leverage was the ninth biggest TV show of 2009 on Google search - and has scored a series average of 3.9 million viewers in the USA, not bad for something not on a major network, and they are just entering production of a much-anticipated third season.


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