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Our first series of voyages BEHIND THE SOFA has come to an end. Exclusive to Edge Media Television, on Sky channel 200, this is a new review comedy panel show which was broadcast every Sunday for six weeks from 15 January 2012 at 8.00pm. Pitching celebrity reviewers against each other, the latest DVD and Blu-ray blockbusters did battle with classic archive titles for the right to be hailed as the ‘Release of the Week’.

Repeated Wednesdays at 7.00pm, and Saturdays at 9.00pm, the final episode of series one saw some of the 'big guns' found 'Behind The Sofa' battling to see which one will prevail as "Release of the Week". We had: “Tales from Europe - The Singing Ringing Tree”, the stuff of childhood nightmares comes under the spotlight; “Repo Man” - Alex Cox classic cult movie gets the Blu-ray treatment; The Twilight Zone - The final season making it to Blu-ray, and there's many a treat in this magnum epic of a title; and “Cowboys and Aliens” - a Hollywood blockbuster mixing its genres but with a cast list in the stratosphere.

For those of you who like your trivia, here's some about "Behind The Sofa: All six editions were recorded in one day, 19 December 2011, and filmed "as live" (i.e., no edits); the episodes were filmed out of order, so as to space out the later recordings, where everyone is more familiar with what's required. The order filmed (compared to broadcast order) was 2 - 5 - 1 - 4 - 3 - 6. This allowed for three changes of clobber for each of the quartet onscreen, but still made it look like they'd changed for the start of each show, due to the order filmed; and the clips were dropped in during post production, having been viewed prior to each segment being recorded, With the format of the show and the cast having demonstrated their credentials, the work begins to find a sponsor to support the production of series two.

In the first season of six weekly one-hour shows, there was much jesting and jousting between three comedians, who praise the merits of each of their chosen releases. Those taking part are MITCH BENN (BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Now Show’), TOBY HADOKE (BBC Radio’s ‘Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf’) and GARY SLAYMAKER (BBC Radio Cymru’s ‘Bwletin’, a Welsh language show in the vein of ‘Have I Got News For You’).

To give an idea of the range of titles that will be on offer in each edition of BEHIND THE SOFA, the first episode had up for battle the Blu-ray box set of the Tony Curtis and Roger Moore 1970s TV series ‘The Persuaders!’, the delightful Japanese interpretation of ‘The Borrowers’ entitled ‘Arrietty’, the part-biopic part-surrealist Monty Python TV movie ‘Holy Flying Circus’, and high octane recent action movie ‘Colombiana’.

“In this digital age, all we hear about is ‘downloading content’ and ‘Pay-Per-View’ services” said alex:g, host and producer of the series. “The idea of still buying a product to put on your shelves, containing TV and movie material, seems almost to be frowned upon. As a medium for not only the casual viewer but also avid memorabilia collectors, DVD and the ‘new kid on the block’, Blu-ray, continue to be formats that are very popular. Now we present a new way to find out what’s out there, including those releases that might not be immediately apparent, having fallen ‘Behind the Sofa’, if you like.”

“I was amazed to discover, when approaching one video label, that they couldn’t believe we’d managed to get a series like this into production”, noted alex:g of BEHIND THE SOFA. “In some parts of the television world, it’s assumed that no-one is going to help promote DVD and Blu-ray releases, as they are seen to be in competition with the channels and their various businesses. In other words, to do such a show these days really does make for ‘Controversial TV’”.

And ‘Controversial TV’ is the strap-line for Edge Media, became the home of BEHIND THE SOFA where it could be found in a prime Sunday night slot, 8.00pm-9.00pm, with repeats on subsequent Wednesdays at 7.00pm and Saturdays at 9.00pm. You can subscribe online to the channel if you don’t have Sky, via

“This is something of a departure for Edge Media” noted alex:g. “At the moment the controversial nature of the channel comes from featuring content outside the mainstream, be it news stories that are being ignored, or questioning everything by using spirituality and other perspectives to make sense of the world. Now we have a series that is being controversial simply by championing an alternative to watching broadcast television in its various forms”.

Of the structure of the show, alex:g commented: “There are no rules to follow as to how the four of us decide which is the most deserving title, from those we discuss in any particular week. This is where a lot of the fun comes from. We were all amazed at how much humour, trivia and rivalry came out in the first recording. Our audience will feel they are joining us on the sofa, rather than being behind it!”

Further details on the series can be found at the official website,  – interested potential sponsors and advertisers should also get in touch.

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