TISWAS - The Soundtrack CD

‘Back in the day’, as they say, you were either a Swap Shop household or a TISWAS stronghold.  Straight-laced conservative pop entertainment from ‘Auntie’, or anarchic slapstick and rock from ITV’s entrant … watched by as many adults as children. And now’s the time to get ready to celebrate and reminisce about one of the original, anarchic and groundbreaking Saturday morning series in British television!

Yes, it was rebellious, and its irreverent nature became the trademark and part of the legacy of this iconic ITV show, first aired in the Midlands area only in 1974, before blossoming from a wrapper for other TV series and cartoons and watched by millions. Me? I almost gave up on it in spite, when the week before a single episode of Thunderbirds had been screened, which I had hoped would herald an entire rescreening.  How wrong I was, but eventually I lived to love the format that replaced one of my favourite shows of all time.

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Network's new TV Soundtracks

In the beginning there came upon the land a plethora of releases from the ITC back catalogue onto DVD.  ITC, the international production arm of Lord Lew Grade’s ATV television network, had a reputation for creating series designed to sell to the world market – all of them quirky and with a British backbone running through them.  As would be expected, the releases sold extremely well, so when Network stumbled upon the music libraries for many of these series, it was the logical move to make these tracks available to the market.

Initially, the result was huge multi-CD collections dedicated to individual series – we covered these at Cineology here and here.  This wasn’t to everyone’s tastes, as these limited edition issues had to command a considerable price to be able to pay for themselves.  However, the demand was still considerable, so Network have decided to issue single CD highlights from The Prisoner, Danger Man, Man In A Suitcase, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and Department S, plus a double CD “Music of ITC” collection featuring music from these shows as well as a whole host of other ITC favourites.

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Dr Who - Series 4 Soundtrack

Just out from Silva Screen Records is Murray Gold’s soundtrack to Doctor Who - Series 4. Murray Gold’s powerful score for Doctor Who is widely regarded as a major element in the revival of the classic cult series. The music from the previous three series has proved to be a bestseller and has appeared on the UK Albums chart.

This much-anticipated collection includes “Song of Freedom”, the stirring choral piece that celebrated the defeat of the Daleks in the final episode of the season, and proved to be a major hit at the recent ‘Doctor Who Prom’.

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More Network TV-CD music

Things have been incredibly busy in the Network DVD soundtrack CD department over the last few months.  Since our last feature on their first handful of titles (see the previous feature here), another FIVE sets of titles have been released onto the scene. As per the initial titles, all are available only at the www.networkdvd.net website. 

For your consideration this time, we have massive libraries for the like of the one hour Danger Man episodes, as well as The Champions, Strange Report, Jason King, and a brand new exhaustive five-disc collection covering Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s The Protectors.  Listening to these incredible releases almost makes you feel like going and filming your own new episodes for these shows – there is very little missing from what you’d need to support whatever your story happens to be.

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Network's CD Soundtracks

When Network gained access to the entire ITV catalogue (save for a selection of ‘reserved’ top level titles), they certainly were not aware of the scope of buried treasures they were about to uncover.

When searching through the meticulous files and recordings from the ITC catalogue, home of Lew Grade’s finest attempts to crack the American market with high gloss action series in the 1960s, an amazing discovery was made.

A vast library of specially recorded music for the prime shows. The best of ITC live action. Of huge interest to soundtrack collectors and ITC appreciators alike, these releases redefine the term ‘niche’. And now, thanks to Network DVD and Cult TV, you have the chance to win one of three copies of the soundtrack to DEPARTMENT ‘S’ in our prize competition.

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