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One person's view as to what makes the Cult TV Festival so different ...


I have attended the Cult TV festivals every year since they started. Living in Glasgow, it is not the most convenient con to attend, so why do I turn up time and again when there are so many events closer to home that would make life a lot easier? It is for entirely selfish reasons, I assure you. I have been to more than a few conventions in my time. I had reached the point when I was getting bored with the same routines. Sad people dressed in sad costumes, espousing an almost religious zeal about William Shatner. Anorak heaven. One TV show dominating the entire weekend, at the expense of all others. Stewards and organisers running matters with small regard for attendee needs.

The attitude "We have been running conventions for ten years, so we know better than you" is rife in UK conventions. There are however, well run conventions, conventions that do not hold to this rule.

Cult TV is one.

The stewards and organisers are ALWAYS open to suggestions. They actually listen. The attitude seems to be "It`s your event - what do you want?" Obviously there will be requests that cannot be fulfilled, but good ideas are normally used. The choice of guests is excellent. You will get a big name, sure. But you also get a good selection of guests you will probably never have heard of, Writers...Special effects wizards...stuntmen...

I can think of only one convention that allowed you to try wielding a sword at a stuntman then smash fake bottles on his head. It makes a change from asking a TV star "What`s your favourite colour?"

Can you guess which convention?

They've had big name guests from "The X files", but were brave enough to chair a discussion under the title "I hate The X files" at the same time. You can also expect a wider selection of shows covered at the festival. Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Star Trek - every con has these programmes. What about Space Patrol, The Double Deckers. Catweazle, The Prisoner, Parker Lewis Can`t Lose... ?

Cult TV caters for such a wide selection that you are certain to find out about something you haven`t heard of before. It might be rubbish, it might be great. You are unlikely to experience this at a typical convention.

An added bonus is that because the festival covers such a variety of shows, there is no such thing as a typical attendee. Every year local television crews come to the weekend hoping to take pictures of sad people with no life wearing ill fitting Star Trek uniforms. They are consistently disappointed to find normal people with a keen interest in a variety of things, including TV!

This year, Cult TV is well located in Weston-Super-Mare, near Bristol. There is no excuse not to attend, and I personally guarantee you will have a great time.

You`ll enjoy yourself so`ll want to buy me a drink on Saturday night at the bar.

A Bud will do nicely, thanks!

Andrew Dunipace




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