Frankenhooker on Blu-ray

“Frankenhooker” is a very much a movie in the Ronseal tradition. A daft blend of Frankenstein and a very soft-core porn flick, it is like a more risqué version of “Weird Science”. Jeffrey Franken (James Lorinz) is a kooky and rather obsessive genius who loses his beloved girlfriend Elizabeth in a silly lawnmower accident, and then brings her back to life using body parts selected from carefully vetted prostitutes.

Although Jeffrey is determined resurrect Elizabeth (a role charmingly and sexily brought to life by Patty Mullen), he is tormented by the guilt associated with having to kill the hookers. Consequently he resorts to drilling his own brain to impede his sense of morality, and formulates some deadly ‘super crack’ which he knows the call girls will not be able to resist and will therefore trigger their own demise. As a bonus, the crack causes addicts to violently (and very comically) explode into helpful limb-size chunks.

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Rare Exports on Blu-ray/DVD

24 days before Christmas in the icy Lapland mountains, some archeological miners believe they have discovered something truly remarkable: the tomb of Santa Claus. Shortly afterwards the dig site is found abandoned and dozens of reindeer are slaughtered. Inquisitive children Pietari (Onni Tommila) and Juuso (Ilmari Järvenpää) sense something is up but the adults will have none of it…Until they unwittingly catch a bizarre, wiry old man in a trap meant for wolves.

Unlike your typical Hollywood, saccharin-sweet Christmas fare, “Rare Exports” is prickly, unpredictable and more than a little quirky. Pietari suspects that – assuming he exists - the real Santa Claus is not a chubby, jolly old man but rather is a mean-spirited, demonic being whose physical abilities belie his apparent age, and whose sole mission is to punish naughty children in unspeakable ways. Having secretly broken into the dig site with Juuso, and possibly been indirectly responsible for the reindeer deaths, the frightened boy fears the worst.

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Touch of Evil goes Blu-ray

“Touch of Evil” is a dark and brooding film noire starring and directed by Orson Welles in 1958. Welles plays Hank Quinlan, an obese, scowling steamroller of a police captain stationed in a town on the Mexican border with Texas. Quinlan has a huge string of successful cases under his belt, but despite his instincts generally being on the nose, it turns out that he sometimes bends the law to ensure the right result.

Enter Mike Vargas and his new bride, Susie (Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh). Vargas is a Mexican narcotics agent who does things by the book, and finds that he and his bride are the target of a drug lord whose brother Vargas is taking to court. When a car bomb kills a wealthy American businessman, Quinlan and Vargas both get drawn into the case; Quinlan takes exception to the Mexican’s involvement, making things increasingly difficult for him until events take a truly sinister and deadly turn for the worse.

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Horrible Bosses on Blu-ray

Management candidate Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) has been logging 12-hour days and eating everything his twisted supervisor Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) dishes out, toward the promise of a well-earned promotion. But now he knows that's never going to happen.  Meanwhile, dental assistant Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) has been struggling to maintain his self-respect against the relentless X-rated advances of Dr Julia Harris, D.D.S. (Jennifer Aniston), when she suddenly turns up the heat.

Accountant Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) has just learned that his company's corrupt new owner, Bobby Pellit (Colin Farrell), is not only bent on ruining his career but plans to funnel toxic waste into an unsuspecting population. What can you do when your boss is a psycho, a man-eater or a total idiot?  With quitting not an option, this is the basis for a dark comedy that for many will have a description to steer clear of.  However, it’s much better than it sounds. 

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The Exterminator on Blu-ray

Embattled Vietnam Vet John Eastland (Robert Ginty – “Coming Home”) returns to New York to find an urban environment swamped in crime and corruption. His best friend and colleague Mike (Steve James – “American Ninja”) is crippled in a violent encounter with the local ‘Ghetto Ghouls’ gang, sending John on a vengeful rampage that starts with the rank and file mob elements and works up to major power brokers in the metropolis. No-one is safe.

Meanwhile, Detective James Dalton (Christopher George – “City of the Living Dead”, Fantasy Island) quickly works out that a single, highly skilled and well-equipped vigilante is taking out the city’s scum. The means do not justify the ends, so he must bring the killer to justice. As resourceful as Eastland is, sooner or later he will have to face the full force of the Law, the mob, or both.

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