Get Paranoiac on Blu-ray

“Paranoiac” hails from the famous Hammer Studios, home of Dracula and Frankenstein. Do not let this movie’s relative obscurity put you off, however, not least because this is the first time it has been available on home video. Oliver Reed (“Gladiator”, “Tommy”) heads up the impressive cast as Simon Ashby, an obnoxious, alcoholic brat who is about to inherit over £500,000.

The Ashby mansion is also home to Eleanor (Janette Scott), Simon’s delicate and mentally unstable younger sister, their steely aunt Harriet (Sheila Burrell), Françoise the saucy French maid (Liliane Brousse) and Williams the butler (John Stuart). Between them there is enough back-stabbing, distrust, lust and intrigue to fill a dozen novels. The film opens with the Ashby clan gathered at the annual commemorative service to mark the death of Anthony, elder brother of Simon and Eleanor.

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Sky Crawlers on Blu-ray

Mamoru Oshii, reknowned director of “Ghost in the Shell” and its sequel brings aerial combat and the psychology of war dramatically to life in this new Anime release. Despite being set in a fictional time and place, “Sky Crawlers” feels very much as though it belongs to mankind’s tragic past, present and future.

The Sky Crawlers of the title are a bunch of teenage, non-aging, genetically engineered pilots known as “Kildren”. The Kildren fight on behalf of two gigantic industrial corporations called Rostock and Lautern, each armed with its evenly balanced wings of junior combatants. Day in, day out these bands of aeronauts confront each other in the skies in a ceaseless bid to gain economic and strategic dominance.

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Have a Bad Day on Blu-ray

“Bad Day” is a homage to the British crime thrillers of the 1960s and 70s, one that packs quite a punch despite its meagre budget. Director Ian David Diaz called in plenty of favours, and used all of his contacts (and their contacts’ contacts!) to pull together an impressive cast and crew, all working twelve hour days free of charge. The end product speaks volumes about what can be achieved with sufficient focus and talent.

Claire Goose (The Bill, Waking the Dead) stars as Rebecca (aka Margaret), a strong-willed undercover copper who has got a little too emotionally attached to one of her suspects. She is in love with Harry McCann (George Calil – Waking the Dead, Band of Brothers), the boss of a cab firm which is actually a front for all sorts of criminal mob activity including drug running and prostitution.

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City of the Living Dead

Lucio Fulci’s “City of the Living Dead” rose to prominence on the crest of the wave whisked up by Romero’s zombie classics. “City” is not a simple retread, but rather establishes its own take on the genre, presenting the living dead as far more powerful, menacing and unknowable than previously seen in the likes of “Night of the Living Dead”.

In the small town of Dunwich, Massachusetts, a priest hangs himself in a church cemetery. This unspeakable act sets in motion the cataclysmic opening of the gates of Hell. As the dead begin to rise, the fate of the world falls on the unsuspecting shoulders of a reporter, a psychic, a psychiatrist and his patient. They have just 48 hours - until All Saints Day - to work out how to seal the unholy rift, or be forever plunged into darkness and suffering.

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2012 comes to Blu-ray

The end of the world can generate a global box office take of $711 million worldwide. To prove this to be possible, “2012” is out now on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Acclaimed Director Roland Emmerich, creator of “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day” is at it again with another vision of apocalypse, but at the same time distracts all attention from the real prophecies that revolve around the date 21 December 2012.

John Cusack (“Con Air”), Amanda Peet (Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip), Woody Harrelson (“Zombieland”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Inside Man”), Oliver Platt (“Frost/Nixon”), Thandie Newton (“Crash”) and Danny Glover (“Saw”) lead an all-star cast in this tale of humans struggling to survive against all adversity.

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