Terminator Salvation Blu-ray

The battle between man and machine officially continues in “Terminator Salvation”, the fourth film in the series, out now on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. To give this entrant box office clout, the producers have drafted in Christian Bale of “Batman” fame to star as an adult version of John Connor - leader of the human resistance in a post-Judgment Day world ravaged by deadly Terminators.

John Connor’s destiny was always to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. It’s 2018, and the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered, in part, by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington – soon to be Jake Sully in “Avatar”), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past…

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District 13: Ultimatum DVD

Five years after the much-imitated “District 13” introduced Free-Running to the world, the sequel aims higher, as so many sequels have before it. “Bigger, slicker and darker” is its mantra. Set in a reasonably dystopian 2016, three years have passed since the events of the original came to a bone-crunching close.

Despite the promises of those politicians not shamed by the revelations of the first instalment, the situation in Parisian District 13 has not improved. It is still a ghetto-ridden hell-hole, ruled by five gang warlords and their violent, drug-dealing thugs. Some people manage to avoid trouble and lead a reasonable, if down-trodden existence, but trouble lies around every graffiti-sprayed concrete corner.

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I Sell the Dead on Blu-Ray

You will be forgiven for thinking this will be just another gothic horror about grave robbers. It certainly starts off that way, but the path it takes is quite different to the expected. You will be taken along on quite a different journey then you will have been on before.

"I Sell the Dead" begins with the execution of Willie Grimes for grave robbery and murder, Grimes does not go quietly. His partner in crime, Arthur Blake is to suffer a similar fate the following morning. On his final night Blake is visited by Father Francis Duffy who wishes to take the condemned mans last words and preserve them for posterity. Blake begins to tell the Father about his early life working with Grimes and of their adventures and misadventures culminating in the bizarre series of events that lead the pair to the gallows and the end of their careers as grave robbers.

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Ip Man on Blu-Ray

It seems odd that it has taken this long to produce a movie about the man who taught Bruce Lee the art of kung fu. Behind every legend is a teacher. In this case, the fascinating character of Ip Man takes centre stage, played by Donnie Yen, a renowned martial artist in his own right and a star of dozens of action movies such as “Shanghai Knights”, “Iron Monkey” and “Blade 2”.

Opening in the Southern settlement of Foshan in 1935, the film quickly establishes that Ip Man, a Master of the martial arts discipline of Wing Chun, is a man of great integrity and humility, not to mention a stunning fighter. Challenged to a private, friendly duel  by the Master of a neighbouring kung fu school, Master Ip wastes no time or effort in making the other teacher’s skills look utterly pedestrian.

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Doghouse on Blu-Ray

A bunch of thirty-something men plan a booze-fest to help their mate Vince get over his divorce. Most of the men are suffering from something of a mid-life crisis, feeling like they have lost the masculinity and cocksure identity of their youth, and are pinning the blame squarely on the women in their lives, past and present. They book a chauffeur-driven mini-bus, and set off to Moodley, a miniscule village with a very alluring claim to fame: the women apparently outnumber the men four to one.

When they arrive there is no one around, and they fear they might have come to the worst place on Earth for a good time. That impression does not last long, though, as Moodley is actually a town full of rampant, blood-thirsty female zombies (or “zombirds” as the movie’s makers like to call them) who would like nothing better than to get up close and personal with the visitors!

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