The Funhouse on Blu-ray

“The Funhouse” comes from horror director Tobe Hooper, renowned for a rather influential Texan chainsaw massacre movie, “Poltergeist” and Salem's Lot. High on pot and heavy petting, two young couples visit a trashy travelling carnival. Non-plussed with the shoddy exhibits and rides, they foolishly decide to up the ante by spending the night inside the funhouse. Unbeknownst to them, a murderous freak lurks inside.

The film stars Elizabeth Berridge (“Amadeus”, “Hidalgo”) as Amy, Cooper Huckabee (True Blood, “Gettysburg”) as her hunky boyfriend Buzz, Largo Woodruff as Liz and Miles Chapin of “Hair” and “The People Vs Larry Flynt” fame as her squeeze Richie. The ill-feted sleepover is Richie's idea, and is going swimmingly until they witness a gruesome strangling by a masked carnie. They could be next unless they can escape undetected.

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The Pack comes to DVD

“The Pack” is a horror movie that tries to defy classification and expectation within the genre despite containing a fistful of clichés. Lone driver Charlotte picks up a hitchhiker who subsequently disappears at a truck-stop cafe after a disturbing altercation with some unpleasant bikers. Later that night she breaks into the cafe to investigate, and is promptly caught and knocked out by the quirky female owner and her son.

When consciousness returns, Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne - "Brotherhood of the Wolf") finds herself caged inside a grotty farm outbuilding and treated like cattle being fattened for the slaughter. Our heroine is not keen on hanging around to see what terrible fate awaits her, and so she tries to hatch an escape plan with a fellow prisoner. 

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Tenebrae on DVD and Blu-ray

Made in between his more famous supernatural horror outings, "Tenebrae" ("Darkness") represents a relative return to normality for the maestro of terror, Dario Argento. When American horror novelist Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa - "The Long, Hot Summer", Matt Helm, The Name of The Game) arrives in Rome to promote his latest best seller, a serial killer steals his limelight by committing a brutal murder and creating a connection to the author via a cryptic letter.

Detective Germani (Giuliano Gemma) and his assistant commence their investigation whilst trying to protect the writer, and Neal's deal-hungry agent (2005 Cult TV guest John Saxon - "Enter The Dragon", "From Dusk Till Dawn") encourages his client to promote his book around the city as liberally as possible. As the killer turns their attention to Neal's entourage, the police worry that he could be the ultimate target.

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Det Dee & the Phantom Flame

"Detective Dee" is an effects-heavy action adventure set in 689AD China. It is the eve of the coronation of the first ever female ruler (Carina Lau - "2046"), and not everyone is happy about it. Her personal security is placed on high alert for assassination attempts. Outside the royal palace, the construction of a gigantic Buddha statue is going well until an important visitor spontaneously combusts and a bizarre murder investigation ensues.

Political prisoner Detective Dee (Andy Lau - "The Warlords", "House of Flying Daggers") is released to lead the case. Before he can uncover the truth, Dee must overcome magical killer deer (that can talk!), bewildering splitting monks and armies of deadly ninjas. Aiding and sometimes hindering Dee are whip-yielding Officer Jing'er (Bingbing Li - "The Forbidden Kingdom") and Minister Donglai (Chao Deng), a very suspicious and nimble albino.

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The Survivor on DVD

"The Survivor" is an adaptation of James Herbert's best-selling horror novel about the sole survivor of a terrible aeroplane disaster. Moments after take-off, a passenger jet carrying 300 people plummets into a field very close to a town. As the emergency services struggle to contain the blazing wreckage, a lone figure emerges from the flames. That man is pilot David Keller, suffering from shock and retrograde amnesia.

Keller (Robert Powell - Holby City, "The Thirty Nine Steps") is rushed to hospital but is fit enough to return to the crash site within a day or two. Unable to piece together what happened during the doomed flight, he is approached by a strange lady called Hobbs (Jenny Agutter - "Logan's Run", "An American Werewolf in London"), who appears to be obsessed with the accident and claims she might be able to help him uncover the truth.

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