Demons Rising on DVD

“Demons Rising” is an action-packed horror film shot for a pittance but certainly not short of ambition. Written, directed and starring William Lee, the indie movie’s plot concerns The Liber Malorum, aka the Book of Life and Death, and the chaotic race between several good or evil groups to either bury it or read it to unleash its powers. Those who delve into the book are overcome by virtually unstoppable demons. After centuries underground, the book is finally tracked down by a shady Italian gangster called Doctor Montorio.

Montorio deploys his lackeys to retrieve the tome, setting motion a frantic battle for its possession. In the book’s wake, the bodies quickly mount up. Amongst those standing against Montorio and his forces of evil are thief Kyle Rush (E.J. Toxey) and muscle-bound government agent turned Buddhist Monk, Matthias (Lee). Numerous other organisations, cults and individuals get drawn into the hunt, including Matthias’s gun-running brother, the CIA and an old lady who develops an unhealthy appetite for human flesh.

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Who Can Kill A Child - DVD

As the title of this movie suggests, it relates to a sensitive and taboo subject: The killing and death of children. Ironically, after an introduction that bleakly explains how it is children that typically suffer the worst during and after international and civil wars, the film turns the tables. Here, giggling, weapon-wielding children are pitted against a pair of unsuspecting holiday makers who travel to the fictitious Spanish island of Almanzora.

Alternative, less subtle titles for the movie give the game away somewhat, especially “Island of the Damned”, for it is a cross between “Children of the Damned”, “Children of the Corn” and “The Birds”. When married couple Tom and Evelyn arrive at the island, they initially savour the peace and quiet. It is not long, however, before they get creeped out by the total lack of adults and some disturbingly unresponsive children.

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Pandemic comes to DVD

“Pandemic” showcases the potentially devastating effects of a deadly virus outbreak in Japan. What apparently begins as a small-scale avian flu outbreak in a village rapidly expands to consume the entire country in a spiralling nightmare of fear, death and destruction. The race is on to contain the effects of and isolate the killer bug, and then find a cure before millions succumb.

The movie focuses on the efforts of WHO medical officer Eiko (Rei Dan) to educate others, tend to the infected and find a vaccine. She is joined by Dr. Tsuyoshi (Satoshi Tsumabuki – “Dororor”) who is based in City Hospital, the investigation team’s base of operations. The two characters are old friends but their differing approaches to medical care cause them to clash when faced with such a desperate race against time.

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Red Canyon out now on DVD

Two siblings, Regina (Christine Lakin – Hellcats, Family Guy) and Devon (Tim Draxl – Supernova and the ill-fated Day One) experience a brutal and terrifying encounter with some small-town thugs. Several years later they return to the isolated town with some mates, even though Regina is still traumatised. In a bid to kill two birds with one stone, they hope to exorcise her demons and have a wild time motorbiking in the canyon.

The group stay in Regina and Devon’s late mother’s house, a rickety abode in the middle of nowhere with the exception of a few other shacks and a roadhouse frequented by red necks. Nearby lies the cave where the horrific incident occurred, and where they plan to return. Events quickly spin out of control and rather than cleanse Regina of her nightmares, they stir up local ire and end up having to fight for their lives.

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Lovely, Still - out now on DVD

If I told you that “Lovely, Still” is a movie about old-age romance at Christmas time, I would imagine most people would be reaching for the off switch in seconds. I implore you not to be so hasty though, as this spellbinding movie has a lot more to offer, including fantastic performances from the two Oscar-winning leads, enchanting music and visuals, and a truly blinding twist that sends the film off into a whole new direction.

Martin Landau of Space: 1999 and Mission: Impossible fame is Robert Malone, a tired and lonely old man. He has an easy job in a local supermarket, and finds some pleasure in drawing sketches. One day he leaves the house with the front door ajar, and returns later to find a complete stranger in his lounge. It turns out to be Mary (Ellen Burstyn – Big Love, “The Exorcist”), who has just moved into the house opposite.

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