Life Blood on DVD

On New Year’s Eve, 1969, a sexy lesbian couple take a break from driving through the American desert and get attacked by a strange swirling cloud of energy. Brooke (Sophie Monk – “The Hills Run Red”, Entourage) is killed instantly; Rhea (Anya Lahiri – Keen Eddie) is spared and given a mission by God (Angela Lindvall – “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”). She becomes a vampiric angel of death tasked with eradicating evil from the planet.

Rhea agrees on one condition, that Brooke is also brought back as a vampire, even though she has just killed a jerk in a bloody frenzy. God agrees, but warns Rhea that they must only use their powers to fight malevolence. Fast forwards to 31 December 2009, and the two undead ladies burst forth from cocoons. Brooke cannot resist her new-found urges and goes on a killing spree, forcing Rhea to confront her head-on.

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Confucius on Blu-ray and DVD

This movie tells the legendary story of Confucius (aka Kong Ze), a master politician, philosopher and moralist in China around 500 BC. Chow Yun-Fat (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Hard Boiled”) plays the titular man of immense wisdom, and he is joined by a huge cast. The film follows Confucius and his loyal disciples through his rise to high political office and then his descent to destitution.

The film opens at a time when the sage is in his early fifties, and at the height of his mental powers. Confucius is elevated to Minister of Law in the Kingdom of Lu by General Ji (Chen Jianbin), a man who recognises Confucius’ potential despite his common upbringing. This contentious manoeuvre risks offending members of the region’s three highly influential noble families, who seemingly will not rest until Confucius is deposed.

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BP - End of an Age DVD

Was the Gulf of Mexico ecological disaster the result of equipment failure, inadequate safety procedures, incompetent personnel … or something far more sinister? In this outstanding presentation, former Oilfield Executive Ian R Crane draws attention to the significance of the date ‘20 April’, and identifies the individual who was ultimately responsible for what transpired

This is the person who must now answer deep and probing questions regarding his allegiances outside of BP. This disaster bears all the hallmarks of a contrived event; an event which will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact upon the lives of tens perhaps hundreds of millions of people. Ian comments: “The long term impact upon Florida and the Gulf Coast makes Chernobyl look like an attractive vacation resort!"

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Higanjima on Blu-ray and DVD

“Higanjima” is one crazy movie, and the subtitle pretty much says everything that needs to be said about the plot. A bunch of school friends are lured to a mist-shrouded island, ostensibly so that Akira (Hideo Ishiguro) can rescue his long-lost brother from the clutches of blood-thirsty vampires. When they arrive, they quickly realise the whole thing is a blatant trap, and must fight for their lives against overwhelming odds and escape.

The movie set out its super-charged stall from the very beginning. A terrified, injured man tears through a forest pursued by an unseen menace. He is surrounded by a couple of vampires in a hut when a man in a cloak appears, shoots arrows through their eyes, slices and dices both before crushing their heads with a huge log weapon. This is Atsushi (Dai Watanabe), Akira’s brother, still very much alive and kicking!

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American: The Bill Hicks Story

“American: The Bill Hicks Story” brings into focus the tragic and moving life of one of the most underground comedians in history. Its theatrical release saw it become one of the top three documentaries of the year. With acclaimed reviews from critics and audience alike, it is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Bill Hicks began performing at the age of 13, and developed a unique and fearless style that tackled issues head on. His outlook challenged the injustices of life, but also pointed his audience to a better understanding of our lives here on Earth, via a very informed spiritual dimension.  Cancer robbed us of him back in 1994, at the tender age of 32. This film is an exhaustive tribute to Hicks, with a forensic level of DVD extras to get a total immersion in his life and motivations.

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