Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition

Sunday, 27 October 2013 14:30

Halloween 35th Anniversary DVD and Blu-ray“This isn’t a man!” says an exasperated Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasence – “The Great Escape”, “Escape from New York”) of Michael Myers, an emotionless, diabolical serial killer on a rampage in Haddonfield, Illinois. Amidst the pleasantries of Halloween’s trick or treat celebration, the masked murder and asylum-escapee stalks a teenage girl, Laurie Strode (debutant Jamie Lee Curtis – “True Lies”, “A Fish Called Wanda”).

This 35th Anniversary Edition reissues director John Carpenter’s classic slasher in its sharpest, most terrifying format ever. It features a brand new high-def transfer along with 7.1 audio and fresh bonus content including a new commentary track by Carpenter (“The Thing”, “They Live”) and Curtis, making this a package fans and new-comers to the movie will not be able to resist. Lock all your doors and close all your windows, because tonight is ‘The night he came home’… Again!

“Halloween” is a horror phenomenon that will surely never die. It has spawned seven sequels and two Rob Zombie remakes, and is routinely acknowledged by more modern chillers such as the “Scream” franchise, not to mention the equally unstoppable force of Jason Vorhees in the “Friday the 13th” movies.

Does the film still stand up in 2013? Of course it does! It is a master-class in suspense and atmosphere despite a meagre budget and break-neck shooting schedule. Fans of mindless slasher movies that put the gore and body-count above any kind of story or characterisation will possibly be a little non-plussed, but everyone else will find their love of what is probably Carpenter’s most famous work renewed and reinvigorated.

Carpenter’s iconic, minimalist theme tune and score draw the audience inexorably deeper into the movie. The theme tune tells you everything you need to know in just a few bars; ominous, panic-stricken and incessant like Myers, the music powers the movie as much as the moody lighting, immersive direction and haunting bad guy.

Michael Myers (aka ‘The Shape’) is a fantastic creation: voiceless, expressionless (under that bleached Shatner mask with ruffled, fake hair), unknowable, demonic and muscular. Time and again, Carpenter makes Myers’ presence felt via heavy breathing, a towering over-the-shoulder shot or a fleeting glimpse behind a hedge or through a window. When the camera returns to that spot moments later, Myers has vanished but the audience is always worried that he might reappear behind his next victim, and - by proxy - behind them.

The facts are simple: If you have never seen “Halloween” or own a DVD copy, buy the new Blu-ray version today. If you own the 2007 Blu-ray release, then the improved picture quality, colouration and new bonus content almost certainly make this the definitive version, especially if you are swayed by the strange allure of steelbook packaging!

Special features include:

  • Limited Edition Steelbook Packaging (Blu-ray only)
  • Brand new high-definition transfer
  • 7.1 audio mix (Blu-ray only)
  • All-new audio commentary with Writer/Director John Carpenter and Actor Jamie Lee Curtis
  • The Night She Came Home - A new 59 minute featurette starring Jamie Lee Curtis
  • On Location: 25 Years Later
  • Trailer
  • 3 x TV Spots
  • 3 x Radio Spots
  • 20-page Booklet

The new commentary track between Carpenter and star Curtis sparks with unexpected energy after all these years, and convention-goers will be familiar with the goings-on in the new featurette, wherein Curtis and assorted other Halloween series alumni attend an American event full of adoring fans. The bucket-loads of t-shirts, posters, action figures and other assorted paraphernalia attest to the enduring phenomenon that is “Halloween”.

“Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition” (1978) is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. The main feature has a running time of 93 minutes approx, carries an ‘18’ certificate and retails for £12.99 on DVD and £19.99 on Blu-ray, or less from www.culttvstore.com



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