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Fierce Creatures on Blu-ray

Sunday, 10 May 2015 23:00 Written by 

Fierce Creatures - out now on Blu-ray and DVDBig business and small furry creatures rub shoulders in this comedy written by John Cleese and Iain Johnstone. Gorillas, Tarantulas and Lemurs vie for attention whilst the human performers contort their way through a storyline that would not look out of place in the present day corporate takeover, tax dodging, financially unstable world.

Cleese plays Rollo Lee a former Hong Kong police officer who has been given the job of director at a failing zoo. His boss, media mogal Rod McCain (Kevin Kline) wants to attain a 20% profit by introducing a 'Fierce Creatures Policy' whereby only the dangerous animals are shown at the zoo. Any cute, cuddly, non aggressive beasts are to be disposed of. This, obviously proves unpopular with the zoo keepers including  Bugsy (Michael Palin) who goes to great lengths to show Rollo that his spiders and insects are just as fierce as a lion or a tiger. Concerned that Rollo is not up for the job McCain sends Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis) to replace him. She arrives with McCains son Vince (also played by Kline) in tow.

Whilst not up to the same excellent standard as Cleeses "A Fish Called Wanda" this is still a fun film and worth watching if you are a "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" fan or indeed any of that eras irreverent comedy shows. There are several nods to Python and Cleese channels his inner Basil Fawlty several times.

Palin ("Monty Pythons Flying Circus", "Ripping Yarns") gives a performance which is the antithesis of his character from "A Fish Called Wanda" gone is the stuttering somewhat naive burglar. Here Bugsy is a very verbose know-it-all who irritates everyone around him.

Jamie Lee Curtis ("True Lies", "Halloween") is again the love interest shared between Cleese and Kline. As in "A Fish Called Wanda" she uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. Although sometimes the use of her assets does grate a little, it is all in context with the storyline.

The always good Kevin Kline ("Cry Freedom", "Silverado") has great fun in his duel roll as Australian Rod and snivelling full of himself Vince.

The rest of the cast includes, Robert Lindsay (My Family, GBH) as the Small Mammals keeper, Ronnie Corbett (The Two Ronnies, Sorry) as the sealion keeper and for anyone who grew up with Superted and Play School keep an eye out for Derek Griffiths as keeper of the Ungulates.

The story whips along at quite a pace keeping the action constant. Switching from acerbic conversations between Willa and Vince to full slapstick japes amongst the keepers. Rollo is stuck in between trying to keep everyone else happy.

The disappointing extras only include a trailer.

"Fierce Creatures" (1997) is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Fabulous Films Ltd/ Fremantle Media Enterprises. It has a running time of 90 minutes approx, carries a '12' certificate and retails for £12.99, or less from www.culttvstore.com  


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