Blue Money on Blu-ray and DVD

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Blue Money - out now on Blu-ray and DVD“Blue Money” is a TV movie starring the irrepressible Tim Curry (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) as Larry, an aspiring actor making ends meet as a taxi driver. When a passenger leaves behind a case stuffed with cash, Larry nicks it and flees with his girlfriend Pam (Debby Bishop – “Sid and Nancy”). On the road, the duo encounters a crazy Scottish hitchhiker (Billy Connolly – “The Last Samurai”) and some deadly gangsters who really want their money back.

Directed by Colin Bucksey (Masters of Sex, Better Call Saul), this comedy/ musical/ thriller allows Curry ample opportunity to show off his superb talents, including singing, doing impressions and pulling rubbery facial expressions. Dermot Crowley (Luther, Bleak House) co-stars as Larry’s bent mate Brogan, who – once he learns about the money – is rather hard to shake off!

Whilst I quite enjoyed this movie, I found myself unconvinced that it knows what it wants to be. With a few more songs it could be a bona fide musical, or with a more substantial plot it could be a full-on thriller but it ends up floating in no man’s land.

As mentioned above, Curry carries the film, clearly enjoying himself immensely. One gets the impression he was given carte blanche to run wild and do whatever he wanted, and most of the time it more or less works within such a madcap, loose framework. Bishop is pretty good as well, and demonstrates her fine singing voice.

Connolly’s skills are rather wasted, though his character’s frustrated headbutt gesture is amusing. Crowley comes off rather better, oozing from one scene to the next as a sleazy low-life.

Fans of Curry will definitely find much to savour, and the remastered Blu-ray version looks and sounds decent; others may feel that the film is a little naff. I found myself falling somewhere in between those camps but Curry’s boundless enthusiasm and energy pulled me along.

The bonus content on the disc includes an American, VHS-sourced (yes, VHS!) trailer and an image gallery.

“Blue Money” (1985) is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Network. The main feature has a running time of 82 minutes approx, carries a ‘PG’ certificate and retails for £14.99 on Blu-ray, £12.99 on DVD, or less from



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