Sea of Love on Blu-ray

Monday, 26 June 2017 17:43

Sea of Love - out now on Blu-rayAl Pacino, Ellen Barkin and John Goodman star in this steamy thriller about couple of detectives trying to solve a multiple homicide in New York. Det. Frank Keller (Pacino – “The Godfather”, “Heat”) has been on the force 20 years and he is jaded, frustrated and lives alone. A new case comes along where the male victims have all been shot in the back of the head whilst naked in bed, and there seems to be a link to a lonely-hearts advert in the paper.

Keller and Det Sherman (Goodman – “The Big Lebowski”, “10 Cloverfield Lane”) come up with a crazy plan to flush the killer out by placing a similar ad in the singles page, and then dating the respondents. This is how Keller meets Helen (Barkin – “This Boy’s Life”, Animal Kingdom), a very fiery and confident suspect with whom the detective gets a little too personally involved.

“Basic Instinct” treaded very similar ground a few years later, but “Sea of Love” is definitely a classier, less crass whodunnit that lets the plot simmer nicely before coming to a deadly climax. Director Harold Becker followed the film up with other thrillers including “Malice”, “City Hall” (working with Pacino again) and “Mercury Rising”.

Pacino puts in a decent performance that subsequently becomes a bit overly familiar, but at the time it was quite fresh. He does a good job of representing a man who is all but burnt out, getting through the day on drink, cigarettes and whatever thrills the job still offers.

Barkin is tremendously sexy, sharp and really keeps us guessing as the femme fatale character. Despite the evident age gap she makes their increasingly twisted relationship both in and out of the bedroom convincing, and goes toe-to-toe with Pacino in the acting stakes.

Goodman has a smaller role which he carries off with his usual geniality, and other co-stars include Michael Rooker (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, The Walking Dead) as a potential witness, John Spencer (The West Wing, “The Rock”) as Keller’s boss and William Hickey (“The Name of the Rose”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) as the detective’s ailing father.

If you like your thrillers compact, that are quite claustrophobic and with lashings of sex, this will fit the bill nicely. There is not much gore but there is plenty of passion.

There are no special features on this disc, though there are optional English SDH subtitles. This new Blu-ray release has very good picture quality; a lot of the movie is shot at night but the city streets and interiors are clear and sharp.

“Sea of Love” (1989) is out now on Blu-ray, courtesy of Fabulous Films. The main feature has a running time of 94 minutes approx., carries an ‘18’ certificate and retails for £14.99, or less from BY CLICKING HERE.


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