The Big Knights go Blu-ray

Monday, 25 October 2010 07:45

From the creators of Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom comes The Big Knights, a show that I have to admit that before this release I had actually never seen before.  Here we have a series whose lineage can only be described as an ‘adult’ Cloppa Castle, in much the same way that The Magic Roundabout was a bridge between children’s programmes and the BBC Six O’Clock News for years on end.

This is a rib-tickling animation series, now available for the first time in a combined Blu-ray & DVD pack. It has a cartoon style somewhere between Bod and Roobarb in its execution, but that’s not a bad thing. So, saddle up to join Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the World) and Sir Morris (not the finest swordsman in the World, but the most enthusiastic) and their trusty, armour-clad pets Horace the dog and Doris the hamster!

The Big Knights out now on Blu-ray and DVD combinedIn the far off land of Borovia, where dragons are fierce, witches are wicked, scientists are insane, the economy is bad and television is in black and white, stands Castle Big, home of The Big Knights. Sir Boris and Sir Morris are brothers – they are the height of two men each, the weight of four and the strength of sixteen. They ride out to right wrongs, rescue princesses, and woe betides anything that gets in their way.

This does not always make things easy for the inhabitants of Borovia, who struggle to carry on with their everyday lives despite the Big Knights’ heroic adventures.

The Big Knights first crashed onto TV screens in 1999 on BBC TV, picking up multiple animation awards along the way. When the series finished it left a legacy of Big Knights fans who have tirelessly petitioned for the series to be released on DVD.

This DVD set also includes a re-mastered Blu-ray disc of all the stories. This is the first time all 13 episodes of The Big Knights have been assembled – pedants will note six of these had previously been available commercially, but this is the ‘piece de resistance’!

The iconic, legendary, irreplaceable Brian Blessed is the voice of Sir Morris.  David Rintoul, who played the title character in the 1990s revival of Doctor Finlay, provides the voice of Sir Boris. This duo is just the tip of a very long spear of talent involved in this show.  Guest stars include Timothy West (Edward The Seventh) as King Otto, Prunella Scales (Sybil in Fawlty Towers) as Queen Melissa, Morwenna Banks (Anthea in Skins) as a Lady in Waiting, Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong and Miller) as the Narrator, and it really is the inimitable raconteur Brian Sewell as Sir Kiftsgate!

What the Big Knights lack in bravery and chivalry they make up for with boundless enthusiasm. Among their many adventures, Sir Morris and Sir Boris rescue two mischievous princesses from a tower, take a holiday in the Land of Vampires and go under cover in their wondrous ‘hats of invisibility’.

You can find out more about the series at The Big Knights website. You can also find more about the remastering process at the Astley Baker Davies website.

Delightfully amusing and very silly in equal parts, the Big Knights will have family members of all ages in stitches. It’s an essential addition to your own castle’s DVD collection!

The Big Knights DVD and Blu-ray combi runs for 56 minutes approx in 16:9 ratio, has a ‘U’ certificate and a RRP of £12.99, or get it for less at

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