Original Sweeney on Blu-ray

Friday, 06 July 2012 00:00

The Sweeney - Original Series One coming to Blu-ray“Get Yer Trousers On, You’re Nicked!” They are The Sweeney, son, and they haven’t had any dinner! One of the most ground-breaking British police dramas ever made has its first season committed to a Blu-ray enhancement – a timely release which coincides with the big screen remake, coming out on 12 September. Hitting store shelves two days beforehand, Regan and Carter are part of New Scotland Yard’s infamous Flying Squad. Mixing with London’s seedy underworld they tackle the crimes too hard to handle for your everyday Police Constable. 

Breaking many of the taboos which had been ingrained into the way the Police were portrayed on the small screen, this is your chance to either remember what the fuss was all about, or experience what still remains today a very powerful crime series. Technology may have updated, but the social and moral dilemmas are timeless.

This will be a 4-disc Blu-ray set, which will see the series available in High Definition for the first time on 10 September 2012, with a RRP £39.99 (or less at www.culttvstore.com). 1970s London has never looked this good.

Rough, tough and politically incorrect in the way that only the best 70s drama series can be, ‘The Sweeney’ is one of the major television successes of the last fifty years.

Featuring John Thaw as Detective Inspector Regan and Dennis Waterman as his loyal partner Detective Sergeant Carter, you can finally watch this series at a previously unseen level of quality.

Special features on this set include:

  • Brand new High Definition transfer and restoration
  • Brand-new commemorative booklet by Archive TV historian Andrew Pixley
  • Dolby 5.1 track along with original as-broadcast Mono and music-only tracks
  • Interview with Ian Kennedy-Martin
  • Reconstructed titles with original stills
  • Reconstructed titles with original stills and shots
  • “Queen’s Pawn” introduction by Tony Selby
  •  “The Placer” introduction by John Forgeham
  • “Cover Story” introduction by Prunella Gee
  • “Golden Boy” introduction by Dudley Sutton
  • “Stoppo Driver” introduction by Dudley Sutton
  • “Big Spender” introduction by Warren Mitchell
  • “Abduction” introduction by Wanda Ventham

THE SWEENEY – THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES will appeal to all fans of gritty crime dramas and it would be criminal not to have this gritty set in your Blu-Ray collection. It weighs in at a screen running time of 650 minutes approx, with certification to be confirmed.

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