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Saturday, 17 July 2010 11:15

You won’t see many, if any, reviews in the mainstream of “American Conspiracies” by former wrestler Jesse Ventura. It’s selling well in the USA, and yet newspapers and magazines prefer not to mention that it even exists. Why would they try and starve Jesse and, by consequence, his new book of publicity? You can, of course, just shrug your shoulders, say it’s one extreme coincidence, and that there are other books in the bestseller charts that aren’t reviewed. If you believe that, I have some seafront property in Switzerland you’ll be interested in.

The simple fact is that Jesse is dangerous because he’s an individual. He follows the evidence to its logical conclusions. And what he discovers in this book is that we are simply not being told the truth on major incidents in American history. The content of the book, its undeniable presentation of facts, and our media’s refusal to address the evidence presented means only one thing: our entire media, worldwide, is compromised and cannot be trusted.

Jesse Ventura - American ConspiraciesWhere there has been comment from mainstream sources, they dismiss the tome by saying that Jesse has had one too many bangs on the head and has gone crazy. The same sort of sources will insist that his term as the Governor of Minnesota, a post he was elected to as an independent candidate, rewriting the rulebook of the two-horse model of American politics, was a disaster for that State. Of course, there’s no evidence for this, but if you say something enough times people begin to believe it.

It’s the same with much of the coverage that is out and about for this book. Nothing about where the evidence is wrong, just that Jesse’s a fruitcake. We call these ad hominem attacks – vitriol ‘against the person’ that has absolutely nothing to do with countering the information that is being presented.

Indeed his documentary series Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura has done great business for the small American cable station TruTV – becoming their most popular show, and going to a second series. Don’t expect it to be on the UK airwaves anytime soon – Edge Media’s Controversial TV on Sky Channel 200 would have been its ideal home here, but given that station’s current financial dire straits, that’s not likely - so we'll just have to hope some radical UK-based DVD label will buy up the rights.

That TV series feels more like an action adventure than a documentary show, with booming deep-voiced narration, a team of researchers (including the UK’s very own June Sarpong) jetting worldwide, staging covert meetings with experts and whistleblowers. It actually shows that uncovering conspiracies, whilst a serious business, can also be a lot of fun. The book is similar in its narrative – Jesse is dealing with the murders of the likes of Lincoln, JFK and RFK, showing collusion at the highest levels, but you feel comforted that Mr Ventura is on our side uncovering the truth.

The book makes clear that there is a wide gap between what government knows and what it chooses to reveal to the world. As a former Navy SEAL, Jesse understands the nature of military thinking, and how it can impact on the plans of our politicians. It brings an angle to proceedings that those of us without such experience probably would not pick up upon. What is made indelibly clear is that the mainstream press has refused to consider alternate possibilities or to ask the tough questions that come from such concrete evidence. He separates fact from fiction, leaving any open minded reader appreciating that you certainly can’t believe what you read in the papers.

There’s no doubt that, even today, the murder of Abraham Lincoln and the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King all need to be re-examined. We even need to look at whether the background behind the Watergate affair was presented honestly, as certainly the involvement of the CIA has been very much understated.

Did the American Republican Party set out to purposefully steal two elections on behalf of George W Bush? Again, when you read the facts together in one place, there is little doubt.

Most disturbingly, he looks at the evidence we have heard little about concerning the 9/11 “attacks”. There are facts and testimonies that the media is afraid to explore – showing those of us with the ability not to knee-jerk back to the official line that this is the biggest cover-up in Earth’s history.

For those who want something as leverage into what’s happening in the ‘here and now’, Jesse looks at the collapse of today's financial system and the Stateside bailout plan by the Federal Reserve. He reveals that there is no way it will achieve what we are told it is supposed to, and this will be mirrored worldwide.  Are you listening, Bank of England execs?

This is an ideal book to introduce you to the first level of conspiracy in our world. It will help you understand the most simple of truths: the bigger the lie you are told, the easier it is to believe. What is covered here are some of the biggest lies we have been exposed to over the last 200 years!  Of course, you may choose to stay separated from the truth, but then that’s exactly what those ‘in charge’ want you to do. While enough people believe what they are told without question, we will never be able to break up the creeping tyranny that is gradually closing in around us.

The UK edition of “American Conspiracies” is out now from Constable, 256pp in hardback, with a RRP of £14.99, or get it for less from  


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