The House Across the Lake on DVD

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The House Across The Lake - out on DVDAmerican author Mark Kendrick (Alex Nicol - "The Man from Laramie") rents a bungalow on Lake Windermere to focus on his new novel. One fateful night he receives a call asking if he can help a neighbour from across the water by ferrying some of her party-goers. Despite his better nature, Mark is instantly bowled over by the lady of the house, blonde bombshell Carol Forrest (Hillary Brooke - "The Man Who Knew Too Much").

Hillary's rich stockbroker husband, Beverly Forrest (Sidney James - "The Lavender Hill Mob") befriends Mark and reveals that he still loves his wife despite her flagrant, adulterous behaviour. Mark tries to keep his distance but is inescapably drawn into the Forrests' tumultuous lives. The film was co-produced by Hammer Films and Lippert Films, and written and directed by Ken Hughes ("Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", 1967's "Casino Royale").

"The House Across the Lake” is seriously steamy and despite being rather clichéd it tells its story in a highly efficient and gripping manner. There is great chemistry between the three leads, and the magnetic attraction and repulsion is resounding. The story comes across as a combination of a Raymond Chandler classic and "The Great Gatsby", with Kendrick's voice-over setting the scene perfectly.

The black and white picture quality is pretty good, but the sound is sometimes quite muffled, and benefits from being turned-up to make sure critical dialogue is not missed.

The movie may be a bit predictable but it is the journey that counts, and in this instance it is well worth taking.

The DVD includes the original theatrical trailer and an image gallery.

“The House Across the Lake” (1954) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Network. The main feature has a running time of 66 minutes approx, carries a ‘U’ certificate and retails for £9.99, or less from

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