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Felony - ready to stream“Felony” is a riveting Australian police thriller about Malcolm Toohey, a hero detective (Joel Edgerton - "Warrior") who knocks a boy off his bike whilst drink-driving and then hides his involvement. His boss (Tom Wilkinson - "Shakespeare in Love") helps him bury the case but new boy on the block Jim (Jai Courtney - "Divergent") smells a rat and pursues his own investigation, much to the other two law enforcers' annoyance.

As the life of the child hangs in the balance, Detective Toohey wrestles with his guilt. Should he turn himself in, potentially dragging others down with him? And what of his own family who depend on him? The movie was directed by Matthew Saville and produced by Michael Benaroya ("Lawless"), and co-stars Melissa George ("30 Days of Night") as Malcolm's wife and Sarah Roberts (Sienna Matthews in Neighbours) as the boy's traumatised mother.

This film is a fascinating study of the way a guilty conscience can eat away at a person, and the many grey or relative levels of criminal behaviour. As the main hit and run investigation progresses, two other cases run alongside it: one concerning child abduction and rape, the other activities of a drug cartel. These provide interesting parallels and moral arguments for the relative 'badness' of people's actions.

Tom Wilkinson steals the show and shows his impressive acting range, one moment representing a shielding parent promising to take care of everything, later revealing his spiky, menacing side when his own future is put on the line. He also proves that he can maintain a credible Aussie accent as dependably as his "Batman Begins" American one.

Edgerton (also the movie's writer) and Courtney are solid if unremarkable, although Edgerton does have a couple of shining moments at the end of the movie that reveal serious acting chops.

The film does not feature much action, but to be honest the slowly-building tension and dilemma-bound plot guarantee that the audience will not get distracted. This is a highly competent thriller that makes you ponder as to which side of the line you would fall on, were you in Detective Toohey's shoes. Recommended.

“Felony” (2013) is available now on demand and digital download from iTunes, Amazon Prime, FilmFlex, BlinkBox, Film4 OD, EE Film, Virgin Movies and Sky Movies, courtesy of Solo Media. The main feature has a running time of 105 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £8.99 in SD, and £9.99 in HD.


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