White Reindeer on DVD and VOD

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

White Reindeer on DVD and VOD"White Reindeer" is an antidote to some of the more saccharine Christmas movies, along the lines of "Bad Santa" blended with "Bridget Jones's Diary". The film focuses on estate agent Suzanne Barrington (Anna Margaret Hollyman - "The Den"), a happily married woman who is looking forward to Christmas and relocating to Hawaii until she discovers that her husband has been brutally murdered by burglars.

Greaving Suzanne drifts from day to day at home, becoming massively addicted to online shopping for festive junk and clothes as she desperately seeks some kind of emotional boost. Then she discovers that the man she loved had been having an affair and goes in search of 'the other woman'. The lady in question is stripper Fantasia (Laura Lemar-Goldsborough), who befriends Suzanne and shows her how to live on the wild side of life.

Although it feels a little rough around the edges, this movie has a lot of heart, warmth and a solid central performance from Hollyman as the broken and listless realtor. Although Suzanne initially appears a little dull, once her life falls apart she becomes a much more likeable character who encourages empathy. For example, rather than aggressively seeking out her husband's bit on the side she only wants to understand him better and genuinely wants to get to know the dancer.

A few of the supporting characters are nicely drawn, especially Fantasia who has problems of her own including a young daughter and sickly mother to support. Lemar-Goldborough deserves to go far on the strength of her début performance; she is sassy, living it large and yet friendly and responsible when she needs to be.

Joe Swanberg ("You're Next") and Lydia Hyslop ("Vacation!") raise eyebrows as Suzanne's lovely new neighbours who host a very down-to-earth, Christmas swinging party. Suzanne's work colleagues also provide some laughs, making a vague effort to keep her spirits up whilst her boss (Ellie Nicoll - "Modern Love is Automatic") tries to make a quick buck from the poor woman's predicament!

Two characters who make less impact are Suzanne's ill-fated husband Jeff (Nathan Williams – Harvey, Edge’s Aide in Boardwalk Empire) and Chris Doubek ("Boyhood"), the earnest detective assigned to the murder case. With a relatively short running time I guess there wasn't time to flesh out everyone's persona.

Whilst the film might not have you in stitches, it does regularly raise a smile and you will want to see Suzanne's journey through to the end, even if there are a few unresolved questions when the credits roll.

“White Reindeer” (2013) is out now on DVD and VOD, courtesy of Matchbox Films. The main feature has a running time of 79 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £15.99 (DVD), or less from www.culttvstore.com

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