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Man in the Moon on DVD

Sunday, 18 September 2016 23:00

Man in the Moon on DVDKenneth More (“A Night to Remember”, “Sink the Bismarck!”) stars in this madcap British comedy about a human lab rat who is shortlisted for the first manned mission to the moon. William Blood is a man seemingly immune to all ailments, worries and fears. He is unaware of the goal of the mission, the large cash prize attached to it, or that he has a competitor who will stop at nothing to stop him succeeding.

The director is Basil Dearden (“Dead of Night”, The Persuaders!), and the cast also includes Shirley Anne Field (“Alfie”) as a jaw-dropping stripper who catches Blood’s eye, Michael Hordern (“Where Eagles Dare”) as the scientist who sees the hero’s potential, Charles Gray (Blofeld in “You Only Live Twice” and “Diamonds are Forever”) as a devious fellow astronaut and Norman Bird (“The Hill”) as Blood’s best mate.

“Man in the Moon” is quite reminiscent of the “Carry On” series of films, albeit less camp and knowing, as well as the “Austin Powers” trilogy. The dramatic opening titles music would have you believe it is an out-and-out thriller but it is nothing of the sort!

There is a lot of slightly saucy comedy and slapstick antics that have aged quite a bit but they still raise a chuckle (providing you do not take the sexism too seriously), thanks largely to the cast’s performances. More is very charismatic and so easy-going in the main role; Blood is oblivious to the danger he is in but we never fear for his life as he is apparently indestructible both physically and mentally, despite his appearance of a normal man.

The scope and ambition of the film is quite impressive, and the special effects look fine given the genre and bubbly tone. The later stages get quite tense as Blood prepares for his lunar lift-off, but there is a nagging sensation that everything is not what it seems…

Jolly good fun!

Special features include a theatrical trailer and an extensive image gallery, including Shirley Anne Field modelling some rather strange hats! The film has been cleaned up brilliantly, and the black and white visuals are sharp and detailed.

“Man in the Moon" (1960) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Network. The main feature has a running time of 96 minutes approx, carries a ‘PG’ certificate and retails for £9.99, or less from


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