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This could well be a who's who of current well known actors. I remember seeing this not long after it came out and, apart from Jonathan Pryce and Ruth Madoc, not knowing who the other cast members were. It was, then quite odd to watch Brothers and Sisters stars Rachel Griffiths in the title role and Matthew Rhys in a supporting role. And ‘Mr Fantastic’ himself Ioan Gruffudd playing opposite Rhys as a very convincing couple.

You will also spot Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page in one of her first roles, and if you look very hard you will even find that shows creator Ruth Jones in a small role. The film is also notable for being the last one that Kenneth Griffith did before he died.  Once the shock of seeing all these 'before they were famous' actors has passed you can sit back and enjoy a funny and engaging film.

Very Annie Mary on DVDAnnie Mary (Griffiths) is a young woman who still lives at home with her baker father (Pryce) but dreams of moving on and getting her own place. Her father is very oppressive and continually puts her down. It is not until he suffers a stroke, and Annie has to take control of the bakery, that things begin to change for her.

The Welsh village of Owa is the setting for this tale of a young dreamer who manages to muddle through many ups and downs to emerge triumphant. Annie has to try and fit in with a society that has been more interested in her father and his singing than in her.

There are some wonderfully comic turns; Gruffudd and Rhys are perfect as Annie’s friends, Hob and Nob. They are the shoulder for her to cry on and help to cheer her up. Madoc positively smoulders whenever she is trying to woo Annie’s father, but turns very bitchy when she wants Annie out of the way. You won’t look at a sponge cake in quite the same way again!

Pryce puts in a good performance as Father; he is quick with the retorts to Annie and his portrayal of the stroke sufferer is believable. The film is also helped by him singing most of his own songs.

But it is Rachel Griffiths’ show; her accent is perfect, no hint of her native Australian. She is geeky and gawky, with a walk and run that fits her character. I have never seen someone walk into a door quite so convincingly. That someone with such a talent for character acting is now in a long running US series is unbelievable. She has such a wonderful range of facial expressions and is so dowdy, you cannot imagine her being a Hollywood actress.

Exras include the film’s trailer, a few interviews and a brief ‘making of’ and ‘behind the scenes’ clips.

Although not suitable for younger children, older kids will enjoy watching this with their parents. It will amuse all ages and everyone will get something from it.

“Very Annie Mary” is out on DVD on 27 July 2009, certificate “15”, with a RRP of £15.99 – or less from

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