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Saturday, 02 October 2010 09:56

Was the Gulf of Mexico ecological disaster the result of equipment failure, inadequate safety procedures, incompetent personnel … or something far more sinister? In this outstanding presentation, former Oilfield Executive Ian R Crane draws attention to the significance of the date ‘20 April’, and identifies the individual who was ultimately responsible for what transpired

This is the person who must now answer deep and probing questions regarding his allegiances outside of BP. This disaster bears all the hallmarks of a contrived event; an event which will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact upon the lives of tens perhaps hundreds of millions of people. Ian comments: “The long term impact upon Florida and the Gulf Coast makes Chernobyl look like an attractive vacation resort!"

BP, Population Reduction and the End of an Age - DVD out nowIs it really the case that the most serious aspect of the Deepwater Horizon incident was the death of eleven people when the rig initially blew up? To investigate further, we have to get some context first. On 19 April 2010, Ian R Crane, now a geopolitics researcher, sent out his monthly newsletter, warning his readers to 'stay vigilant' as he had a sense that a 'false flag' staged event was about to happen. His intuition was heightened by the knowledge of other incidents that were not as they seemed - Waco (1993), the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995) and the Columbine High School massacre (1999) – these all occurred on the dates of either 19 or 20 April. Sure enough, on 20 April 2010, his fears were proven to be correct.

Crane's oilfield industry background allowed him to apply forensic analysis to events leading up to and surrounding the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon. This knowledge enabled him to identify the individual who was ultimately responsible for what transpired, and who is now required to answer deep and probing questions regarding his allegiances outside of BP.

Remarkably, Ian has named the same individual, described as a '32 year old punk' by Matthew Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, via an interview with Bloomberg TV on 21 July 2010. This was just a few days before Simmons was found dead in his hot tub on 8 August (as reported by Emma Brown in the Washington Post on 9 August).

This individual, Robert Kaluza (background at the Newswatch Energy website), has so far failed to offer testimony at any of the hearings convened to establish what occurred in the period leading up to the explosion. Kaluza elected instead to plead the Fifth Amendment – in other words, any evidence he may offer would be self-incriminating.

Ian R Crane notes:  “This disaster bears all the hallmarks of a contrived ‘false flag’ event. It will also have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts on the lives of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people.”  There is also evidence that increasing numbers of people are becoming sick in the Gulf Coast region.

Mr Crane elaborated: “People only need to read the testimony from Dr Susan Shaw, founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, concerning heart trouble, organ damage, and rectal bleeding as she described to rawstory.com. Other general effects of benzene and Corexit poisoning are outlined by Deborah Dupré at the globalresearch.ca website. There are reports of 'crop damage' throughout the USA, as reported by Irene North at dailycensored.com. After all this, the British and European mainstream media leads us, the general public, to believe that the oil has all but disappeared from the Gulf of Mexico!”

Here in Britain, the general public has been led to believe the whole event has been exaggerated by the American media, generating mass hysteria in a bid to demonise BP - as an example, the David Jones piece in the Daily Mail on 6 August 2010. However, it is imperative to consider the implications of the toxic oil/Corexit mix entering the Gulf Stream, as detailed by Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecast Service, and thus being transported around the Globe.

Mr Crane says: “The data and background to this disaster is being suppressed in a way which will come back and bite us all. The long term impact upon Florida and the Gulf Coast makes Chernobyl look like an attractive vacation resort!”

If Crane's prognosis of a contaminated Gulf Stream impacting negatively upon future growing seasons in Western Europe is correct, and no experts have challenged it, then the long term implications are catastrophic. It is certainly beyond the level of any commentary currently being offered either in the mainstream media or by political leaders.  Crane concluded “It is time witnesses are dragged kicking and screaming to give evidence.  Only then will the truth have a chance of being revealed.”

However, all is not lost. Ian also recounts his recent encounter with the Q'ero, the Ancient Wisdom Keepers of the Inca. A remarkable group of indigenous people, lost to the world then returning to the ‘lower world’ after living at 16,500ft in the High Andes for over 400 years, with the specific intent of sharing their prophecy ... because NOW is The Time!

In previous DVD presentations, Ian R Crane has correctly predicted the global economic collapse (‘Fool me once...’ – 2007) and the Swine Flu vaccine scam (‘The Truth Injection’ – 2009). Consequently, his new DVD, ‘BP - Population Reduction and the End of an Age’, also available on the Alternative View label, may prove to be a very sound investment ... as our future well-being may depend upon it!

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