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The music industry has been parodied at many levels, from “This Is Spinal Tap” through to the “Bad News Tour” episode of The Comic Strip Presents, and even more surreally in The Glam Metal Detectives. Director James Abadi, along with brother Adam Abadi, decided it was time for their own unique take on the PR machine behind mass market music, and the result is “The Story of F****”. The title is problematic, mainly because the expletive in it is also the name of the talentless quartet which is being manufactured into the limelight.

There are not many films these days that can be described as having a totally unique narrative style.  In the hundred or so years that cinema has been churning out material, you would have thought everything had been done.  Here is a film that will actually make you feel that you’ve discovered a new storytelling style.  Yes, there are elements of what has gone before, but as every good cook will know, it’s not the ingredients on their own, but how you cook up the recipe. Prepare to be amazed.

The Story of F**** comes to DVDThe quote that sums up the narrative is thus: “The Music Industry is a cruel and shallow money trench where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side”. Considering the Abadi brothers have so short a track record – IMDB lists a single short film “Flat Zero” from 2005 in their entries – what they have magiked up here is nothing short of miraculous.

Lewis Sipricosh (brought to life by Finlay Robertson – Larry Nightingale in Doctor Who “Blink”) is a frustrated talent spotter and developer at Kozmos Records. He’s looking for the next big act to impress his deranged and depraved music boss – enter Danny Webb as Barton Hamborksi, for which the term unhinged was invented; mind you, he’s not the only deranged presence in this movie.

Sipricosh has a deep-seated rivalry with fellow A&R man Gilford Bell, given a demonic manic energy by the truly unique Lee Boardman (Timon in Rome and the career-defining Murray Priestman in Drop Dead Gorgeous). Bell steals any good ideas, and demolishes bad ones, leaving him as top dog in the company’s set-up.

But help is at hand. An intern, Daisy, becomes Lewis’s new assistant (Tamsin Egerton building on her role in the new “St Trinians” movies). Together they unwittingly create and unleash a new band – one major problem is the name “F***” was not what these lounge funksters had in mind for their nomenclature. More importantly, they can’t sing or play instruments to save their lives. The point is that this never stopped a manufactured band from being successful in the past!

This is not your standard rock movie; sure it has sex and drugs, but the lack of quality of in the rock ‘n’ roll is made up for by alien abduction and crocodiles.  

Filmed on location in Budapest, Hungary, this is the home of Desiré Dubounet, who plays The Angel in this movie, but is also one of the Executive Producers.  If you have a quick surf around the internet, Dubounet’s background is, ‘colourful’, to say the least. Born in Colorado in 1951 as William Nelson, Dubounet is a transvestite, famous (or notorious, depending on your point of view) for inventing the Electro-Physio-Feedback-Xrroid (EPFX) system. This is claimed to treat diseases from AIDS to cancer. The American FDA is alleged to have handed out felony fraud charges to him in 1996, at which point Dubounet relocated to Budapest – he continues to sell his machine globally for around £35,000 each. Ironically, he also has his own rock band.

Also serving as Executive Producer on “The Story of F***” is Gary Sinyor, who has carried out production chores on the likes of 1992’s “Leon The Pig Farmer” with Mark Frankel, Connie Booth and Gina Bellman , 1998’s “Stiff Upper Lips” with Peter Ustinov, Prunella Scales and Frank Finlay, and 2008’s “In Your Dreams” with Dexter Fletcher, Susan George and Linda Hamilton. This ability to pepper productions with excellent acting talent is again evident in “The Story of F***”. Joe Absolom as band memner Baz has long since got over his stint as Matthew Rose in Eastenders around a decade ago, having gone on to starring roles in P.O.W., Vincent, Doc Martin and Personal Affairs.

However, in a bit of show-stealing, Peter Bowles is immense as The Devil in what is admittedly a bit of stunt casting via a superb cameo.

There are not many movies which will have you open-jawed in amazement with what is presented to you, and this for a meagre budget and no outlandish special effects is one that manages it. Judging by the handful of reviews out there, its excellence will go over the heads of most people, but probably not a ‘cult’ audience.  Hence why we recommend it for anyone who wants to push their own boundaries.

“The Story of F***” is out now from Network DVD, with a running time of 86 minutes approx, a ‘15’ certificate and a RRP of £15.99, or get it for less at


“The Story of F****” Cast List

Finlay Robertson as Lewis Sipricosh

Tamsin Egerton as Daisy

Ameet Channa as Herman J Berman

Joe Absolom as Baz

Andrew Thomas Jones as Jack

Desiré Dubounet as The Angel

Lee Boardman as Gilford Bell

Danny Webb as Barton Hamborksi

Peter Bowles as The Devil

Steve Parsons as Old Weird Guy

Dana Haqjoo as Jonny D

Kevork Malikyan as Rabbi Zool

Mahfuz Ali Mir as Ibrahim

Jodie Albert as Barmaid

Joanne Matthews as Gloria

Dean Bardini as Brother Grim 1

Matthew Early as Brother Grim 2

Lili Bordan as Cosmos Receptionist

Lauren Evans as Camper Van Girl 1

Madi Akhter as Camper Van Girl 2

Kelly Lam as Camper Van Girl 3

Évi Sári as Camper Van Girl 4

Pete Bennett as Pete Bennett

Poojah Shah as Mina

Badi Uzzaman as Mina’s Dad

Jocelyn Osorio as Jasmine

David De Keyser as Sydney Silverstein

Judit Koltai as Driving Nun

Brad V Jones as The Mouth

Finlay Robertson as Two Gun Ike

Eric Schau as ZFM DJ

Lauren Blake as Lisa

Andy Linden as Baz’s Father

Mark Abadi as Urinator

Randall Zinan as Stagehand

Catherine Steadman as Thornton Quinn

Mike Kelly as Priest

Lee Boardman as The Ear

Matt De Vere as Brent

Szitervovics Gabor as Guy In Alley

Grant Aylward as Schmitt

Starnfeld Aladar as Herr Franz

Barnayi Laszlo as Herr Otto

Jill Alien as Female Alien

John Alien as Male Alien

Kevin De Vere as Gloria’s Grandfather

Bella Emberg as Gloria’s Grandmother

Norma Atallah as Gloria’s Mother

Audrey Nesbitt as Gilford’s Secretary

Adi Éliás as Girl in Bookstore

Eric Meyers as Silverstein Commercial Voice Over




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