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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 06:42

Have you seen a horror film?  Yes? Then you have already seen “Blood Runs Cold”, this film could easily by renamed Blood Runs Cliché. Shut a group of kids in an isolated house and kill them off one by one in ever more gruesome ways. Spurting blood, a masked killer and plenty of wooden doors just waiting to be smashed with an axe; it is all here. But give it a go; you will still be entertained, even if it is like watching a murderous pantomime.

Winona, (Hanna Oldenburg) a successful musician returns to her hometown for some time relax. She finds the house that her manager has rented for her to be a dilapidated, creaky, creepy shack. Not wanting to be alone she ventures into the nearby bar and meets up with her ex-boyfriend Rick and his friends Carl and Liz. They return to the rented house, but perhaps they are not as alone as they first thought. The action, stunts and gruesome deaths are all done well. The blood is occasionally a bit bright but when it is pumping from a severed limb it does not matter. Unfortunately there are no really scary, jump-out-of-your-pants bits, everything is telegraphed to the viewer way ahead of its occurrence.

Blood Runs Cold - out on DVD The special effects are good; a lovingly prepared eviscerated body is proudly displayed in the killer’s lair. Assorted dismembered body parts all look in keeping with their environment.

The young cast do a good job of making us believe they are stuck in the middle of nowhere being chased by a madman with an axe, they scream and die in all the right places. Occasionally the acting is a bit wooden but for such a low budget (but very well shot) film, that can be forgiven.

It is sad that horror fans are now struggling to find true originality in new films. But there it is, perhaps all the possible permutations of storylines have been done and all we have to look forward to are formulaic and banal films for ever more.

At 75 minutes long this film doesn’t outstay its welcome; any longer and they would have been clutching at straws. The retail price of £12.99 is way too much for such a short, but entertaining, film.

Technically this movie is very good, shot on small hand held cameras (including stills cameras) with a small cast and crew in an inhospitable environment, it all looks very slick. As debut features go director Sonny Laguna should be pleased with his creation. Hopefully next time he will try something fresh or newly putrid and ready to shock.

The behind the scenes extra is a collection of clips from the filming of the movie. There are captions with the location and date but no commentary. But it is clear how much effort went into the making of “Blood Runs Cold”.

“Blood Runs Cold” (2011) is out now, courtesy of Chelsea Films. The running time is 75 minutes approx, has a certificate ‘18’, and the film retails at £12.99 on a single disc DVD, or get it for less at


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