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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 16:34

If you thought it was safe to go back in the water you were mistaken, in fact it might be an idea to miss out that beach holiday all together. As the title of this film suggests there are “Sand Sharks” about and they are after anyone who strays onto their territory. A rip-roaring rip off, this film is great fun, but don’t make the mistake of taking it seriously, although played (fairly) straight this is a parody of just about every fishy tale since the daddy of them all splashed onto the cinema screens back in 1975. You will lose count of the amount of “Jaws” in jokes that are crammed into this film.

When the decapitated head of a dune biker is found near the beach on the sleepy island resort of White Sands, the wounds suggest the deceased was the victim of a shark attack. Contradicting this theory, however, is the fact that the remains were found well above the tide line and at the end of a blood trail coming from an inland direction. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Deputy Sheriff Brenda Young (Vanessa Lee Evigan, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”) calls in shark expert Dr. Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan) to assist her in the investigation.

Sand Sharks on DVDMeanwhile, Brenda’s disgraced ex-boyfriend Jimmy Green (Corin Nemec, Stargate SG1; Supernatural) has returned to the beach resort with plans to revive the local economy and make a quick buck, with which he hopes to pay off his mob creditor, by throwing a huge spring break party dubbed the Sandman Festival. Concerned by the possibility there may be a shark in the area, Brenda wants to keep the beaches closed for the time being, but Jimmy is determined to have his party regardless.

As thousands of college kids arrive on the island ready to let loose for the weekend, Dr. Powers makes a terrifying discovery. Not only are there sharks in and around White Sands, but they appear to be the direct ancestors of a prehistoric species with the ability to swim through sand as though it were liquid. Now, the most menacing beasts ever to rule the seas have taken to the land and the beaches of White Sands are about to run red.

Director Mark Atkins (“Battle of Los Angeles”, “Snakes on a Train”) brings a fresh well created take on this used and abused genre. The production is slick and good use is made of the location, sandy beaches, sand dunes and the clear blue sea.

The acting is in places so over the top that you will not want to watch, Corin Nemec tries very hard, perhaps a little too hard, it is difficult to know if he is over acting on purpose or not. There are apparent comic moments but most of the time they fall flat as they are not in keeping with the rest of the movie. On the whole the cast create a piece that is a lot tighter than some other recent ‘B’ movies.

Some of the set pieces are very predictable but for some viewers that is part of the fun with a film of this type. It makes no excuses for its parodying even making reference to Roger Cormans recent shark shockers, “Dinoshark” and “Sharktopus”.

The sharks, although obviously CGI, are well done and look prehistoric. There are some marvellous gory moments with cast members showered in various entrails of victims.

This will be a marmite film, you will either enjoy the film and get swept up for the ride or you will find the whole thing disastrous and perhaps wish you were on the beach just to be put out of your misery.

But if you enjoy a little nonsense, and are prepared to put up with some hammy acting you will have fun with this one, but you will not reach for the bucket and spade in a hurry.

Only a trailer is offered as an extra which you should not see first as it gives away a lot of scares and shows the sharks in a lot of detail.

“Sand Sharks" (2012) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Chelsea Films. The main feature has a running time of 91 minutes approx, carries a ‘15’ certificate and retails for £12.99 on DVD, or less from  



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