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The Collection - out now on DVDA mass-murdering psycho known as The Collector is still at large. Responsible for the deaths of dozens of people, the demented, masked killer captures one unfortunate soul from each crime scene for some unholy purpose. Enter Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick – “The Social Network”, “In Time”), a young woman who goes to a rave with her friends in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up in The Collector’s deadly, trap-infested lair.

Elena’s rich father (Christopher McDonald – “A Requiem for a Dream”, “Thelma & Louise”) hires some mercenaries to get her back, and they strong-arm the sole survivor from a previous attack, cat-burglar Arkin (Josh Stewart – “The Dark Knight Rises”, No Ordinary Family) into helping them locate The Collector’s lair. Heavily armed, the team track their quarry down and enter his decrepit old hotel den expecting an easy mission.

Following on from where the original “The Collector” film left off, this sequel does not so much hit the ground running as sprint at speeds known only to Usain Bolt. Within minutes, 99% of the rave attendees have been slaughtered by an ingenious and very sick combine harvester threshing machine. From there the action moves to The Collector’s base, and the rest of the film plays out as a cross between “Aliens”, “Saw” and The Crystal Maze, with a little bit of “The Silence of the Lambs” thrown in as seasoning.

Of course, the mercenaries ignore Arkin’s warnings about how devious The Collector can be and how deadly his traps are, but they learn pretty fast as one-by-one the murderer picks them off.

This sequel trades the claustrophobic, intimate, home-based set and cat-and-mouse antics of the first movie for a much more expansive, run-down hotel set that allows for more varied locations, and horribly original killing devices. The Collector has a lot of new tricks up his sleeves, including past victims who have been mutilated, pumped full of drugs and conditioned into some kind of human attack dogs. They are zombies by another name, and give The Collector’s other, more mechanical traps a run for their money.

The pace is non-stop, the energy of the film is boundless, and the atmosphere and tension are gripping. The gore is terrifically nasty and the effects are much better than the alleged $10 million budget should have allowed, so all credit to the production design and effects crew.

If you have not seen the first film, I strongly recommend you do so before also giving this flesh-ripping tale a viewing. I genuinely hope that co-writers Marcus Dunstan (also the director – “Saw IV”, “Piranha 3DD”) and Patrick Melton (“Feast”, “Saw V”) can come up with a valid reason for a third part. How about a movie called “The Collective”? On this evidence, they have plenty of ideas and the verve to carry them off.

Special features on the disc include:

  • Audio Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Marcus Dunstan and Co-Writer Patrick Melton
  • A Director’s Vision
  • Make Up and Effects of “The Collection”
  • Production Design
  • Special Effects of “The Collection”
  • Stunts of “The Collection”


The commentary track is certainly an entertaining listen, and the individual featurettes collectively represent a very solid making-of documentary, with very little in the way of annoying trailers for the movie you have just watched (other DVD producers, please take note), and lots of great, new content from behind the scenes. This is how it is supposed to be done!

“The Collection” (2012) is out now on DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One. The main feature has a running time of 79 minutes approx, carries an ‘18’ certificate and retails for £12.99, or less from

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