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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 00:00
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Devil Girl from Mars - restored and on DVDBack in May 1954 the British B-movie “Devil Girl from Mars” made its way to local cinemas, and gave us a vision of how a rural tavern in the Highlands would cope with an alien clad like a dominatrix with accompanying robot, when their mission is to herd the best of the local male gene pool back to their planet. The movie is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, and is notable for its sound editor, a certain Gerald Anderson, who went on to become better known as... Gerry Anderson!

Lending support to Patricia Laffan’s vinyl-clad Nyah is John Laurie (Frasier of Dad’s Army fame) as Mr Jamieson, whose way to cope with the situation is to cadge another dram. Adrienne Corri plays Doris, who tries not to get flustered, while Hammer Horror queen Hazel Court is Ellen Prestwick, who becomes a rival to Nyah.

And so, to the plot. On a winter evening, assorted guests are at supper in a remote Scottish inn. Suddenly, a brilliant light descends, the clue that a spaceship has landed on the moors. The group are trapped within an invisible wall surrounding the house and its garden. The invader has powers are supported via a robot under her control, which looks more like a cross between kitchen white goods and Evil Edna from Wilo The Wisp. With every Martian male wiped out in a battle of the sexes, Nyah has been sent to Earth to capture suitable breeding stock. As their escape attempts meet with icy contempt, the helpless humans must decide who will die to save the others... and possibly the world!

This was one of the many films from the Danziger brothers. Their production company started out in 1950, with “So Young So Bad” (“idealistic and naive Dr Jason arrives at a school for delinquent girls and immediately begins to try to make a difference in the lives of some of the inmates. Oblivious to the sadistic treatment of the girls by the matrons, it takes a rebellious girl named Loretta to open his eyes.”). Their top ranking films included “Babes in Bagdad” (1952), “Satellite in the Sky” (1955), “The Depraved” (1957), “The Nudist Story” (1960), and “The Tell-Tale Heart” (1960).

Active until 1963, they branched out into TV production, bringing us the likes of Adventure Theatre, Man from Interpol, The Vise, and Richard The Lionheart (their last production).

“Devil Girl from Mars” is something of a culture clash in terms of film genres. The trend for alien invaders seen in Stateside cinema at the time clashes head-on with the sensibilities of British cinematic stereotypes of the era, still all attempting to hold the ‘stiff upper lips’ which have always been defined as one of the reasons World War II didn’t get the better of communities. To a modern audience, it becomes a delight by becoming unintentionally hilarious!

DVD extras include a still gallery, and a High Resolution PDF file of the press kit, complete with a selection of “advertising stereos” which would have been the basis of adverts in local newspapers and magazines, a story summary, billing and credits details, and also nine ‘catchlines’ which could be used to promote the film (the best of which is “Mysterious and Beautiful, She was also Cruel and Ruthless!”).

“Devil Girl from Mars” is out now from Network.  It has a running time of 90 minutes approx, a ‘U’ certificate, and a RRP of £9.99 – or get it for less at

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