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Evil Feed - available as Video On DemandCombining the genres of 'torture porn' horror, gross-out comedy and martial arts, “Evil Feed” endeavours to bring something new to the dinner table. Steven (Terry Chen - The 100, House of Cards) murders his father to accelerate his inheritance of the family restaurant. He dreams of making it a huge underground hit by offering 'Tendertainment', where patrons preview their human dinner as it is being pulverised in cage fights.

Steven's flunkies kidnap members of the public with a kung fu pedigree, only this time they might have bitten off more than they can chew when they mess with a feisty, young group of martial artists led by Jenna (Laci J Mailey - Falling Skies). What follows is gory carnage intermingled with sex and the restaurant's house speciality, Dicky Roll. The director's chair is filled by Kimani Ray Smith, stunt co-ordinator on "Watchmen" and Continuum.

Viewers with strong stomachs and a hankering for crude, rude and bloody movies will find this tickles their fancy. I laughed out loud and cringed in equal measure, sometimes for the right reasons and occasionally because the acting and dialogue is so hammy and over the top.

The fight choreography and actors performing the moves are capable enough but sometimes the direction gets a bit too close and cuts too often, threatening to confuse the audience. The gore and prosthetic effects are suitably crazy but effective, including one nasty face-off scene and another where the main ingredient of the house speciality is detached from its owner with catastrophic effect and fountains of the red stuff.

Chen's insane, cane-twirling turn throbs at the heart of the film, ably supported by Alyson Bath (Arrow) as his even crazier (and sexually hyperactive) girlfriend Yuki, and some weirdly James Cordon-esque comedy from Derek Gilroy ("Elysium"). Alain Chanoine (Spartacus: War of the Damned) is also very entertaining as one of Jenna's most courageous buddies.

In summary, if you like cheesy, bloody and absurd movies, you will probably like "Evil Feed". It does not take itself at all seriously, which is just as well! Sink a few pints and tuck in.

There are no bonus features unless a brief post-credits extra scene counts.

“Evil Feed” (2013) is released through iTunes now, courtesy of Solo Media. The main feature has a running time of 86 minutes approx., carries an ‘18’ certificate and retails for £7.99 as a standard definition download, and £9.99 as a high definition download.


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