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Voting begins in Cult TV Awards '17

Saturday, 18 November 2017 00:01

Voting has just begun for the Cult TV Awards 2017, having just gone through the nominations stage where you had the chance to help decide the five nominees in each category.

You can access the Voting Form BY CLICKING HERE, and we now take the chance to inform you of the FIVE superb prizes we have up for grabs, thanks to Simply Media, just for supporting your favourites with your votes in this, the crucial stage of proceedings.

In summary, our star prize is the complete collection of THE BROTHERS – all seven seasons over 27 DVDs with a RRP of £149.99!  Next, we have two copies of THE ALMOST COMPLETE ‘Q’ COLLECTION, five DVDs of Spike Milligan madness with a RRP of £29.99.  Finally, we have two copies of 1990 – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION – Edward Woodward’s tale of a ‘near future’ set in the past, running over four DVDs with a RRP of £29.99.

Win prizes for voting in the Cult TV Awards 2017

And don’t forget to book your place for the actual live ceremony itself, happening on Saturday 30 December 2017 at The Broadway (Peterborough).  Further details can be found at:

For those who want to know more about what’s on offer, just for voting, here are further details of the prizes…

The Brothers - Series 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD Box SetTHE BROTHERS – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION

This set features all seven series of the Hammond family saga. Broadcast on BBC One on Sunday nights, it took Britain by storm in the 1970s.

Edward (Patrick O’Connell, although in the first season the character was played by Glyn Owen) is a no- nonsense, well paid accountant who feels he was most qualified to run the whole business. David (Robin Chadwick) is a disinterested “second-class honours, first-class layabout” arts graduate. Brian (Richard Easton) is a dull accountancy wizard with a controlling wife. The Brothers was a television phenomenon in the 1970s.

Created by the BBC, it ran for seven series between 1972 and 1976. It surprised audiences with its gripping boardroom drama and engrossing storytelling, and bizarrely has stood the test of time in terms of the politics of the work environment we all continue to be subjected to in our lives.

Later series introduce ruthless city banker Paul Merroney (Colin Baker), who will stop at nothing to see the Hammond’s business succeed, and his equally ambitious rival Jane Maxwell (Kate O’Mara), is the tough boss of an air freight business, with Mike Pratt of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) fame playing her former husband and pilot Don Stacey. The drama opens with the death of family patriarch Robert Hammond. Tensions run high when the shares in the family’s lucrative business, Hammond Transport Services, are split not just between his three sons, but also, shockingly, with his secretary (and mistress) Jennifer (Jennifer Wilson).

If you’ve never seen it, or vaguely recall it, it’s time to join the Hammond family in this absorbing and addictive tale of family tragedy, financial struggle, secrets, lies and betrayal. The show was created by N J Crisp (Dixon of Dock Green) and Gerard Glaister (Dr Finlay’s Casebook).

The 27 DVD set runs for 4,567 mins, has a ‘12’ certificate and a RRP £144.99, or get it for less at


The Almost Complete Q CollectionTHE ALMOST COMPLETE Q

Spike Milligan’s anarchic and surreal comedy sketch show Q5 was first shown on BBC Two in March 1969, six months before the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The Python team admit it gave them carte blanche to up their own silliness quotient, but their own TV days were over by the time Spike was offered a second series, Q6, in 1975. Q7, Q8 and Q9 followed over the next five years.

This 5-disc set collects all the surviving shows together for the first time. Four episodes of Q5 were wiped, but the three that remain changed the face of TV comedy forever, ushering in new generations of ‘alternative’ talent from Kenny Everett and Not the Nine O’Clock News to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

Spike is joined as a performer by John Bluthal, Peter Jones, Bob Todd, Chris Langham, Julia Breck and John Rappaport, and in the early shows by Richard Ingrams, John Wells and Fanny Carby. Shambolic sets and rough-and-ready wardrobes set the scene for comedy mayhem, and sketches and gags stop abruptly, overlap or repeat for maximum confusion.

A comedy Hitler is a frequent abrasive presence, world leaders of the day are roundly mocked, and madcap skits include an interview with the Queen’s chicken, a grandmother-hurling contest, Jehovah’s burglars, the smallest police station in the world and the irresistibly dotty Pakistani Daleks.

The shows were directed by BAFTA-winner Ray Butt (Only Fools and Horses) and Primetime Emmy-nominee Ian MacNaughton (Monty Python’s Flying Circus)

This set has a running time of 815 mins approx., a ‘15’ certificate and a RRP of £29.99m or get it for less at


1990 - The Complete DVD Collection1990 – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION

Destination: Britain. The year: 1990. The country is run by the bureaucrats of the Home Office’s all-powerful Public Control Department (PCD). Hundreds of thousands of civil servants work hard at monitoring and exposing all possible and imaginary threats to the country.

They routinely spy on the population and impose strict rationing of food, alcohol, and travel. Free speech is forbidden. The rule of law no longer protects the vulnerable. Civil liberties are consigned to history and the bureaucrats control everything.

Unrest is growing. ‘Pentagon’ is one of a growing number of dissident groups, and is preparing to take on the PCD.

Jim Kyle (Edward Woodward), journalist for The Star, continues in his renegade activities against ‘The Establishment’. But his subversive acts aren’t going unnoticed and the second series sees Lynn Blake (Lisa Harrow – Star Maidens), Kyle’s ex-lover, become the new Deputy Controller of the PCD. She’s even more determined to expose his informer and finally get her man.

Also look out for, amongst others, Barbara Kellerman (Quatermass ‘79), Ed Bishop (UFO), George Murcell (Supercar), Clifton Jones (Space: 1999), and John Rhys-Davies (Sliders).

Series One and Series Two were first broadcast on BBC TWO in 1977 and 1978 to critical acclaim. The drama was never released on video or DVD until now.

It was described as “Nineteen eighty-four plus six” by its creator Wilfred Greatorex.

The four DVD set runs for 880 mins approx., has a ‘15’ certificate, and a RRP of £29.99, or get it for less at


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