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Glastonbury Symposium 2009

Monday, 10 August 2009 15:33

How many noughts in a billion? So asked Richard Smith, the debut speaker at the recent 2009 Glastonbury Symposium. The answer, as accountants will tell you, is that it depends which side of the Atlantic you are on! A British billion is a million million, so that's 1,000,000,000,000. The American billion is a thousand million, 1,000,000,000. Now, feed that potential confusion into how much the British bailout is compared to the American bailout, and the whole world goes mental!

This theme of factual common ground extends to even explaining what the Glastonbury Symposium actually is.  When I said I was going to Glastonbury for the Symposium, despite the inclusion of that clarifying word ‘Symposium’ in my description, I would have puzzled looks and then a comment along the lines of “but the music festival was a few weeks ago”.  To the majority, Glastonbury can ONLY be known for THAT festival.  The clarification that Glastonbury’s Town Hall (actually miles away from where the music-fest takes place) plays host to a whole years-worth of events not connected at all to music is, for some, a leap of logic too far.  Go figure.

It is this lack of basic factual common ground that can lead to our world becoming much more complicated than it needs to be. The key to Richard's presentation was the formula he suggested for reconstituting the structure of our democracy in the UK, from local councils, through to regional assemblies, right on to Parliament.  The fact that, on average, each MP in Westminster represents 90,000 people demonstrates how overstaffed our Government really is.  To bring it down to a series of regions: each of half a million people and each sending two MPs to London, would bring us down to around 250 reps rather than the near-700 we have now seems not only sensible but obvious.  And, if for any reason you wanted a referendum, just get ten percent of locals to call for one and away you go – true democracy.

As this was the first time I had attended the Symposium, Richard Smith’s was an interesting way to start proceedings - very much a case of there being plenty of good ideas and stimulating thought provoking concepts and outlooks on offer.

Our next speaker, Anthony James, amazed us with 3D photography of the various crop circles that have appeared around the place in the last few years. Most people have an immediate reaction that such things were proved to be ‘man made’ years ago – unfortunately, the “Doug and Dave” who have apparently created dozens of these all over the country - and by association the ones all over the world - are somewhat hampered by the fact one of them has been dead for the last 14 years!

Indeed, considering these crop circles have been around for decades, the fact they said at the time of their ‘revelation’ back in 1992, that they had been doing them for 13 years, simply made the nature of their suggestions completely ludicrous. Indeed, minor impossibilities that what they said they had done with just boards, rollers and string was in itself totally ridiculous shows how easily people are prepared to accept outrageous explanations over genuine mystery. This gives you a clue as to why people can be so easily conned in this topsy-turvy world of ours.

2009 is already a significant year for new crop circle formations with over 60 to date reported and logged.  Find out more at

Needless to say, the ‘3D’ experience of Anthony’s images, brought vividly to life thanks to the audience being given those glasses with red and blue lenses to look through, made it very difficult to explain away the crop circle phenomenon. What you have to ask yourself, given the visually stunning nature of these formations, is why the mainstream media makes no mention of them these days?  In essence, their discrediting of them is, in itself, discredited by all the science surrounding the exploration of these circles.

Friday afternoon began with a talk by Natasha Wardle, asking the question “Could Mary Magdalene have come to Glastonbury”.  Indeed, this was answered by a discovery of arcane ‘graffiti’ which could have been interpreted as support for such a proposition.

Up next was Brian Gerrish, ex-Naval officer and also a speaker at AV2 earlier this year.  Brian was conscious of the time, having dramatically over-run at The Alternative View event, but his talk was so much better for that discipline, as he injected a pace that reflected the urgency of the task at hand – revealing that a secret alternative government has been put in place within the UK, all to ease us into the state of fully integrating into the European Union – a process that will take away our rights to democratic free elections. This is all co-ordinated by ‘graduates’ of a ‘charity’ called Common Purpose, who have been prepared for running the country ‘outside authority’ using the worst excesses of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or BRAINWASHING combined with HYPNOTISM as it should really be known). 

Brian’s evidence for this is compelling, as is the other strand of his campaigning – which is making people aware that there is an unfolding conspiracy between public authorities, Social Services, the Police, courts and Government to unlawfully take children from their parents, and pass them into a frightening and often abusive Social Services system. This system is so powerful that local councillors cannot challenge their own Social Services departments about their actions. Strong stuff, but don’t take his word for it, check out the evidence.

Next up was the UK premiere of the movie “What on Earth?” by producer/director Suzanne Taylor. Picking up again on the crop circle phenomenon, this was a wonderfully balanced look into the history of crop circles, and presented the questions that simply cannot be answered by a traditional five-sense level of thinking. As the movie notes, it’s easy to sling ad hominem attacks at people who are fascinated by these extraordinarily accurate geometric patterns, but it becomes less easy to explain when the facts are investigated objectively (something that is true of so many aspects of conspiracy investigation).  This is a documentary everyone should at least take a chance to see at least once.

A break for dinner, well served by central Glastonbury’s range of pubs and restaurants, and it was back for relaxing harp music of an incredible range from John Dalton, before the Friday evening’s “Open Forum”. I have to say, I think opening the weekend with an array of speakers on stage from across the forthcoming programme as well as the first day’s entertainment is probably ill-advised. Those new to the subject matter won’t know who most of those on stage are, and equally those speakers yet to present their material will be at the disadvantage of giving away some of their forthcoming presentations.

Matters weren’t helped by the number of speaker-specific questions that came out.  When Cult TV’s Festivals used to have its “Mega Panels”, initially they ran aground as the more anorak-orientated would continue to ask intense queries aimed specifically at one guest or another.  This left everyone else twiddling thumbs or filing nails.  It was only when generic questions that all panellists could have a go at answering that things really became fun for speakers and audience alike.  Perhaps something I think the Symposium needs to consider for next year as a directive to be suggested to the audience?  As it was, the only really lively part of the session was when Ian R Crane got into an argument with an audience member who couldn’t grasp Ian’s contention that some of the green/spiritual movement had been created, rather than having emerged from the grass roots, so as to form a ‘controlled opposition’.

Indeed, one has to consider how much of the current fuss over Obama’s birth certificate fits itself into being a ‘honey trap’ to blast away elements of resistance. Local Hawaiian newspapers of the time have appeared that show the birth notices for the Pres, so why does the story begin to rumble on? Laws have been made on-the-hoof to ensure that Obama can stop anyone from getting hold of his long-form birth certificate.  This is such an inherently stupid thing to do that it must be a trap. If there’s no mention of Kenya on that document, then that’s the end of it.

But the Pres has spent millions in legal battles to stop the paperwork being revealed. If it ever does get into public circulation, there are two ways it can go: the certificate shows he was born in Hawaii (and those who continue to argue the toss by saying it’s a forgery play into the hands of those trying to cast them as delusional), or the certificate shows Kenya as the place of birth (after which Biden gets promoted to President, race riots are then encouraged, and martial law is the inevitable result). Either way, a win for those pulling the power levers behind the scenes.



Saturday was with me before I knew it. Off to a strong start with one of the best speakers on the ‘Alternative’ circuit - Andy Thomas.  Beginning the talk by donning a tin-foil hat with a huge tail at its top, he outlined the content of his new book, launched at the Symposium: The Truth Agenda. This is the text we have all been waiting for, as the stocking filler to give to everyone. In simple terms, Andy deconstructs all the various conspiracy theories, debunking the unhelpful and disproved, while shining a light towards what really should be the focus of people's concerns.

Norman Baker MP took to the stage next, to outline a conspiracy in which there is little doubt - the death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly. Norman continues to campaign for another, proper, public enquiry into the tragedy - all the evidence demonstrates that under no circumstances was this suicide. A low pressure vein being severed that would have taken a Herculean effort to cut through with the pen knife believed to be the tool of choice - tendon and muscle to cut through to begin with. 29 tablets to deaden the pain - by a man who struggled to take tablets of any sort. Kelly had also previously injured his right arm, which would have made it difficult for him to cause harm to his left wrist.

The lack of any blood around the alleged place of death was the final mystery which means there is something not right in the official version of events - the inquest deciding that the blood just seeped into the soil! Clearly, we are not dealing with a man taking his own life... and it is at this point people should wake up to the fact that we are dealing with a Government that would do anything to further its agenda, and to silence those who would stand in its way.

Taking the pre-lunch session was Terry Boardman who feeds in to the whole New World Order debate by demonstrating that these guys are definitely play the "long game". Going back to the turn of the 20th Century, Terry demonstrated how the methods of control were still there, just using the media of the time - including fiction - to shape public opinion in the direction that was wanted.  Terry added to my ever-increasing pile of books I need to read by recommending “The Scaremongers” by AJA Morris.

After lunch, the theme of conspiracy continued with Ian R Crane – by the way, the ‘R’ is important as there is an Estate Agent firm of similar name, who have despaired about the number of calls they have received, asking them questions about the New World Order!

Ian had a recent previously-booked talk in Glastonbury cancelled by the organiser as she had decided that they no longer appreciated the negative aspects to what he had to say. This is somewhat missing the point: Ian may well spotlight the dragons that are sneaking up behind us, but the message is clear - secret plans are only dangerous while they remain hidden from the masses. All we have to do is get the word out, and show people what is really happening in their name. Everything else will fall like a pack of cards, currently set in a pyramid shape!

The detractors will say there was more gloom than usual in Ian's presentation. The answer is that the agenda is speeding up so more evil is going on. The swine flu message was simple: resist the vaccine jab at all costs. On a more disturbing line of enquiry, it appears that German powers-that-be are looking to legalise paedophilia which, once the Lisbon Treaty is signed and it gets pushed into the European statute books, will see the law transferred to the UK. You really couldn't make it up, much like the new pamphlet soon to be distributed through schools saying sex for fun is fine, and why on Earth should you have it as part of a relationship?  Incredibly, with the concept of “f**k buddy” becoming the norm amongst the 16-25 age groups, it would appear there is no need for this leaflet!

Next up was Philip Carr-Gomm, which I have to say was the low-point of the weekend. Our MC informed us that Philip was going to give a different talk to that advertised on the website, although it was the one that was written about in the event programme.  “Reader’s Digest” version: there’s nothing wrong with picking and choosing from the range of religions and spiritual paths on offer, provided that in the end this transcends making divisions between ourselves.

It wasn’t this information that I had a problem with, nor the fact 20 minutes in he asked a bemused audience how long he’d been on for. More importantly, it was how he decided to start his address to the audience. Following Ian R Crane, who had called upon a range of news clippings from newspapers (Daily Mail, Independent, Telegraph and so forth) to illustrate points, Mr Gomm then decided to share his disdain with the audience that, on one side, we are being asked to NOT believe anything we see and read in the media, and then immediately being asked to take notice of stories that come from the very same newspapers.

On face value, a fair comment, but it’s all to do with context, and then application to what we know about the forces of evil we are dealing with.  Nuances that speakers on this circuit should know about, most especially if they decide to dish it out to a fellow speaker. What our own beliefs may be are unimportant compared to what, quite possibly, may be the belief systems of those behind the conspiracies being played out.  We have the evidence of those in high positions taking part in Satanic rituals (Google ‘Bohemian Grove’), so it’s not too much of a leap of logic to hypothesise that these beliefs would spread out to other areas of their rule. If you think that belief in forces beyond the five senses are not common in our rulers, just do a little research into how many world leaders (and their spouses) have consulted astrologers to assist in their decision-making.  You will be surprised, if not a little shocked.

The bottom line for this background is that the reason that some articles appear in otherwise discredited mainstream news sources is tied to part of the belief system in Satanism: you have to get the consent of your victims to carry on down the road with them.  This is the same sort of thing as that where you have to invite a vampire into your house (as noted in the new FX series True Blood).  This modus operandi actually works like a dream.  I am surrounded by people who think ANYTHING in the Daily Mail is utter rubbish, indeed conspiracy theorists have problems with anything from the quill of Quentin Letts, but this is an example of hiding a tree in a forest so that it is not noticed.  From the realms of Cult TV, it’s a Hitch-Hiker’s moment – the one where the Vogons can go ahead and demolish Earth because mankind couldn’t be bothered to check out and object to the plans lodged with the Alpha Centauri planning department!

A long digression, but important to form a basis to explain what may seem a contradiction.  Indeed, in a heavily frantic and completely over-worked media, you have to ask why so many stories run by the Daily Mail, and occasionally by the UK broadsheets, never get taken up by other titles.  You see it every day with so many topics – one paper runs an exclusive, then the next day the other papers do their own spin on the same story.  How come so many of the revelatory features go nowhere, and are left alone?  Surely not because they have been discredited?  Well, think of it this way: if the stories could be shown to be nonsense, then the rival paper would take great pleasure in revealing the errors and lies, as their OWN exclusive.  Either way, their non-appearance elsewhere makes no sense without something else behind the scenes explaining it all.  Why are such stories being spiked?  Who has the power to do that?  Follow the money …

The afternoon concluded with more crop circle interest, as Nick Nicholson put on a slide show that demonstrated more of the grace and beauty of recent and brand new formations.

The evening consisted of a rousing selection of music from around the world courtesy of the Avalonian Free Stare Choir, followed by scientist and inventor Harry Oldfield – I have to admit I gave this final session of the day a miss, but thanks to the Symposium’s DVD releases I look forward to catching up with what went on very shortly.



If Saturday was the Conspiracy Day, then Strange Phenomena was Sunday’s Symposium theme. Christopher Dunn opened proceedings with a look at the perfect symmetry present in the pyramids of Eqypt and their surrounding monuments. Simply put, the tools that we traditionally expected these artefacts to be carved from simply were NOT up to the job.  Whatever way they carved the granite, copper implements could not have done it!  A simple fact which pulls the rug from under everything we have ever been told about this ancient civilisation.

John Pickering continued the unexplained theme with images that he and Katie Hall had taken of what have been nicknamed “orbs” – for the simple reason they are round objects that keep appearing on photographs – both digital and traditional film. Lens flare and the like have been the lazy way to explain away these phenomena, but unfortunately when scientific rationale is applied to what has appeared on the prints, none of the rent-a-quote explanations are satisfactory – if you want to see what I mean go and visit their website at

Before lunch we were then asked to take part in a mass meditation session under the guiding light of Solara An-Ra. Linked into the beliefs surrounding 2012, this was possibly the most ‘out there’ session I attended over the weekend.  When Solara started channelling Sirian and Pleadian-based spirits to answer some very-long-winded questions from audience members, it would be very easy to dismiss the hour as just high theatre. For me personally, I did feel a lot more relaxed after our combined experience. Indeed, if that was all there was to it, then it still had a positive outcome.

After lunch came Peter Taylor, a fully qualified scientific consultant for the likes of the EU, UN, Greenpeace and other international Non-Governmental Organisations.  He has just spent the last three years researching, out of his own pocket, a new book about the science of global warming.  Needless to say, the fact that the book is called “Chill” gives you an idea that what he found is 180 degrees around from what the mainstream media outlets are telling us the future holds.  I strongly recommend that you get hold of “Chill” to get another perspective on the world around us.

A fun look at science on the fringe of the mainstream came from the next speaker, Manjir Samanta-Laughton, who took us on a layman’s guide to the likes of quantum physics, string theory and black holes.  An energetic performer, you really have to see her live, but in the meantime grab hold of a copy of her book “Punk Science”.

Ending up the weekend was an evening talk by Dr Paul LaViolette, which I have to admit was heavy going, mainly as this was a hugely complicated subject – deciphering messages from ancient creation myths that have formed the roots of a galactic ‘superwave’ theory.  This wave has been responsible for numerous cataclysms during Earth’s history (and a cod version of this possibility was shovelled into the recent Hollywood yawn “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage).  It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as this thinking could lead to a new way of looking at physics, and the possibility of new forms of energy, and even antigravity craft!

So, that was my first experience of the Glastonbury Symposium. It may not have had Bruce Springsteen or Blur in its line-up, but at least it does take part in Glastonbury (the music fest is actually located in nearby Pilton!).  Schedule allowing, I will probably sample it again in 2010.  Although it’s easy to get the impression that it’s difficult to get to by public transport, there’s a direct and inexpensive bus service from Bristol Temple Meads right to the front of the Town Hall in Glastonbury. In other words, you really have no excuse not to be there!










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