Voting Closed in Cult TV Awards 2011

Voting has just closed in this year’s Cult TV Awards, in what is now our 18th year of presenting our appreciation of the best in fictional television to the talent behind the shows that we make time for more than others. As an incentive to cast your votes, we had three copies of the brand new DANGER MOUSE 30th ANNIVERSARY DVD BOX SET available as an incentive to get your 'thinking caps' on.

Crikey DM! All our adventures on DVD for voting in the Cult TV Awards!

The Awards voting followed the online nominations stage, where we compiled the top five nominations in each category from what was suggested by those who let us know their views - the voting for the winners is where things REALLY get fun!

For those of you new to this, there were NO premium rate phone lines to call, or even stamps to buy to put your votes on record! With the process being online, and with each form being individually verified to ensure that block votes are discounted, this is the best system going to ensure that we genuinely take the pulse of the UK’s Cult TV appreciators.

As a ‘Thank You’ for taking part, all those who nominated this year were entered into a draw for either a DVD set of Seasons 1 to 9 of Smallville - (of 54 DVDs!) - won by Heather Taylor of Forres - and the other major prize was "The Superman Motion Picture Anthology" - an Eight Blu-ray Disc Set featuring all the modern Superman films to date and a host of extras - now available and won by Glenn Marshall of High Barnet.

Vote and perhaps win the Danger Mouse 30th Anniversary DVD setSo, to the voting prize: Danger Mouse 30th Anniversary DVD Box Set - a 10-disc DVD set featuring every single episode of Danger Mouse and, for the first time ever, in the correct screening order. The collection also comes with a brand new extra feature exclusive to this release, the never-seen-before featurette “Danger Mouse And Friends”. And there were three copies up for grabs - the lucky winners were Ellen Stafford of Bath, Alberto Pantrini of Birmingham, and Susan Davies of Burnley - well done all!

First broadcast on 28th September 1981 and starring David Jason as the intrepid hero and Terry Scott as his faithful but bumbling assistant Penfold, Danger Mouse was an instant hit with children and adults alike and has since become a national institution.

The show’s enormous popularity was confirmed when it ranked third in Channel 4’s poll of the 100 Greatest Kids’ TV Shows.

The Voting Form did take a little time to fill in - 13 of the Awards are part of our HALL OF FAME – an ever-expanding pantheon of the most deserving from the last 60 years of television.  You simply had to choose from the drop-down lists in each of the categories.

There are also three HALL OF SHAME categories – these are ones that are just a bit of fun, as we show that sometimes even our favourites shows have an ‘off day’ with unintentionally hilarious results! You can find the list of previous winners on this website by clicking here.

To see the voting form and all the nominees, here's the link...


As there was not enough space on the voting form to list the HALL OF SHAME entries in their entirety, here’s a full run-down of what all the options are:


“I sleep like a baby, though for you I’d be willing to make an exception”. (Cyrus Garza, Outlaw - Pilot).

"Now it's time for Don't Scare The Hare" (BBC Continuity Announcer).

"Now GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR GALAXY, both of you!" (Sheridan to the Vorlons and the Shadows, Babylon 5 - “Into The Fire”)

"You've taken a council shovel from a council van and are digging up a council road - I'm going to report you to the council" (The Council Worker in Doctor Who - "Fear Her")

“So the ghosts of the dead people are causing the whispers?” (Lost - “Everybody Loves Hurley”)



Harriet Jones supposedly going to herald a new 'golden age' then the Doctor gets rid of her (Doctor Who -“World War Three”)

Two of the pirates disappearing without explanation (Doctor Who - "Curse of the Black Spot")

Fireflash is on its maiden flight but the radiation shielding already due for servicing Thunderbirds - “Trapped in the Sky”)

Captain Kirk's uniform (Star Trek - “Charlie X”)

The changing length of Starbuck’s hair (Battlestar Galactica - “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero”)



Bubble wrap painted green to show a man turning into a giant ant (Doctor Who - “The Ark in Space”)

The Radiation Monsters (Space: 1999 - “The Bringers of Wonder”)

Horta (Star Trek - “The Devil in the Dark”)

The Abzorbaloff (Doctor Who - "Love and Monsters")

The Demon (Robin of Sherwood - “Cromm Cruac”)


The Cult TV Awards have gained an excellent reputation by celebrating the entire history of television, not just the latest 'flavours of the month' - we know you have helped us continue to live up to this billing.