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Short-listed as the venue for 1999, Barton Hall in Torquay was the location for the Cult TV millennium extravaganza.


The guest list was as large as ever and served up another UK convention first in the shape of Xenia Seeberg from Lexx.

Joining her were Gareth Thomas, Stephen Greif and Jacqueline Pearce from Blake's 7, Sarah Douglas, Alexandra Bastedo, Alexis Kanner from The Prisoner, Peter Purves, Bill Oddie, Hattie Hayridge, Caroline John, Graydon Gould - the voice of Mike Mercury in Supercar, Ralph Brown, Chris Adamson, Mark Eden, Sir David Croft, writer Paul Cornell and make-up designer Simon Tytherleigh.

The Cult TV Awards ceremony included a special appearance by Sooty, and more Sooty secrets were revealed by puppeteer and 3D animator Jeff Smart. Jaz Wiseman, at the time ITC Product Manager at Carlton Video, was also on hand to introduce fascinating finds from the ITC vaults that had never been screened to the public.

As the Weekender drew to a close one of the worst storms in a decade lashed the South coast of England. Soggy, sodden or downright sozzled, neither the crew nor attendees were going to let the rain dampen an otherwise successful event.

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