Saturday, 23 February 2008 08:53

A return to Haven at Caister for a second year, but trouble is brewing ...


The success of the previous year meant a return to Haven at Caister. However in the lead-up to the event a hate campaign organised by a group believed to include former members of the Cult TV production crew meant that the Weekender almost didn't take place.

Proposed guests were sent abusive letters by persons unknown, and rumours of cancellation were rife at rival conventions and in announcements in fanzines. However, the production crew banded together to ensure that the show would go on.

Guests included Gerry Anderson, Barry Morse from The Fugitive and Space:1999, Colin Baker and Elisabeth Sladen from Doctor Who, Kathryn Leigh Scott, ITC producer Johnny Goodman, Sue Lloyd, Valerie Leon, John Carrigan, Red Dwarf actor and comedian Norman Lovett, author Steve Gillis, and composer Mark Ayres.

After an entertaining weekend the event ends on a melancholy note as it was decided that this was going to be the last Cult TV Weekender...

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