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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Space: 1999 – Season One Episode Guide

Martin Landau as John Koenig

Barbara Bain as Helena Russell

Barry Morse as Victor Bergman

Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow

Nick Tate as Alan Carter

Clifton Jones as David Kano

Zienia Merton as Sandra Benes

Anton Phillips as Bob Mathias

Suzanne Roquette as Tanya Alexander


Space 1999 Season One Out Now on Blu-rayProducer: Sylvia Anderson

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson

Moon City Costumes Created By Rudi Gernreich

Series Creators: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Story Consultant: Christopher Penfold

Music: Barry Gray

Music Associate: Vic Elms

Special Effects: Brian Johnson

Production Designer: Keith Wilson

Production Manager: Ron Fry

Director of Photography: Frank Watts BSC

Casting Director: Michael Barnes

Supervising Editor: David Lane

Music Editor: Alan Willis

Special Effects Director: Nick Allder

Lighting Cameraman: Harry Oakes


01. “Breakaway

John Koenig arrives on Moonbase Alpha to co-ordinate attempts to avert a catastrophe caused by magnetic radiation that endangers the moon, just as the mysterious planet Meta approaches Earth. The three hundred and eleven men and women of Alpha have no idea of what is about to happen to them. (This episode would become half of the compilation movie “Alien Attack”).

Guest Starring: Lon Satton (Benjamin Ouma), Roy Dotrice (Simmonds), Philip Madoc (Gorski), Lou Satton, Eric Carte (Collins), Alf Joint (Steiner), Roy Scammell (Nordstrom).

Writer: George Bellak

Director: Lee H Katzin


02. “Earthbound

An alien spaceship en-route to Earth crash-lands near Moonbase Alpha, its crew cryogenically frozen for the journey. Commissioner Simmonds, who was visiting Moonbase Alpha when the moon was blasted out of orbit, sees an unexpected chance to return home.

Guest Starring: Christopher Lee (Captain Zantor), Roy Dotrice (Simmonds), Rhonda Parker (Female Kaldorian).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Charles Crichton


03. “Black Sun

Koenig must place all hope for survival on Bergman's plan to create a new force field when Alpha is drawn towards a "black sun" (aka Black Hole), a space phenomenon that even devours light and everything else with it (this episode became the second half of the movie “Journey Through The Black Sun”).

Guest Starring: Paul Jones (Mike Ryan), Jon Laurimore (Smitty).

Writer: David Weir.

Director: Lee H Katzin


04. “Ring Around The Moon

An alien spaceship proceeds to steal classified data from Moonbase Alpha’s computer banks. The Alphans must destroy this mission from a dead planet that is absorbing information and killing as part of a plan to conquer Earth.

Guest Starring: Max Faulkner (Ted Clifford).

Writer: Edward Di Lorenzo

Director: Ray Austin


05. “Dragon's Domain

Helena is not convinced by the bizarre explanation offered by the sole survivor of a disastrous 1996 space probe. Astronaut Tony Cellini has a story people refuse to believe – of a graveyard of various spaceships, and a terrifying monster guarding the plunder.

Guest Starring: Gianni Garko (Tony Cellini), Douglas Wilmer (Commissioner Dixon), Barbara Kellerman (Monique Bouchere), Michael Sheard (Darwin King), Susan Jameson (Juliet Mackie).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


06.  Matter of Life and Death

The discovery of Helena’s husband, lost in space years earlier, points to disaster when the Alphans realise he is not what he seems, and that living on the planet below would have unavoidable shortcomings.

Guest Starring: Richard Johnson (Lee Russell), Stuart Damon (Parks).

Writer: Art Wallace

Director: Charles Crichton


07. “Death's Other Dominion

Moonbase Alpha is invited to share a lost paradise and immortality on the frozen planet Ultima Thule, thanks to members of a 1986 space expedition from Earth. A crazed soothsayer in the group warns Koenig and his colleagues to flee the planet.

Guest Starring: Brian Blessed (Cabot Rowland), John Shrapnel (Jack Tanner), Mary Miller (Freda), Valerie Leon (Thule Girl).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Charles Crichton


08. “The Troubled Spirit

When a botanist is forbidden to continue a series of experiments with plants, the Alphans are terrorised by his murderous, vengeful spirit - a spectre that seeks retribution for the man's death before it occurs.

Guest Starring: Giancarlo Prette (Dan Mateo), Hillary Dwyer (Laura Adams), Anthony Nichols (James Warren).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


09.  The Last Enemy

Two warring planets, positioned so that they cannot shoot at each other directly, seize Alpha as a battle platform when the Moon wanders into range. Koenig must negotiate a ceasefire between the opponents when the battling threatens to destroy Alpha.

Guest Starring: Caroline Mortimer (Dionne), Maxine Audley (Theia), Kevin Stoney (Talos), Carolyn Courage (First Girl).

Writer: Bob Kellett

Director: Bob Kellett


10.  Collision Course

Koenig plans to use explosives to avoid a collision with another planet, but an alien convinces him that their destiny would be better served if their planets did collide (this episode became the first half of the movie “Journey Through The Black Sun”).

Guest Starring: Margaret Leighton (Arra).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: Ray Austin


11. “Voyager's Return

Alpha scientists are trying to retrieve valuable research information from Voyager, a spacecraft from Earth that is being chased by a far-from-happy alien race that have previously encountered the ship.  Can Koenig and the team make them appreciate that the tragedy was made out of ignorance rather than desire?

Guest Starring: Jeremy Kemp (Ernst Linden), Barry Stokes (Jim Haines), Alex Scott (Aarchon), Lawrence Trimble (Abrams).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Bob Kellett


12. “Mission of the Darians

When a call for help is made on the Alphans, a landing party travels to a gigantic, crippled spaceship, where the fourteen remaining survivors of a dead planet have a very nasty method of survival.

Guest Starring: Joan Collins (Kara), Aubrey Morris (Petros High Priest), Dennis Burgess (Neman), Paul Antrim (Lowry), Robert Russell (Hadin).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


13. “Alpha Child

When an Alphan woman gives birth, she unwittingly becomes part of an attempt by aliens to avoid their civilisation's extinction. As the first baby born on Alpha suddenly grows to the size of a 5-year-old, Koenig senses a more sinister explanation than unexplained outer space conditions at work on a child.

Guest Starring: Julian Glover (Jarak), Cyd Hayman (Sue Crawford), Wayne Brooks (Jackie Crawford), Rula Lenska (Jane Conway).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Ray Austin


14. “Guardian of Piri

Only Koenig sees through a seductive woman's entreaties to join her on the planet Piri for a blissful, machine-controlled existence. The Guardian of a tranquil and beautiful planet lures Alpha personnel to the land of eternal peace, which Koenig realises is definitely not as advertised.

Guest Starring: Catherine Schell (Servant of the Guardian), Michael Culver (Pete Irving), Gareth Hunt (Eagle Pilot).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


15. “Space Brain

Moonbase Alpha faces danger on a collision course with a gossamer-like organism that has annihilated an Eagle craft and crew, and taken possession of the mind of another. An outburst of strange hieroglyphics on all of Alpha’s video screens heralds its encounter with a ‘Space Brain’.

Guest Starring: Shane Rimmer (Kelly), Carla Romanelli (Melita).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


16. “Full Circle

When two Alpha reconnaissance flights pass through a time warp, the crews find themselves sharing an existence with Cro-Magnon beings. Sandra is kidnapped by cave men whose chief bears a striking resemblance to someone they all know.

Guest Starring: Oliver Cotton (Spearman).

Writers: Jesse Lasky Jr, Pat Silver

Director: Bob Kellett


17. “The Last Sunset

The Alphans must determine whether the Planet Ariel, which closely resembles Earth, is really the best hope for their future. Paul and Sandra look forward to raising a family as the Alphans prepare for an Operation Exodus.

Guest Starring: No Guest Stars.

Writers: Christopher Penfold, Charles Crichton

Director: Charles Crichton


18. “The Infernal Machine

An ancient man and the talking machine he serves come to Alpha requesting much needed supplies. John and Helena must free themselves from the powerful man-machine that plans to keep them as its new companions.

Guest Starring: Leo McKern (Companion), Gary Waldhorn (Winters).

Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Director: David Tomblin


19. “Force of Life

Koenig and his team must stop one of their technicians, whose sudden, consuming need for heat threatens Alpha. Burned-out equipment and frozen corpses lie in the wake of a being which has become an instrument of destruction that feeds on energy and endangers anything that it touches.

Guest Starring: Ian McShane (Anton Zoref), Gay Hamilton (Eva), John Hamill (Dominix), Eva Rueber-Staier (Jane).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


20. “Another Time, Another Place

Present and future overlap, when a space phenomenon which creates duplicates of Alpha and its inhabitants. What role does crew member Regina have in the mystery, who thinks she’s married to Alan Carter, but who believes both he and John Koenig are dead.  

Guest Starring: Judy Geeson (Regina).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


21. “End of Eternity

Koenig rescues an immortal alien doomed to spend an eternity inside a barren asteroid. The liberated entity repays his kindness by wreaking destruction across Moonbase Alpha. Koenig must risk his own life in order to restore order.

Guest Starring: Peter Bowles (Balor), Jim Smilie (Baxter).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: Ray Austin


22. “Missing Link

An anthropologist from the planet Zenno, as well as millions of years in the future, abducts John Koenig for his study into a "missing link", an earlier life form that bridges known variants of civilisation.

Guest Starring: Peter Cushing (Raan), Joanna Dunham (Vana).

Writer: Edward Di Lorenzo

Director: Ray Austin


23. “The Testament of Arkadia

Koenig must free Alpha from the power-draining influence of the desolate planet of Arkadia, where the Alphans encounter what may be the origins of life on Earth. Complicating matters are two specialists who are determined to investigate more about the previous civilisation on the dead world.

Guest Starring: Orso Maria Guerrini (Luke Ferro), Lisa Harrow (Anna Davis).

Writer: Johnny Byrne

Director: David Tomblin


24. “War Games

An attack on Moonbase Alpha leaves the Alphans with no alternative but to relocate on the planet below, and to plead for mercy for their survivors. But the aliens who inhabit it believe that humans would be destructive to their civilisation - and they will protect themselves at any cost. (This episode became the second half of the movie “Alien Attack”).

Guest Starring: Anthony Valentine (Male Alien), Isla Blair (Female Alien).

Writer: Christopher Penfold

Director: Charles Crichton


NOTE:  Elements of this suggested running order were inspired by the work of the Space: 2099 project.




Saturday, 04 July 2009

* - Indicates episodes that still exist in colour with an English soundtrack, and were released on a Paul Temple compilation by Acorn Media in 2009.

** - Indicates episodes that exist as monochrome 16mm English soundtrack telerecordings that were returned to the BBC from New Zealand.



Francis Matthews – Paul Temple

Ros Drinkwater – Steve Temple

June Ellis – Kate Balfour (S1 - S2)

Blake Butler - Eric (S1 -S2)

George Sewell – Sammy Carson (S2 – S4)

Derek Martin – Paddy (S2, S4) [Now playing Charlie in Eastenders]


Producer – Adam Bromley (S1), Peter Bryant (S2), Derrick Sherwin (S2-S4)


1.01 - Who Dies Next

Paul and Steve arrive home to find they have been burgled. Curiously, nothing of value seems to have been taken, but books have been removed from the bookshelves as if someone had been searching through them. Searching for what?

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Bernard Archard, Ian Fairbairn

Writer: Peter Miller

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission 23.11.1969


1.02 -  Message From A Dead Man

Spending a weekend at Random Cottage, Paul and Steve are visited by a young American, who tells them he has heard a murder being arranged on the telephone. When Paul starts checking he finds that everything the American told him was untrue.Then a man is found dead.

Guest Stars: Raymond Huntley, Madge Ryan, Derek Benfield, Rosalie Westwater

Writer: John Roddick

Director: Paul Ciappessoni

Original UK Transmission: 30.11.1969


1.03 - There Must Be A Mr X

After an evening at a gambling club, Paul takes a hostess, Sandra, back to her flat. When Paul arrives home in the early hours of the morning he tells Steve he has been talking over old times with a friend. What is Paul up to?

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Maggie London, Geoffrey Palmer, Brian McDermott

Writer: David Ellis

Director: Eric Hills

Original UK Transmission: 07.12.1969


1.04 - Missing Penny

Paul is told a strange story about a girl missing from a village not far from Random Cottage. He learns that she didn't drive a car and she didn't take the only bus to the nearest station. In fact, nobody saw her leave at all ...

Guest Stars: Blake Butler, Martin Jarvis, Lans Traverse, Christine Finn

Writer: Cyril Abraham

Director: Tina Wakerell

Original UK Transmisson: 14.12.1969


1.05 - The Man Who Wasn't There

A man known to Paul and Steve is reported killed in an air crash in Rome. But Steve is positive that the man called at the Temples' home shortly after the time given for the crash.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Clifford Earl, Peter Miles, Michael Bird

Writer: John Tully

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 21.12.1969


1.06 - Which One Of Us Is Me?

Paul is asked for help by a man called Howard Hawthorn. Apparently someone is intent on destroying Howard; his character, his marriage, his sanity. Paul asks who this someone is. Howard replies, 'Howard Hawthorn.'

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Glyn Houston, Barbara Shelley, Milton Johns, Prentis Hancock

Writer: David Chantler

Director: Paul Ciappessoni

Original UK Transmission: 28.12.1969


1.07 - Inside Information

A private enquiry agent calls to see Steve, who tells him she wants him to watch Paul. When the agent asks why, Steve says she suspects Paul of being unfaithful, and requires evidence for a divorce.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Tracy Reed, Kevin Lindsay, Patricia Maynard, Michael Gwynn

Writer: David Ellis

Director: Tina Wakerell

Original UK Transmission: 04.01.1970


1.08 - The Masked Lady

A film is being made in an ancestral home about the legend of the strange disappearance of the Masked Lady. A young girl playing the part also disappears.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Clive Morton, Basil Dignam, George Howe

Writer: John Tully Script

Director: Rex Tucker

Original UK Transmission: 11.01.1970


1.09 - Swan Song For Colonel Harp

Colonel Harp is one of the regulars at the Falcon. One day a stranger comes to see him. Eric observes that the Colonel seems frightened. Shortly, it is announced that the Colonel is selling his house and moving to a cottage in the country. The stranger asks Eric to take a trunk down to the cottage. The Colonel is not present. The stranger says the trunk contains books...

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Patrick Troughton, William Lucas, Ilona Rodgers

Writer: David Chantler

Director: Tina Wakerell

Original UK Transmission: 18.01.1970


1.10 - Mr Wallace Predicts

Paul and Steve find themselves involved with Mr Wallace, a researcher into extra-sensory perception. But Mr Wallace has another talent that interests Paul: he can predict accidents. Unfortunately, the victims never seem to get his warnings in time.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Peter Copley, Geraldine Moffatt, Dennis Bowen

Writer: John Tully

Director: Eric Hills

Original UK Transmission: 25.01.1970


1.11 - Letters From Robert

Miss Rose Martin was once in love with a man called Robert Stanlake, who disappeared mysteriously 20 years ago. She starts getting letters, from someone who seems to know all about her, signed as Robert Stanlake.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Rachel Kempson, Angela Pleasence, Michael Johnson, Sarah Craze

Writer: John Tully

Director: Prudence Fitzgerald

Original UK Transmission: 01.02.1970


1.12 - The Man From The Sea

Kate is taking a holiday at the seaside. Walking along the beach, she discovers a body washed up by the tide. A lighthouse keeper tells her he has sent for the police. But later Kate discovers the police have no knowledge of the body.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Donald Morley, Sheila Fearn, Reginald Barratt, David Quilter

Writer: Cyril Abraham

Director: Philip Dudley

Original UK Transmission: 08.02.1970


1.13 - The Victim

Peter Tremayne, a rich industrialist, is being persecuted by someone. He thinks his persecutor is an old enemy, but Paul has other ideas.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, Blake Butler, Ray McAnally Ellen McIntosh, Angharad Rees, Terry Walsh

Writer: David Whitaker

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 15.02.1970


2.01 - Right Villain

Paul is literally 'taken for a ride' when he contemplates buying a new car. Sammy Carson, ex-villain and part-owner of the garage involved, offers Paul the car in exchange for his help - which he badly needs!

Guest Stars: George Sewell, June Ellis, Caroline Blakiston, John Gill, Patsy Smart, Derek Martin

Writer: Derrick Sherwin

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 05.04.1970


2.02 - Kill Or Cure

Steve's friend Ilse Goetz visits London with her uncle, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. After contacting the Temple's, she disappears - and when Paul investigates, her uncle warns him not to get involved ...

Guest Stars: Blake Butler, Wolfgang Preiss, Christiane Krüger, Jerome Willis, Peter Porteous

Writer: Bill Strutton

Director: Christopher Barry

Original UK Transmission: 12.04.1970


2.03 - Games People Play *

While in Malta, Paul and Steve are drawn into the 'sweet life' of a group for whom luxury has become a necessity - a life that soon lures the innocent beyond boredom into danger.

Guest Stars: George Baker, Penny Spencer, Angela Browne, Moray Watson, Tony Vogel, Michael Gothard,

Writer: John Gould

Director: Philip Dudley

Original UK Transmission: 19.04.1970


2.04 - The Artnappers

Gallery raids and art thefts are becoming increasingly commonplace - often the only losers appear to be the insurance companies. Paul finds that even they can limit their liability to pay by investing in crime ...

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Terence Alexander, Jenny Till, Christopher Benjamin, Derek

Writer: Bill Strutton

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 26.04.1970


2.05 - The Black Room

How deeply within ourselves can we bury the effects of violence? Paul discovers methods by which unscrupulous men use a victim's past to force their way into a frightening future.

Guest Stars: Julian Glover, Michael Deacon, Patrick Newell, Helen Downing, Edward Burnham, Rudolph Walker

Writer: Moris Farhi

Director: Christopher Barry

Original UK Transmission: 03.05.1970


2.06 - Antique Death: Part 1

Paul is amused when he discovers that the copy of an Etruscan Apollo which he has bought causes a ripple of alarm in museum circles as the original is reputed to be unique and no other copy is known to exist. But when the figurine disappears, the chase leads Paul to Amsterdam and into the dangers that lie beyond the respectable front of dealing in `genuine' art-fakes.

Guest Stars: June Ellis, John Franklyn Robbins, Peter Carsten, Eric Pohlmann, Christopher Owen

Writer: Michael Chapman

Director: John Matthews

Original UK Transmission: 10.05.1970


2.07 - Antique Death: Part 2

Paul moves from Amsterdam  to Bruges in his search for the Arezzo Apollo figurine which has been stolen from him. The death of Genevieve Duclos leads him closer to those responsible and deeper into the dangerous world of organised international crime.

Guest Stars: Peter Carsten, Jan Conrad, Jean Anderson, Cyril Shaps

Writer: Michael Chapman

Director: John Matthews

Original UK Transmission: 17.05.1970


2.08 - Double Vision

Paul, on a visit to Edinburgh to attend a Crime Writer's Conference, is asked by a beautiful young German girl to read her first novel. A charming girl - an innocent request - but the book seems to be in great demand...

Guest Stars: Andrew Faulds, Dennis Waterman, David Healy, Derek Martin

Writer: Jeremy Burnham

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 24.05.1970


2.09 - Steal A Little Happiness

Paul and Steve pick up a hitchhiking street urchin called Gina outside Milan and soon discover the pressures poverty brings to bear on the young. In an attempt to help the girl Paul uncovers a relationship between Gina and Ettore, a helpless old man, that is based on need rather then on cupidity.

Guest Stars: Micaela Esdra, Raffaele Pezzoli, Jack Woolgar John Abineri

Writer: Bill Strutton

Director: Philip Dudley

Original UK Transmission: 28.06.1970


2.10 - The Suitcase

A Secret Service plot or the bitter end to a tangled domestic quarrel? This is the fascinating question facing Paul Temple when a suitcase explodes in a Surrey country house.

Guest Stars: Derek Martin, John Rolfe, Jack Watling

Writer: John Tully

Director: John Matthews

Original UK Transmission: 05.07.1970


2.11 - Murder In Munich: Part 1

Temple, on a visit to Munich, is horrified to find that he's been mistaken for an assassin. Worse still, he's expected to proceed with, and complete, the killer's Assignment.

Guest Stars: Dieter Borsche, Maria Perschy, Jack Hedley, Me Me Lay

Writer: David Roberts

Director: Michael Ferguson

Original UK Transmission: 12.07.1970


2.12 - Murder In Munich: Part 2

Paul Temple, cleverly framed for murder on a visit to Munich, has a life and death race against time to prove his innocence.

Guest Stars: Dieter Borsche, Maria Perschy, Jack Hedley

Writer: David Roberts

Director: Michael Ferguson

Original UK Transmission: 19.07.1970


2.13 - Re-Take

What is the-connection between a series of crimes in Rome seven years ago and the disappearance of a child in London now?

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Kate O'Mara, Derek Martin

Writer: Paul Erickson

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 26.07.1970


3.01 - House Of The Dead

Paul Temple receives a strange invitation to an abandoned house to investigate a five-year-old murder.

Guest Stars: Sean Caffrey, Moira Redmond, Gerald Flood, Petra Davies

Writer: David Roberts

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 10.01.1971


3.02 -  Sea Burial

On a visit to Sweden, Paul Temple receives a mysterious summons that pitchforks him on to the trail of an ingenious and unusual crime.

Guest Stars: Gunnar Hellström, Jan Karlsson, Godfrey James, Fulton Mackay

Writer: David Roberts

Director: Ronald Wilson

Original UK Transmission: 17.01.1971


3.03 - Night Train

Coincidence, perhaps? Or does the appearance of Freddie Price as a sleeping car attendant on the Temples' train have a more sinister significance?

Guest Stars: Robert Urquhart, Gerald Sim, Peter Halliday, Geoffrey Chater, Denis Plenty

Writer: Michael J Bird

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 24.01.1971


3.04 - Corrida *

Bulls and Christian martyrs - that's the toll throughout the centuries at the ancient arena in Aries. Is the bullring about to be used for another sport - like the killing of escaped criminals?

Guest Stars: Edward De Souz,a Jeremy Higgins, Frederick Jaeger, Peter Miles

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 07.02.1971


3.05 - Death For Divers' Reasons

A quiet stretch of coastline holds all sorts of menacing surprises for Temple and Steve's yachting weekend.

Guest Stars: Richard Hurndall, Stephanie Bidmead, Patrick Durkin, George Tovey

Writer: John Lucarotti

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 14.02.1971


3.06 - A Greek Tragedy

Tragedy? Or a menacing conspiracy of silence? What exactly is going on in the small mountainside village in Greece? And what is the tie-up with those grim events as far back as the winter of 1944?

Guest Stars: Valerie Gearon, Francis De Wolff, John Barrett, Denis Carey, Colin Jeavons

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 21.02.1971


3.07 - The Specialists *

Strange people - Specialists. Bodyguard one day - the next Assassin. Very efficient and reliable to the man who pays him - first.

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Emrys Jones, Garfield Morgan, Hugh Morton

Writer: Michael Winder

Director: Eric Price

Original UK Transmission: 28.02.1971


3.08 - Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? *

Very efficient these Intelligence Agents. Almost clever enough to conceal the truth from the Temples' as they make a surprise visit on an old friend in a small Riviera fishing port.

Guest Stars: Glyn Owen, Richard Vernon, Peter Barkworth, Virginia Wetherell

Writer: Dennis Spooner

Director: Eric Price

Original UK Transmission: 07.03.1971


3.09 - Requiem For A Don

Suicide? Or murder? Temple's investigation into the death of an old friend causes a lot of long faces in a famous Midlands University town.

Guest Stars: Lana Morris, Cyril Luckham, Bernard Kay, Derek Francis

Writer: Jeremy Burnham

Director: Christopher Barry

Original UK Transmission: 14.03.1971


3.10 - Motel *

Why should a lonely Scottish motel be the gathering point for a gang of criminals?

Guest Stars: Tony Steedma,n Patricia Haines, Reginald Marsh, Angus Lennie, Gay Hamilton

Writer: David Simon

Director: Simon Langton

Original UK Transmission: 21.03.1971


3.11 - Cue Murder! *

Tension and drama build up to a breathless climax as Paul reveals a murderer before a television audience.

Guest Stars: Philip Madoc, Michael Lees, Tristan Rogers, Katharine Blake, Madge Ryan, Joseph Furst, Donald

Writer: David Simon

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 28.03.1971


3.12 -  Death Of Fasching *

Paul takes a strange partner at a Fasching Ball in Munich - and thereafter has to watch his step.

Guest Stars: Catherine Schell, Georg Marischka, George Pravda

Writer: Wolf Rilla

Director: Viktors Ritelis

Original UK Transmission: 04.04.1971


3.13 - Catch Your Death *

Paul and Sammy between them track down a dangerous thief - and nearly catch a nasty cold!

Guest Stars:George Sewell,  John Carson, Allan Cuthbertson

Writer: Patrick Alexander

Director: Frank Cox

Original UK Transmission: 11.04.1971


4.01 - Paper Chase

A glimpse under the covers for Paul of secret political warfare in London.

Guest Stars: Norman Bird, Oliver Maguire, John LeMesurier, Kenneth Griffith, Tamara Ustinov

Writer: Jeremy Burnham

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 09.06.1971


4.02 - Death Sentence

Susan Grant hasn't an enemy in the world - so why do they want to kill her?

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Natalie Kent, Derek Ware, Nicholas Smith, Sally James

Writer: David Ellis

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 16.06.1971


4.03 - Ricochet *

Paul, on a visit to St Moritz with Steve to meet his accountant, soon finds he has other problems on his mind than facts and figures.

Guest Stars: David Bauer, Ilona Grübel, Christopher Chittell, Franco Derosa

Writer: Marc Brandel

Director: Darrol Blake

Original UK Transmission: 23.06.1971


4.04 - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies? *

Sammy Carson is accused of murder - with surprising results ...

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Victor Maddern, Terry Walsh, Florence Marchandau, Garfield Morgan

Writer: Victor Canning

Director: Michael Ferguson

Original UK Transmission: 30.06.1971


4.05 - Party Piece

Sammy meets up with a jazz pianist friend, and involves Paul in a crime of considerable ingenuity.

Guest Stars: George Sewell, David Dundas, Chris Cunningham, Cyd Hayman, Denis Carey Brian Glover, Bernard Archard, Maxine Casson

Writer: Lindsay Galloway

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 07.07.1971


4.06 - The Quick And The Dead *

'The old priests have been dead for centuries - and they can't harm anybody ...

Guest Stars: Peter Sallis, Tenniel Evans, John Stratton, Derek Newark, Barbara Lott, Terence Edmond, Avril Elgar

Writer: Derry Quinn

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 14.07.1971


4.07 - The Man Who Forged Real Money

An African Embassy in London makes good cover - for a clever international conspiracy.

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Johnny Sekka, Sheila Scott-Wilkinson, Thomas Baptiste, Bernard Spear, Christopher Biggins

Writer: John Lucarotti

Director: Ken Hannam

Original UK Transmission: 21.07.1971


4.08 - A Family Affair

Paul takes a sea trip to Hamburg - and a nose-dive into a ruthless story of family treachery.

Guest Stars: Michael Crame,r Roland Astor, Paul Ambrose

Writer: Wolf Rilla

Director: David Maloney

Original UK Transmission: 28.07.1971


4.09 - The Guilty Must Die **

Paul goes away to the country for a few days leaving Steve to witness a murder. Guest Stars: George Sewell, Sylvia Syms, Patrick Mower, Joe Melia, Deirdre Costello, Michael Sheard, Jenny Lee Wright

Writer: John Tully

Director: Douglas Camfield

Original UK Transmission: 04.08.1971


4.10 - Game, Set And Match **

When Andy King, tough king of professional tennis arrives in a country for another tournament ... trouble isn't far behind ...

Guest Stars: John Gregg, Del Henney, Veronica Strong, Ed Devereaux, Dilys Watling

Writer: Jeremy Burnham

Director: Darrol Blake

Original UK Transmission: 11.08.1971


4.11 - Long Ride To Red Gap **

Sammy, on a car journey near Godalming, is ambushed and attacked by a band of Red Indians - and he's not joking!

Guest Stars: George Sewell, Anthony Sagar, Kevin Stoney, Derek Martin

Writer: John Wiles

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Original UK Transmission: 18.08.1971


4.12 - Winner Takes All **

Against a horseracing background, Temple finds himself involved in a takeover bid between two sides in a large criminal organisation.

Guest Stars: Claire Nielson, Peter Dyneley, Mark Kingston, Charles Lamb, Peter O'Sullevan

Writer: Donald James

Director: Christopher Barry

Original UK Transmission: 25.08.1971


4.13 - Critics, Yes! But This Is Ridiculous! **

A midnight intruder into a small Scottish library rips apart several of Paul's novels. Is he settling an old score? Or do his actions have a much more menacing reason?

Guest Stars: William Gaunt, Prentis Hancock, Maurice Roeves, Joanna Cooper, Angus Lennie, Robert Robertson

Writer: Eddie Boyd

Director: Michael Ferguson

Original UK Transmission: 01.09.1971

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Not the Chapel of love ...


USA - 1998-99 - 16 episodes (60 mins) - colour


01. Cruel and Unusual
Guests: Ray Wise (Jack Schiller), Gregg Henry (Edward Pike), Daniel Roebuck (Hargess), Tom Billett (Kevin), Krystal Benn (Caroline Hargess), La Reine Chabut (Lucy Hargess)
Plot: When a secretary discovers evidence of her boss' drug smuggling and the widower is framed for her murder, Mr. Chapel, a man who rights wrongs, enlists the aid of KC Griffin, a previous recipient of his aid, to wreak vengeance in his own unique way.
writers: John McNamara & David Simkins
director: James Frawley

02. Victim of Circumstance
Guests: Keith Szarabajka (Dr Alan Walker), Gunther Jensen (Joe Riley), Christian Clemenson (Agent Brownsteen), Jennifer Bransford (Tilly McGinniss), Suanne Spoke (Director Green)
Plot: After an FBI Profiler buries evidence may jeopardize a lucrative book deal,Mr Chapel goes to bat for an innocent man convicted for a spate of killings, enlisting help from inside the Bureau.
w: Charles D Holland
d: James Frawley

03. Eden
Guests: Tony Denison (Sheriff Broll), Tom Wood (Deputy Hubbell), Cordelia Richards (Ellie Stensma), Stephen Tobolowsky (Mayor Laird), Philippe Bergeron (Dr Jeff Grant), Rex Linn (J J)
Plot: Mr Chapel and KC ride into Eden to put a halt to the law enforcement profiting from planting drugs on unsuspecting tourists andselling the impounded vehicles at state auction.
w: John McNamara
d: James Frawley

04. Bitter End
Guests: Clare Carey (Pam Broder), Tobin Bell (Teddy Hicks), Niklaus Lange (Steve Broder), Dayton Callie (Chuck Bidally), Louis Herthum (Guard Connor Gulch)
Plot: Protecting a woman stalked by a newly-paroled killer she helped put away, Mr Chapel finds himself in unfamiliar territory when the criminal becomes aware of his plans and then turns the tables.
w: David Simkins
d: Lou Antonio

05. Justice
Guests: Cliff Potts (Donald Block), Scott Patterson (Det. Swain), Mark Kiely (Officer Mason), Katy Boyer (Lauren Mason), Brion James (Franklin Dekker), Louis Herthum (Connor Gulch), Michael Harney (Officer Witherspoon)
Plot: When the wife of a key witness is kidnapped from protective custody, Chapel uses his sources inside the prison to mess with the arms dealer standing trial and weed out a corrupt cop.
w: Wendy Battles
d: Bill Norton

06. Ambition
Guests: Todd Allen (Senator Thomas Hayworth), Dina Merrill (Ellen Hayworth), Michael C Mahon (Eddie Farragut), Dakin Matthews (Governor Luke McElroy), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Aung Myint)
Plot: When a pregnant friend of K C's is murdered by the married Senator who fathered the child, Mr Chapel starts his own campaign of vengeance against the power-hungry political family.
w: John McNamara, story: Gary Rieck
d: James Frawley

07. Security Denied
Guests: Francesco Quinn (Colonel Oscar Ponce), Kamala Dawson (Elena Amayo), Miguel Sandoval (General Rumano), Bruce McCarty (Joe Melvoy), Tim Thomerson (Krendle)
Plot: Mr Chapel poses as a State Department official to help a former war criminal experience the terrible suffering he inflicted upon the people of El Salvador.
w: Tom Chehak
d: Mel Damski

08. Dishonorable Discharge
Guests: Dayton Callie (Chuck Bidally), Travis Fine (Captain Aaron McClane), Silas Weir Mitchell (Captain Jesse Fisher), Lauren Tom (Samantha), Alexia Robinson (Marian), Amanda Carlin (Colonel Hammond)
Plot: A former client seeks Mr Chapel's assistance when two army captains escape conviction for raping a young girl because the statute of limitations has expired.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: Bobby Roth

09. Noir
Guests: Richard Beymer (Douglas Bradford), Kristin Cloke (Tamara Harrington), Christian Leffler (Eric Harrington), Christopher Gorham (Jason Harrington), Scott Patterson (Detective Thomas Swain), Suzanne Ford (Barbara Harrington)
Plot: When a new trophy wife kills her rich husband and lays the blame on his bitter ex-wife, Mr Chapel poses as a hired bodyguard to expose more than just the truth.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: John Patterson

10. Vendetta
Guests: Lisa Thornhill (Theresa Greco), Markus Flanagan (Gifford Marshall), Amanda Pays (Gail Dawson), Tom La Grua (Barry Hutchens), Scott Allan Campbell (Otto Carson), Cordelia Richards (Ellie Stenzma)
Plot: After a spiteful IRS agent uses his clout to destroy the life of a girl who rebuffs his advances, Mr Chapel poses as a spoiled millionaire to elicit his own unique brand of payback.
w: Charles D Holland
d: Adam Nimoy

11. Confidence
Guests: Steven Schub (Joseph Budnick), Mel Jackson (Jay Jackson), Kimberly Huie (Jackie Jackson), Alan Blumenfeld (Anthony Martinelli), Jeff Austin (Lester the Inspector), Patricia Gaul (Alice), Lewis Van Bergen (Tim Scanlan)
Plot: When a broker scams a young couple, Mr Chapel and KC pose as con artists to show the man, who claims to be a simple shoe salesman, that the boot is on the other foot.
w: Kim Newton
d: Alan J Levi

12. Judgment
Guests: Harris Yulin (Judge Harold Wabash), Cotter Smith (Stan Garcos), Robert Miano (Michael Sanricci), Frankie Jay Allison (Luke Sanricci), Al Israel (Joey)
Plot: Out to see that a corrupt judge doesn't queer the trial of a Mafia Don, Mr Chapel goes as far as befriending the hitman who put a bullet in him on the judge's instruction.
w: John McNamara & David Simkins
d: James Frawley

13. Clique
Guests: Elizabeth Barondes (Vivian Pratt), Brian Gaskill (Derek Wolf), Rick Peters (Brian Buckingham), Christopher John Fields (Adam Krieger), Gina Gallego (Suzie)
Plot: Mr Chapel poses as a paranoid schizophrenic to teach three reunited college friends a lesson for a prank that resulted in the brutal death of a student ten years earlier.
w: Kim Newton & Wendy Battles
d: Bobby Roth

14. Critical
Guests: Rafer Weigel (Ben Newton), Senta Moses (Gina), Ryan Bollman (Kevin Battles), Heather Dawn (Debbie Newton), Marshall Bell (Frank Newton)
Plot: Mr Chapel sets out to expose an avaricious man who murdered his father for the inheritance, even if it means letting a young computer genius expose him to the police.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: James Frawley

15. Legalese
Guests: Michael B Silver (Michael Dearborn), Ken Jenkins (Jack Humphrey), Raphael Sbarge (Steve Bizzini), Markus Redmond (Nathan Cross), David Bickford (Elway), Karen Austin (Doctor Lorraine Simmons), Clyde Kusatsu (Judge Clyde Kurosawa), Leslie Hope (Mrs Thomas)
Plot: When a devious lawyer blocks the investigation into a fertilizer with lethal side effects for children, Mr. Chapel steps in to show them that it's not just evidence that can be buried.
w: Charles D Holland
d: Bill Norton

16. Friends
Guests: Robert Carradine (Darin Carver), Jere Burns (Steven Jensen), James Pickens Jr (Mr Hobbs), Sage Parker (Lori Carver) Jerry Mathers (Lucas Zimmerman), Twink Caplan (Madeline Chessly)
Plot: When a computer engineer commits suicide after being betrayed by an old friend who has stolen his invention, Mr Chapel creates a plan to drive the entrepreneur to the brink of insanity.
w: Kim Newton
d: Perry Lang

Michael Madsen as Mister Chapel
Kathleen York as K C Griffin


Friday, 22 February 2008

A plane crash in Tibet gives these secret agents the edge ...


UK (ITC) - 1968-69 - 30 episodes (60 mins) – Colour


01. The Beginning
Guests: Felix Aylmer (The Old Man), Kenneth J Warren (Whittaker), Joseph Furst (Chislenkan), Eric Young (Ho Ling), Burt Kwouk (Chinese Major).
Plot: Rescued from certain death, Nemesis agents Sterling, Barrett and Macready find themselves with special powers given to them by a mysterious Tibetan order. They put their new abilities to the test as Chinese soldiers set out to recover a stolen bacteriological material.
Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Cyril Frankel

02. The Invisible Man
Guests: Peter Wyngarde (John Hallam), Sumner James (Culliford), Basil Dignam (Sir Frederick Howard), Aubrey Morris (Van Velden), Steve Plytas (Boursin), Dave Prowse (Weightlifter).
Plot: Trying to determine which bank will be the next target for a gang of robbers, Sterling's capture leads him to hear voices from an invisible foe.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Cyril Frankel

03. Reply Box No 666
Guests: Anton Rogers (Jules), Brian Worth (Bourges), George Murcell (Nikko), George Roubicek (Semenkin), Imogen Hassall (Cleo), Nike Arrighi (Corinne), Linbert Spencer (Clive).
Plot: When an advertisement is placed in the personal column of a Caribbean newspaper: “Wanted, a Parrot that speaks German”, our heroic trio find themselves in an explosive situation.
Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Cyril Frankel

04. The Experiment
Guests: David Bauer (Doctor Glind), Allan Cuthbertson (Cranmore), Madelena Nicol (Chrissie), Nicholas Courtney (Doctor Farley), Caroline Blakiston (Marianne Grant), Nita Lorraine (Susan).
Plot: Persuaded to volunteer for a secret experiment, Sharron finds herself tricked by a scientist, creating a breed of super-humans, equal to The Champions, to carry out a series of thefts.
Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Cyril Frankel

05. Happening
Guests: Jack MacGowran (Banner), Michael Gough (Joss), Grant Taylor (General Winters), Bill Cummings (Aston).
Plot: As one of three men isolated in an atomic test area, Barrett has to disarm a bomb that is soon due to go off, before it devastates part of Australia.
Writer: Brian Clemens
Director: Cyril Frankel

06. Operation Deep-Freeze
: Patrick Wymark (General Gomez), Robert Urquhart (Hemmings), Walter Gotell (Jost), Peter Arne (Margoli), George Pastell (Colonel Santos), Michael Godfrey (Mendoza), Martin Boddey (Gregson), Derek Sydney (Zerrilli), Alan White (Hoffner).
Plot: A mysterious explosion in Antarctica and the disappearance of the scientists sent to investigate, leads Stirling and Barrett to a secret bunker stockpiling nuclear missiles.
Writer: Gerald Kelsey
Director: Paul Dickson

07. The Survivors
: Clifford Evans (Colonel Reitz), Donald Huston (Richter), John Tate (Schmeltz), Bernard Kay (Emil), John Porter (Hans), Stephen Yardley (Pieter), Hugo Panczak (Heinz).
Plot: Assigned to the murders of three students in the Austrian Alps, the Nemesis agents find that their investigations lead them to the discovery of survivors from World War Two.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Cyril Frankel

08. To Trap a Rat
: Guy Rolfe (Walter Pelham), Edina Ronay (Sandra), Michael Standing (Edwards), Kate O'Mara (Jane Purcell), Toke Townley (Peanut Vendor), John Lee (Ambulance Doctor).
Plot: After Scotland Yard investigations lead to a dead end, The Champions are called in to infiltrate a drug ring whose tainted consignments are killing off London's drug addicts.
Writer: Ralph Smart
Director: Sam Wanamaker

09. The Iron Man
: George Murcell (El Caudillo), Patrick Magee (Pedraza), Robert Crewdson (Gallezan), Michael Mellinger (General Tornes), Stephen Berkoff (Carlos), Norman Florence (Cabello).
Plot: Asked to protect a former dictator, Sterling, Barrett and Macready take on the roles of domestic staff in his household to discover who is trying to kill him.
Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: John Llewellyn Moxey

10. The Ghost Plane
: Andrew Keir (Doctor John Newman), Michael Wynne (Coates), Tony Steedman (Hardwick), Dennis Chinnery (Bridges), Vanessa Tindall (Hilary), John Bryant (Crolic).
Plot: The discovery of a revolutionary Chinese fighter aircraft leads the Champions to investigate a British Professor of Engineering, who is embittered after the Government shelved his original plans.
Writer: Donald James
Director: John Gilling

11. The Dark Island
: Vladek Sheybal (Max Kellor), Brandon Brady (Withers), Alan Gifford (Admiral), Benito Carruthers (Perango), Bill Nagy (Controller), Andy Ho (Kai Min), Robert Lee (Tsi Chang).
Plot: After an Air Force plane is shot down, and three agents disappear investigating an island off the coast of America, the Nemesis team uncover a plot to bring about nuclear armageddon.
Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Cyril Frankel

12. The Fanatics
: Gerald Harper (Croft), Julian Glover (Anderson), David Burke (Roger Carson), Donald Pickering (Colonel Banks), David Morrell (Krasner), Barry Stanton (Faber), John Robinson (Collings).
Plot: Assigned to infiltrate a group of fanatical murderers, Barrett has to find a way to stop them when he learns the next target is the Nemesis leader, Tremayne.
Writer: Terry Nation
Director: John Gilling

13. Twelve Hours
: Mike Pratt (Raven), Henry Gilbert (Drobnik), Peter Howell (Admiral Cox), John Turner (Lieutenant Commander Street), Viola Keats (Madame Drobnik), Laurie Asprey (Jackson).
Plot: Accompanying a visiting President and his wife on a submarine journey, Barrett and Macready need to use all their resources when an attempt is made on the President’s life.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Paul Dickson

14. The Search
: John Woodvine (Kruger Haller), Reginald Marsh (Conrad Schultz), Joseph Furst (Dr Mueller), Patricia English (Suzanne Taylor), Ernst Walder (Albrecht).
Plot: After a neo-Nazi regime steals a submarine armed with four warheads, The Champions find themselves in a race to sabotage plans to hold London hostage under nuclear threat.
Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Leslie Norman

15. The Gilded Cage
: John Carson (Symond), Jennie Linden (Samantha), Clinton Greyn (Lovegrove), Charles Houston (Orley), Tony Caunter (Brandon), Sebastian Breaks (Haswell).
Plot: Worried that someone is attempting to wipe out Nemesis agents after an operative's files are stolen from their Geneva headquarters, Tremayne allows Barrett to be kidnapped to snare the forces acting against them.
Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Cyril Frankel

16. Shadow of the Panther
: Zia Mohyeddin (Prengo), Donald Sutherland (David Crayley), Hedger Wallace (Charters), Tony Wall (Riley), Christopher Carlos (Doctor), Tania (Girl in Red).
Plot: There are unusual happenings at a Haitian hotel, currently entertaining a large number of scientists and politicians. It leads Sharron to investigate a death seemingly caused by voodoo.
Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Freddie Francis

17. A Case of Lemmings
: John Bailey (Umberto), Jeanne Roland (Claudine), Edward Brayshaw (Del Marco), Michael Graham (Jacquet), Michael Slater (Pillet), Olive McFarland (Madame Carnot).
Plot: After several agents take their own lives, The Champions are led to the discovery of a drug that causes recipients to commit suicide, part of a daring plan to infiltrate the Interpol network.
Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Paul Dickson

18. The Mission
: Anthony Bate (Doctor Pederson), Dermot Kelly (Hogan), Harry Towb (George), Patricia Haines (Sophia), Robert Russell (Maltman), Paul Hansard (Emil Boder).
Plot: Posing as a Mafiosa gangster and his moll, Barrett and Macready attempt to infiltrate an organisation that provides escape routes for criminals, by having them altered using plastic surgery.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Robert Asher

19. The Interrogation
: Colin Blakely (The Interrogator).
Plot: Returning from a mission, Stirling finds himself imprisoned and subjected to brutal, drug-fuelled questioning by an unknown interrogator, who suspects him of being a double agent.
Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Cyril Frankel

20. The Silent Enemy
: Paul Maxwell (Captain Baxter), Warren Stanhope (Admiral Parker), James Maxwell (Stanton), Marne Maitland (Minoes), Esmond Knight (The Minister) David Kelly (Lighthouse Keeper).
Plot: After a missing American submarine surfaces off Ireland with all the crew dead, the Champions retrace the voyage, leading to a secret laboratory developing a sinister gas.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Robert Asher

21. The Body Snatchers
: Bernard Lee (Squires), Philip Locke (Yeats), Ann Lynn (Inge Kalmutt), JG Devlin (Frank Nicholls), Gregory Phillips (David Fenton), Christina Taylor (Lee Rogers).
Plot: Attempting to unravel the hidden meaning of a letter received by a journalist, The Champions travel to Wales and find themselves involved in a macabre espionage plot.
Writer: Terry Nation
Director: Paul Dickson

22. Get Me Out of Here!
: Frances Cuka (Anna Maria Martes), Ronald Radd (Commandante), Philip Madoc (Angel Martes), Eric Pohlmann (Minister), Anthony Newlands (Cuevos), Godfrey Quigley (Josef).
Plot: When a leading doctor in medical research is lured home to a Caribbean island with the false story of a patient requiring her attention, The Champions are sent to rescue her.
Writer: Ralph Smart
Director: Cyril Frankel

23. The Night People
: Terence Alexander (Douglas Trennick), Adrienne Corri (Mrs Trennick), David Lodge (Porth), Anne Sharp (Jane Soames), Michael Bilton (Dan), Walter Sparrow (George Whetlor).
Plot: After Sharron disappears on holiday in Cornwall, Craig and Richard’s attempts to find her lead them into an encounter with the supernatural.
Writer: Donald James
Director: Robert Asher

24. Project Zero
: Rupert Davies (Doctor Voss), Peter Copley (Antrobus), Geoffrey Chater (Forster), Reginald Jessup (Grayson), Jan Holden (Miss Davies), Donald Morely (Sloane), John Moore (Travis).
Plot: Investigating the murder of a scientist, Barrett poses as a computer expert to infiltrate a secret project to detonate all stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
Writer: Tony Williamson
Director: Don Sharp

25. Desert Journey
: Jeremy Brett (The Bey), Roger Delgado (Yussef), Peter Madden (Sheikh), Nik Zaran (Said), Reg Lye (Curtis), Henry Soskin (Branco), Tony Cyrus (Major Tuat), Yole Marinelli (Sonia).
Plot: The Champions are faced with the challenge of returning The Bey, a young leader enjoying his self-imposed exile in Rome, to his strife-ridden North African homeland to avert a revolution.
Writer: Ian Stuart Black
Director: Paul Dickson

26. Full Circle
: Patrick Allen (Westerman), John Nettleton (Booker), Martin Benson (Garcian), Gabrielle Drake (Sara), James Donnelly (Pickering), Jack Gwillim (Carrington).
Plot: Posing as a prison inmate to determine who is attempting to free other prisoners, Stirling discovers the escape route, but finds more than he bargained for after making his bid for freedom.
Writer: Donald James
Director: John Gilling

27. Nutcracker
: William Squire (Duncan), John Franklyn Robbins (Warren), David Langton (Lord Mauncey), Michael Barrington (Manager), John Brown (Walcott), David Kelsey (Travers).
Plot: After attempts are made to steal valuable NATO documents, The Champions are assigned to test an impregnable vault whose security systems are designed to kill any intruders.
Writer: Philip Broadley
Director: Roy Ward Baker

28. The Final Countdown
: Alan Mcnaughton (Von Spitz), Wolf Frees (Doctor Neimann), Derek Newark (Kruger), Basil Henson (Wolf Eisen), Morris Perry (Schultz), Hannah Gordon (Anna), Michael Lees (Tom Brooks).
Pot: Sent to locate a bomb before it detonates, what seems like a routine task for the three Nemesis agents soon turns into a mission fraught with dangers.
Writer: Gerald Kelsey
Director: John Gilling

29. The Gun-Runners
: William Franklyn (Hartington), Paul Stassino (Selvameni), David Lodge (Filmer), Guy Deghy (Schroeder), Wolfe Morris (Nadkarni), Eric Young (Burmese Police Captain).
Plot: Assigned to track down a gang of arms dealers, The Champions find themselves in the perilous depths of the Burmese jungle, facing off against ruthless opponents.
Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Robert Asher

30. Autokill
: Eric Portman (Barkar), Paul Eddington (Klein), Harold Innocent (Doctor Amis), Richard Owens (George Brading), Rachel Herbert (Loretta Brading), Bruce Boa (American Colonel).
Plot: When Nemesis agents are brainwashed into killing their colleagues, Barrett is captured during the investigation and is programmed to kill Sterling.
Writer: Brian Clemens
Director: Roy Ward Baker


Stuart Damon
as Craig Stirling
William Gaunt as Richard Barrett
Alexandra Bastedo as Sharron Macready
Anthony Nicholls as Tremayne


Friday, 22 February 2008

The Spade in the Sword of Justice, its rapier marks the end ...


USA - 1978-79 - 13 episodes (60 mins) - colour


01 & 02. A Double Life (part I & II)
gs: Larry Hagman (Doyle Rettig), Christina Ferrare (Elena Novanti), June Lockhart (Noreen Cole), J.D. Cannon (Frank Blaine), Nehemiah Persoff (Carlos), Leigh Christian (Tanya)

Torn from his pampered jet-set lifestyle and jailed on phoney embezzlement charges, Released after being jailed on embezzlement charges, with the help of ex-con Hector Ramirez and the unusual skills he picked up inside, Jack Cole pledges the destruction of The Syndicate who framed him.

writers: Glen A. Larson & Michael Gleason
director: Dan Haller


03 & 04. Aloha, Julia Lang (part I & II)
gs: Belinda J. Montgomery (Julie Lang), Missy Gold (Nancy Martin), Sian Barbara Allen (Emily), Evan Kim (Jerry), Curtis Credel (Raphael), James Luisi (Brannen), Paul Lambert (Kier)

Determined to keep the soul remaining witness alive to testify at a Crime Baron’s trial, Jack’s work is complicated when she decides the best course of action is to run away from everyone.

w: Herman Groves
d: Ray Austin


05. The Destructors
gs: Marion Yue (Nancy), Len Birman (Nichols), John Lone (Richard Soo), Dennis Holman (Hanson), Richard Narita (Michael)

Jack and Hector’s problems escalate when they find themselves caught in the middle of a gang war when a local Chinese community takes on The Syndicate.

w: Herman Groves
d: Curtis Harrington


06. The Skywaymen
gs: Robert Alda (Ellit Stroud), Ed Byrnes (Reagar), Carol Lynley (Cyndy Rupert), John Carter (Collins), Adam Williams (Tex Jensen), Robert Hoy (Steve LeClair), Michael Keenan (Red Nolan)

Jack’s daredevil stunts prove not to Hector’s liking when the duo join an aerial circus, flying vintage biplanes, to bring to justice the leaders of a lucrative drug ring.

w: William R. Stratton
d: Ray Austin


07. The Gemini Connection
gs: Cameron Mitchell (Victor Radick), Cassie Yates (Angie Parker), Sarah Rush (Cathy Wilson), Carmine Caridi (Burson), Paul Picernie (Burcella)

Intrigued by the mysterious Gemini who is ripping off millions of dollars of laundered funds from a top Syndicate man, Jack and Hector plan to take The Syndicate to the cleaners.

w: Herman Groves
d: Michael Caffey


08. Girl on the Edge
gs: Bradford Dillman (Harry Gaedel), Clark Lindsley (Wilson), Phil Hoover (Anthony), Tony Miller (Court), Robin Mattson (Carol, Elaine Joyce (Diane)

Jack infiltrates a Syndicate-run film piracy ring to rescue Arthur Woods’ niece before the men in charge discover who her uncle is.

w: Frank Lupo
d: Larry Stewart


09. Judgement Day
gs: Don Porter (Judge Addams), Katherine Cannon (Alicia), Roz Kelly (Melinda), Charles Macauley (Ballentine), Ted Gehring (Bartelli), John H. Zee (Benedict)

On the golf course, Jack swings into action to prevent a seemingly incorruptible judge with old debts being called in, from presiding over an important Syndicate trial.

w: Michael Sloan
d: Chris Nyby


10. Port of Entry
gs: Robert Hogan (Moseley), William Prince (Rutherford), Richard McKenzie (Berardi), Trish Stewart (Maureen), David Buchanan (Nelson)

Wounded while planning to avenge an honest cop murdered for trying to expose his crooked bosses, Jack needs Hector’s fast talking to get them out of trouble and continue his vengeance.

w: Christopher Crowe
d: Rick Kolbe


11. Deadly Fashion
gs: Robert Loggia (Lubich), Larry Levine (Crawford), John Quade (Ellis), Ruth Britt (Maria), Spencer J. Milligan (Machlin), George E. Gonzales (Pepe)

When Hector’s cousin is wantonly killed by a corrupt police lieutenant, Jack helps his partner stitch up the cop and his Syndicate paymaster and parade them before the FBI.

w: Herman Groves
d: Joe Pevney


12 & 13. Blackjack (part I & II)
gs: George Hamilton (Paul Franks), Allan Miller (Vince Conley), John Karlen (Jerry Lombardi), Brenda Scott (Janice Lombardi), Cynthia Criswell (Mindy), Jay Varela (Sanchez)

With two union officials killed and a third kidnapped, Jack decides to play an ingenious hand in order to recover embezzled union funds from a crooked casino.

w: Glen A. Larson & Michael Sloan
d: Daniel Haller


Dack Rambo as Jack Cole
Bert Rosario as Hector Ramirez
Alex Courtney as Arthur Woods
Colby Chester as Federal Agent Buckner


Friday, 22 February 2008

Modern day vampires in love and at war ...


USA - 1996 - 8 episodes (60 mins) – Colour


01. Pilot
: Basil Hoffman (Stevie Ray), Kate Vernon (Alexandra Serris), Richard Danielson (Billy)
Plot: With war brewing between rival gangs in San Francisco, Detective Frank Kohanek seizes on the opportunity to put crime boss Julian Luna behind bars. When his lover is killed after revealing the secrets of the Kindred, Kohanek realises there is more at stake.
Writer: John Leekley
Director: Peter Medak

02. Prince of the City
: Scott MacDonald (Paul Boyle), Yuji Okumoto (Lieutenant Kwan), Christian Svenson (Nino Donelli), Michael Bauer (I.A. Investigator), Richard Danielson (Billy).
Plot: Caught with the murder weapon after an informant trying to lure Fiori into discussing union bribes is killed, Kohanek turns to Luna to help exonerate him with Internal Affairs.
Writer: John Leekley
Director: Peter Medak

03. The Nightstalker
: Nicky Katt (Starkweather), Kimberly Kates (Elaine Rabb), Philip Earl Johnson (Eric), Thomas Prisco (Doctor Mestres).
Plot: When a schizophrenic is embraced and uses his powers to go on a rampage through the city, Luna enlists Kohanek and Cash in the manhunt before the truth about the Kindred is made public.
Writers: PK Simonds and John Leekley
Director: John Harrison

04. Romeo and Juliet
: Emile Hirsch (Abel), Brian Lally (Detective O’Fallon), Gavin Ducker (Martin), Judy Kain (Nurse).
Plot: Fiori continues his quest for power, and tries to start a clan war by sanctioning the murder of a Gangrel. Meanwhile, Cash asks Luna for permission to embrace Sasha into the Kindred.
Writer: Joel Blasberg
Director: Ralph Hemecker

05. Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Good Looking Corpse
: Ivan Sergei (Zane), J C Brandy (Rhiannon), Chandra West (Grace Dugan), Christopher Allport (Mr Dugan).
Plot: When an rock star new on the scene embraces a groupie against her will, a furious Luna orders Lillie to control the Toreador before he causes trouble for all the clans.
Writer: Aaron Meidelsohn & Paul Tomasy
Director: James L Conway

06. The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiorri
: Ed O’Ross (Cyrus), Jack Conley (Benning), Blair Valk (Marissa), Kimberly Hooper (Lorraina), Richard Danielson (Billy).
Plot: While Lillie hires a private investigator to obtain evidence of Luna with Caitlin, the Prince of Los Angeles comes to town, accompanied by a shape-shifting assassin intent on killing Luna.
Writer: Scott Smith Miller
Director: Kenneth Fink

07. Bad Moon Rising
: Skipp Sudduth (Goth), Patrice Charbonneau (Camilla), Una Damon (Mai Sung), Maureen Flannigan (Ruth Doyle), Yuji Okumoto (Lieutenant Kwan).
Plot: When an exiled member of the Nosferatu Clan snatches a baby in Golden Gate Park, Luna organises a search for him while trying to stop Caitlin from sensationalising the story in the press.
Writers: Jean Gennis, Phyllis Murphy and John Leekley
Director: James L Conway

08. Cabin in the Woods
: Titus Welliver (Cameron), Tony Amendola (Sorrel), Gordon Capps (Clyde).
Plot: Ambushed by renegade Brujah vampires while on a trip to the countryside, a mortally wounded Luna tells Caitlin of his rise to power, leaving her to decide whether to save his life or not.
Writer: PK Simonds
Director: Ralph Hemecker


C Thomas Howell
as Detective Frank Kohanek
Mark Frankel as Julian Luna
Kelly Rutherford as Caitlin Byrne
Stacy Haiduk as Lillie Langtry
Erik King as Detective Sonny Toussaint
Patrick Bauchau as Archon Raine
Channon Roe as Cash
Jeff Kober as Daedalus
Peter Rocca as Nino
Brigid Conley Walsh as Sasha
Brian Thompson as Eddie Fiori


Friday, 22 February 2008

Ten adventures in the worlds within the Bermuda Triangle ...


USA - 1977 - 10 episodes (1 x 90min pilot, 9 x 60 mins) - colour

01. Vortex
Guests: Leif Erickson (Captain Ben Wallace), Ian McShane (Sir James Camden), Scott Brady (Carl Johanson), Scott Thomas (Dr Paul Jordan), Susan Howard (Eve), Karen Somerville (Jill)
Plot: Shipwrecked on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, the survivors of a scientific expedition encounter a traveller from the 23rd Century who saves them from Elizabethan privateers.
Writers: Michael Michaelian & Katharyn Michaelian
Director: Andrew V McLaglen

02. Atlantium
Guests: Gary Collins (Dar-L), Mary Ann Mobley (Rhea), Jason Evers (Atar), Albert Stratton (Itar)
Plot: Given the opportunity to return home, half the group are sent through a time portal before the Source controlling the city of Atlantium weakens and Scott is selected to re-energise it.
Writer: Katharyn Michaelian Powers
Director: Barry Crane

03. Beyond the Mountain
Guests: John David Carson (Cyrus), Marj Dusay (Rachel), Joseph Della Sorte (Aren)
Plot: Separated during a storm, Liana finds herself in a settlement led by a scientist from the 1960s, while the others, lost in swampland, encounter aliens claiming ownership of the villagers.
Writer: Howard Livingstone
Director: Irving J Moore

04. Children of the Gods
Guests: Mark Lambert (Alpha), Stanley Clay (Beta), Cosie Costa (Delta), A Michael Baldwin (Rito)
Plot: After making camp amongst the ruins of a Grecian temple, the travellers are captured by a colony of children with special powers who hate their elders.
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Director: Alf Kjellin

05. A Dream of Conquest
Guests: John Saxon (Consul Tarant), Bobby Porter (The Neffring), Robert Patten (Luther), Morgan Paull (Argon)
Plot: Captured by soldiers hunting a creature from another world, the travellers are taken to a city where the Consul plans to invade all the connecting time zones one his gravely ill ruler dies.
Writer: Michael Michaelian
Director: Vincent McEveety

06. An Act of Love
Guests: Christina Hart (Gwenith), Jonathan Goldsmith (Zaros), Ellen Weston (Maera), Belinda Balaski (Arla)
Plot: Falling for an alien woman, Varian elects to stay amongst her people leaving the remaining travellers to continue on their way, unaware that he is to be sacrificed to appease their god.
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Virgil Vogel

07. Funhouse
Guests: Mel Ferrer (Appolonius), Mary Frann (Roxanne), Richard Lawson (Barker), Christina Hart (Gwenith)
Plot: The travellers encounter a deserted carnival where a powerful sorcerer’s offer to entertain them in a funhouse is simply a ruse to steal their bodies for himself and his companions.
Writer: Michael Michaelian
Director: Art Fisher

08. Turnabout
Guests: Joan Collins (Queen Halyana), Paul Mantee (Morgan), Julie Cobb (Adrea), Beverly Todd (Connell)
Plot: Saved from a society that holds females in contempt when the women stage a revolution, Liana is offered a home by the Queen who intends to keep her fellow travellers’ as breeding stock.
Writers: D C Fontana and Ken Kolb
Director: Victor French

09. Riddles
Guests: Carole Demas (Krysta), Dale Robinette (Kedryn), Dax Xanos (The Rider), Lynn Borden (Scott's Mother)
Plot: Trying to decipher cryptic clues to the location of a key that will take them home, the travellers are welcomed into an unusual house where all is not what is seems.
Writer: Katharyn Michaelian Powers
Director: David Moessinger

10. The Innocent Prey
Guests: Nicholas Hammond (Tye), Cheryl Ladd (Natica), Richard Jaeckel (York), Lew Ayres (Rayat)
Plot: Befriending two men from a crashed spaceship has far reaching consequences for everyone involved when the travellers encounter a community of innocents with no concept of evil.
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Vincent McEveety


Jared Martin as Varian
Ike Eisenmann as Scott Jordan
Carl Franklin as Fred Walters
Katie Saylor as Liana
Roddy McDowall as Jonathan Willoway


Friday, 22 February 2008

Nuclear terrorism leads to a decade-defining environmental message ...


UK (BBC) - 1985 - 6 episodes (60 mins) – Colour

01. Compassionate Leave
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Sean Caffrey (McCroon), Alan Starkey (Muntsey), Bill Stewart (Dingle).
Plot: After his daughter is murdered, policeman Ronald Craven’s own personal investigation into her death leads him to discover her hidden life as a radical environmental activist.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

02. Into the Shadows
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Tim McInnerny (Terry Shields), Paul Humpoletz (Elham), Bill Stewart (Dingle), Anthony Douse (Carlisle).
Plot: As the police continue their search for his daughter’s killer, Craven crosses paths with security services in pursuit of a classified file on Emma and her activities with Gaia.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

03. Burden of Proof
: David Fleeshman (Jones), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Tim McInnerny (Terry Shields), Roy Heather (Lowe), Paul Humpoletz (Elham), Bill Stewart (Dingle), Struan Rodger (Mac).
Plot: With the police eager to close the file on Emma, Craven is called as a witness when IIF comes under scrutiny at Westminster, after American interests make a bid to acquire Northmoor.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

04. Breakthrough
: Sean Caffrey (McCroon), Patrick Godfrey (Oakley), Tony Matthews (Toby Berwick), Jo Ross (Miriam Berwick), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Matthew Guinness (Menzies).
Plot: Suffering a breakdown after confronting Emma’s killer, Craven becomes more determined than ever to breach MI5 security, and find a route through the mine shafts into Northmoor.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

05. Northmoor
: Trevor Bowen (Childs), Brian Croucher (Conners), Allan Cuthbertson (Chilwell), Sarah Martin (Polly Pelham), Paul Williamson (Bewes).
Plot: As the government enquiry into IIF continues, Craven and Jedburgh follow in the footsteps of the Gaia team, making their way into Northmoor to find evidence of the hot cell.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell

06. Fusion
: David Jackson (Colonel Lawson), Anne Scott-Jones (Jemima), Sean McCarthy (Nallers), Jeremy Child (Minister).
Plot: Knowing that time is running out, and feeling responsible for recovering the plutonium, Craven sets out to track down Jedburgh who has decided to settle the score with Grogan.
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin
Director: Martin Campbell


Bob Peck
as Ronald Craven
Joe Don Baker as Darius Jedburgh
Joanne Whalley as Emma Craven
Charles Kay as Guy Pendleton
Ian McNiece as Henry Harcourt
John Woodvine as Assistant Chief Constable Ross
Jack Watson as James Godbolt
Kenneth Nelson as Jerry Grogan
Hugh Fraser as Robert Bennett
Zoe Wanamaker as Clementine


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