Vengeance Unlimited

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Not the Chapel of love ...


USA - 1998-99 - 16 episodes (60 mins) - colour


01. Cruel and Unusual
Guests: Ray Wise (Jack Schiller), Gregg Henry (Edward Pike), Daniel Roebuck (Hargess), Tom Billett (Kevin), Krystal Benn (Caroline Hargess), La Reine Chabut (Lucy Hargess)
Plot: When a secretary discovers evidence of her boss' drug smuggling and the widower is framed for her murder, Mr. Chapel, a man who rights wrongs, enlists the aid of KC Griffin, a previous recipient of his aid, to wreak vengeance in his own unique way.
writers: John McNamara & David Simkins
director: James Frawley

02. Victim of Circumstance
Guests: Keith Szarabajka (Dr Alan Walker), Gunther Jensen (Joe Riley), Christian Clemenson (Agent Brownsteen), Jennifer Bransford (Tilly McGinniss), Suanne Spoke (Director Green)
Plot: After an FBI Profiler buries evidence may jeopardize a lucrative book deal,Mr Chapel goes to bat for an innocent man convicted for a spate of killings, enlisting help from inside the Bureau.
w: Charles D Holland
d: James Frawley

03. Eden
Guests: Tony Denison (Sheriff Broll), Tom Wood (Deputy Hubbell), Cordelia Richards (Ellie Stensma), Stephen Tobolowsky (Mayor Laird), Philippe Bergeron (Dr Jeff Grant), Rex Linn (J J)
Plot: Mr Chapel and KC ride into Eden to put a halt to the law enforcement profiting from planting drugs on unsuspecting tourists andselling the impounded vehicles at state auction.
w: John McNamara
d: James Frawley

04. Bitter End
Guests: Clare Carey (Pam Broder), Tobin Bell (Teddy Hicks), Niklaus Lange (Steve Broder), Dayton Callie (Chuck Bidally), Louis Herthum (Guard Connor Gulch)
Plot: Protecting a woman stalked by a newly-paroled killer she helped put away, Mr Chapel finds himself in unfamiliar territory when the criminal becomes aware of his plans and then turns the tables.
w: David Simkins
d: Lou Antonio

05. Justice
Guests: Cliff Potts (Donald Block), Scott Patterson (Det. Swain), Mark Kiely (Officer Mason), Katy Boyer (Lauren Mason), Brion James (Franklin Dekker), Louis Herthum (Connor Gulch), Michael Harney (Officer Witherspoon)
Plot: When the wife of a key witness is kidnapped from protective custody, Chapel uses his sources inside the prison to mess with the arms dealer standing trial and weed out a corrupt cop.
w: Wendy Battles
d: Bill Norton

06. Ambition
Guests: Todd Allen (Senator Thomas Hayworth), Dina Merrill (Ellen Hayworth), Michael C Mahon (Eddie Farragut), Dakin Matthews (Governor Luke McElroy), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Aung Myint)
Plot: When a pregnant friend of K C's is murdered by the married Senator who fathered the child, Mr Chapel starts his own campaign of vengeance against the power-hungry political family.
w: John McNamara, story: Gary Rieck
d: James Frawley

07. Security Denied
Guests: Francesco Quinn (Colonel Oscar Ponce), Kamala Dawson (Elena Amayo), Miguel Sandoval (General Rumano), Bruce McCarty (Joe Melvoy), Tim Thomerson (Krendle)
Plot: Mr Chapel poses as a State Department official to help a former war criminal experience the terrible suffering he inflicted upon the people of El Salvador.
w: Tom Chehak
d: Mel Damski

08. Dishonorable Discharge
Guests: Dayton Callie (Chuck Bidally), Travis Fine (Captain Aaron McClane), Silas Weir Mitchell (Captain Jesse Fisher), Lauren Tom (Samantha), Alexia Robinson (Marian), Amanda Carlin (Colonel Hammond)
Plot: A former client seeks Mr Chapel's assistance when two army captains escape conviction for raping a young girl because the statute of limitations has expired.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: Bobby Roth

09. Noir
Guests: Richard Beymer (Douglas Bradford), Kristin Cloke (Tamara Harrington), Christian Leffler (Eric Harrington), Christopher Gorham (Jason Harrington), Scott Patterson (Detective Thomas Swain), Suzanne Ford (Barbara Harrington)
Plot: When a new trophy wife kills her rich husband and lays the blame on his bitter ex-wife, Mr Chapel poses as a hired bodyguard to expose more than just the truth.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: John Patterson

10. Vendetta
Guests: Lisa Thornhill (Theresa Greco), Markus Flanagan (Gifford Marshall), Amanda Pays (Gail Dawson), Tom La Grua (Barry Hutchens), Scott Allan Campbell (Otto Carson), Cordelia Richards (Ellie Stenzma)
Plot: After a spiteful IRS agent uses his clout to destroy the life of a girl who rebuffs his advances, Mr Chapel poses as a spoiled millionaire to elicit his own unique brand of payback.
w: Charles D Holland
d: Adam Nimoy

11. Confidence
Guests: Steven Schub (Joseph Budnick), Mel Jackson (Jay Jackson), Kimberly Huie (Jackie Jackson), Alan Blumenfeld (Anthony Martinelli), Jeff Austin (Lester the Inspector), Patricia Gaul (Alice), Lewis Van Bergen (Tim Scanlan)
Plot: When a broker scams a young couple, Mr Chapel and KC pose as con artists to show the man, who claims to be a simple shoe salesman, that the boot is on the other foot.
w: Kim Newton
d: Alan J Levi

12. Judgment
Guests: Harris Yulin (Judge Harold Wabash), Cotter Smith (Stan Garcos), Robert Miano (Michael Sanricci), Frankie Jay Allison (Luke Sanricci), Al Israel (Joey)
Plot: Out to see that a corrupt judge doesn't queer the trial of a Mafia Don, Mr Chapel goes as far as befriending the hitman who put a bullet in him on the judge's instruction.
w: John McNamara & David Simkins
d: James Frawley

13. Clique
Guests: Elizabeth Barondes (Vivian Pratt), Brian Gaskill (Derek Wolf), Rick Peters (Brian Buckingham), Christopher John Fields (Adam Krieger), Gina Gallego (Suzie)
Plot: Mr Chapel poses as a paranoid schizophrenic to teach three reunited college friends a lesson for a prank that resulted in the brutal death of a student ten years earlier.
w: Kim Newton & Wendy Battles
d: Bobby Roth

14. Critical
Guests: Rafer Weigel (Ben Newton), Senta Moses (Gina), Ryan Bollman (Kevin Battles), Heather Dawn (Debbie Newton), Marshall Bell (Frank Newton)
Plot: Mr Chapel sets out to expose an avaricious man who murdered his father for the inheritance, even if it means letting a young computer genius expose him to the police.
w: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
d: James Frawley

15. Legalese
Guests: Michael B Silver (Michael Dearborn), Ken Jenkins (Jack Humphrey), Raphael Sbarge (Steve Bizzini), Markus Redmond (Nathan Cross), David Bickford (Elway), Karen Austin (Doctor Lorraine Simmons), Clyde Kusatsu (Judge Clyde Kurosawa), Leslie Hope (Mrs Thomas)
Plot: When a devious lawyer blocks the investigation into a fertilizer with lethal side effects for children, Mr. Chapel steps in to show them that it's not just evidence that can be buried.
w: Charles D Holland
d: Bill Norton

16. Friends
Guests: Robert Carradine (Darin Carver), Jere Burns (Steven Jensen), James Pickens Jr (Mr Hobbs), Sage Parker (Lori Carver) Jerry Mathers (Lucas Zimmerman), Twink Caplan (Madeline Chessly)
Plot: When a computer engineer commits suicide after being betrayed by an old friend who has stolen his invention, Mr Chapel creates a plan to drive the entrepreneur to the brink of insanity.
w: Kim Newton
d: Perry Lang

Michael Madsen as Mister Chapel
Kathleen York as K C Griffin


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