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Edge of Darkness

Friday, 22 February 2008 07:41

Does playing with nukes bring about the end of the world as we know it ...


UK - 1985 - 6 episodes (60 mins) - colour

Written by Troy Kennedy Martin, the creator of Z Cars, in response to the political shifts of the early 1980s. With England moving closer to becoming a nuclear state, and the United States changing their strategy from the notion of mutually assured destruction to the idea that a nuclear war was winnable, Edge of Darkness introduced a Green perspective that elevated the drama from what could have been a one-sided rage against the nuclear machine.

After witnessing the murder of his politically-active student daughter, Yorkshire police detective Ronald Craven starts a private investigation that draws him into a wide-reaching conspiracy involving state security services and sinister big business, conspiring to gain the high ground in the race for absolute nuclear power.

The multi-layered storytelling, already rife with mystic and mythical undertones from Arthurian Romances to the Knights Templar and the culture of Enlightenment, expertly introduced James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis which treated the planet as a self-regulatory, complex super-organism, maintaining the optimum condition for life, satisfying many people's need to re-evaluate their relationship with nature.

Edge of Darkness received such critical plaudits and public applause that a repeat screening was scheduled almost immediately after its initial broadcast. Winner of six Bafta awards, and voted number 15 in the British Film Institute's poll of All Time Top 100 Television Programmes, it proved to be a defining moment in television drama.


Bob Peck as Ronald Craven
Joe Don Baker as Darius Jedburgh
Joanne Whalley as Emma Craven
Charles Kay as Guy Pendleton
Ian McNiece as Henry Harcourt
John Woodvine as Assistant Chief Constable Ross
Jack Watson as James Godbolt
Kenneth Nelson as Jerry Grogan
Hugh Fraser as Robert Bennett
Zoe Wanamaker as Clementine

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