Sword of Justice

Friday, 22 February 2008 08:15

The modern day Count of Monte Cristo ...


USA - 1978-79 - 13 episodes (60 mins) - colour

Created by Glen A Larson and Michael Sloan, Sword of Justice followed a Park Avenue playboy, and heir to a large industrial fortune turned avenging vigilante.

Jack Cole finds his carefree lifestyle shattered when tax evasion charges levelled at the family business lead to his father suffering a fatal heart attack and he is left to do the prison term. Schooled by his fellow cons, Cole learns the criminal tricks of the trade, becoming an expert in every non-violent crime. When his mother dies before his release, Cole swears vengeance on the men who framed him. Aided by his wise-cracking ex-cellmate, and covertly using the resources of Arthur Woods, formerly the family attorney, now a Federal agent fighting high-level crimes, Cole seeks out to punish the guilty.

Initially sends a playing card to his intended quarry; the Three of Clubs to signify the number of years he spent inside, Cole ultimately delivers a Three of Spades inscribed 'The Spade is the Sword of Justice - It's rapier marks the end,' leaving the criminal none the wiser as to who brought about their downfall.

Premiering during a shake-up of programming implemented by a new regime at the network, after the pilot aired, subsequent episodes were bounced around the schedules. Taken off the air for weeks at a time before eventually reappearing on a different night, Sword of Justice was never in one place long enough to gain the dedicated audience it so richly deserved.


Dack Rambo as Jack Cole
Bert Rosario as Hector Ramirez
Alex Courtney as Arthur Woods
Colby Chester as Federal Agent Buckner




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