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Interview: Gillian Anderson

Friday, 21 November 2008 14:37

Out in time for Christmas is the long-awaited return of NEW X-FILES - in the shape of the second big screen movie for the franchise - "I Want To Believe". Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are reunited as the iconic Scully and Mulder to show the diehard fans what has been going on in their lives since their small screen adventures concluded.

Gillian Anderson takes times out from her busy schedule to give us an insight into returning to the character that made her famous...

You seem to disappear when the X-Files show finished. Was that intentional?

GILLIAN: When the series ended, the thought of being on a film set again I just could not imagine. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I signed up to do a play when we were finishing the last series. My plan when we finished was to go to Africa by myself and do a play in London. I didn’t necessarily plan to live in London full time. I had found a place there and started working on it, but my intention initially was to go back and forth but then I ended up meeting someone and falling in love and making a life there and realizing where I prefer to be and prefer to work and the type of projects I have always preferred have come from Europe. I wanted a chance to be able to move from film to stage which is more possible there than in the States. It all just seems to fit for me. It doesn’t fit for an ambitious American movie career much to the chagrin of some of my representatives but it fits my taste and rhythm of life the way I like it to be.

Did you worry people may forget you?

GILLIAN: It doesn’t really matter, it’s not my focus. My life isn’t just being an actress. I do a lot of other things, and I’ve been working. I’ve done 6 films since the series ended. It’s been a really good balance with working, some writing, a lot of travel and having a baby here and there. It feels incredibly full and rich and I haven’t had this myopic view of who I am by just focusing on this business.

How did you feel returning to the role?

GILLIAN: I agreed quite early on to do this film. It was always something I liked the idea of and I think it was the same for David. We had discussed it before the series ended. We agreed if it was right we would come back and do it, and after six years we are all refreshed and ready to do it, and I approached it enthusiastically.

Did you keep in touch after the show ended?

GILLIAN: David more on email. I see Chris a bit more than David but we have all kept in touch.

Will fans be happy with the way the relationship between Mulder and Scully has developed in this film?

GILLIAN: I have no idea. I’m sure there are fans out there that would like a crazy sex scene and maybe eventually we will do a XXX files, but there is a time and place for everything and I think the way Chris has dealt with it is great. There are also some pretty controversial things in this movie and I don’t think it would have been appropriate for us to be sweating under the sheets.

What does your daughter think of you being an actress?

GILLIAN: She cares and she doesn’t care. She has her head on her shoulders. She has a real sense of personal style which is unique and is not interested in labels. She gets a bit starry eyed when I’m working with someone, a very teenager thing of being taken by it, but she has also experienced the downside, the mayhem and having to hide from paparazzi.

Is it better to raise children in London than Los Angeles?

GILLIAN: Most definitely. There are great schools there and a different focus. It’s hard to get outside the business here in L.A,. even in pre-schools, at the corner store, anyway. You loose sight that there is another world out there. To be able to take my daughter on a subway and not just have white people on the train but every single race imaginable pushing and talking about a hard days work. It’s a feeling of being exposed to the rest of the world, I think it’s very healthy for children which is so hard in a town like LA which is so segregated and everyone lives in their car.

Do you have any hobbies?

GILLIAN: Lately my son has been addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine, so I find myself on the floor with the wooden track, so you could call that a hobby, cause I seem to spend so much time doing it. I love spending time with family and I have a very rich life with friends.


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