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Shane Rimmer

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 14:01

Voice of Scott Tracy, and associate of James Bond ...


From providing the voice of Thunderbird 1 pilot, Scott Tracy, in all 32 episodes of Thunderbirds and both feature films, Shane Rimmer has been one of the most prolific contributors to the series of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

In addition to lending his voice to their next series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90 and The Secret Service he also wrote a number of the scripts for the shows.

Following different roles in three episodes of UFO, he scripted and appeared in The Protectors as well as writing and starring in the episode Zeke's Blues.

He wrote the story and voiced the character John for the Supermarionation pilot, The Investigator, then appeared as Alan Carter's co-pilot, Kelly, in the Space: 1999 episode Space Brain.

After playing Lieutenant Chuck Brogan in the pilot Space Police, which acted as the forerunner to Space Precinct, he voiced the animated lead in the private eye parody, Dick Spanner.

Outside of the Anderson shows, Shane Rimmer has guest-starred in such shows as Doctor Who, Danger Man and The Persuaders!. He played the American Secretary of State in the drama A Very British Coup along with roles in Dennis Potter's Lipstick on Your Collar and the American miniseries Oppenheimer and Space.

Among numerous film roles, Shane Rimmer has appeared in the Bond movies You Only Live Twice, Diamonds are Forever and The Spy Who Loved Me, the blackly comic Dr Strangelove and Whoops Apocalypse, Ghandi, Reds and the recent Spy Game.

His official website can be found at www.shanerimmer.com.


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