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Stephen Gallagher

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 14:02

Acclaimed screenwriter and author ...


Stephen is a novelist, screenwriter and director, specialising in contemporary suspense, and was born in Salford, Lancashire.

Initially working for Yorkshire and Granada TV, Stephen's aim was always to be a TV Drama Director. During his early years in the business, he wrote a number of radio plays and having gained confidence from these, soon his first novel "Chimera". After writing several "Saturday Night Theatres" for BBC Radio 4, his first TV work was the Doctor Who serial, "Warrior's Gate" in Tom Baker's final season. He later contributed "Terminus" during Peter Davison's second year in the title role.

As his career progressed from the mid 1980s onwards, he released a novel a year with all of them optioned for film and TV adaptation. "Chimera" was adapted initially for Radio and then as a successful four part ITV series.

Stephen was involved in "Bugs", writing 10 of the 30 episodes and acting as a script consultant on the second and third seasons. He also adapted and directed a version of his novel "Oktober" for ITV starring Stephen Tomkinson, as well as helping set up Yorkshire TV's short lived horror anthology series "Chillers".

More recently he contributed "The Kingdom of Bones" to the second series of "Murder Rooms - The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes", starring Ian Richardson.

For further information, visit Stephen's website at http://www.stephengallagher.com/


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