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Don Maclean

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 14:58

One of the stars of Crackerjack and a regular on various television and radio comedy shows ...


Don was awarded a Silver Heart from the Variety Club of Great Britain to mark his 30th anniversary in show business in 2003 - Don McLean is one of Britain's leading television and cabaret performers.

Well known as one of the presenters of the long-running children's variety show Crackerjack, regularly shown on Fridays at 'five to five,' he was also the host of The Black and White Minstrel Show for three years on television and five years during its theatrical run.

A regular on Celebrity Squares in the late 1970s, Don hosted the game shows Mousetrap and First Letter First, and devised and appeared in The Cheapest Show on the Telly with Lenny Henry. He hosted three series of Keen Types and more recently presented Songs of Praise for the BBC.

On the radio he featured in his own series, Maclean Up Britain and Keep It Maclean. A team member of Wit's End and team captain on The Press Gang, he devised The Clever Dick Athlon and acted as quizmaster.

For the past twelve years Don has presented Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2 which mixes music and interviews with a religious theme, and in the 2001 New Year's Honours List he was made an MBE for services to religion and inter-faith relations.

Interested in the First World War in the Air, and qualified as a private pilot since 1984, his aptly named autobiography, Flying High, was published by Hodder Headline.


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