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Roy Skelton

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 15:11

Star of Doctor Who and Rainbow ...


Leaving school to tour England with the National Association of Boys Clubs' Travelling Theatre, Roy Skelton trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School before working for various repertory companies around the country.

While acting in the West End, Roy appeared on television as Lampwick in Pinocchio and the BBC's Music for You and Quick Before They Catch Us. After voicing Mr Growser in the puppet version of Toytown, he worked on Picture Book as the voice of Sossidge the Dog, Take a Chance on Me and Rubovian Legends.

Roy's association with Doctor Who began in 1966, as the voice of the Monoid in "The Ark" and the Cybermen in "The Tenth Planet". Though Roy would be called upon to voice the computer in "The Ice Warriors" and later "The Krotons", he made his mark as the voice of the Daleks. From the seven-part "The Evil of the Daleks" through to "Remembrance of the Daleks" in 1988, he worked with all seven Doctors.

In 1971 he eventually appeared in Doctor Who as Norton in "Colony in Space". In "Planet of the Daleks", as well as voicing the exterminating aliens he played one of the invisible Spiridons who only appeared when he died. Cast as James in "The Green Death", he also played Chedaki in "The Android Invasion", and the ancient King Rokon in "The Hand of Fear".

While working on Doctor Who, Roy was contacted by the producer of Rainbow. The actor who had voiced Zippy for the pilot decided not to continue with the character and Roy was asked to take over. Expecting the job to last no more than a couple of weeks, instead the role lasted for twenty years during which time he also voiced George, wrote over 100 scripts, and recorded "It's a Rainbow" in November 2000, a chart success, with a subsequent dance compilation album including an incredible version of Zippy and George's version of the Weather Girls hit "It's Raining Men"! He also played various roles in the spin-off, "Take A Chance".

After returning to the Daleks in Comic Relief's Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death, Roy played Henry Swift, Balberith, and The Vauturm in BBCi's animated webcast "Ghosts of Albion".


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