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Sally Geeson

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 15:15

The young female star of Bless This House ...



Beginning her television career with guest roles in the anthology series Detective produced by Verity Lambert, and the ITC shows Strange Report and Man in a Suitcase, Sally Geeson is best known for her role as Sally Abbott in the ITV sitcom, Bless This House.

Created by Vince Powell and Harry Driver, Bless This House starred Sid James and Diana Coupland as Sid and Jean Abbott, trying to bridge the Generation Gap between themselves and their teenage children; Mike a work-shy liberal, played by Robin Stewart, and Sally, who embraced the principles of Free Love. With the addition of the neighbours, Trevor and Betty, the sitcom handled the standard comedy situations with gusto.

Produced and directed by William G. Stewart, now familiar as the presenter of the quiz Fifteen To One, Bless This House became one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1970s. Running for six series, the show also earned a film version directed by Carry On director Gerald Thomas with Terry Scott and June Whitfield as the Abbott's neighbours.

Sally began her film career in 1969 with The Oblong Box. An adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Premature Burial directed by Gordon Hessler, she appeared as Sally Baxter, maid to Christopher Lee's Doctor Neuhart and Vincent Price's Sir Julian Markham. The next year she played Sarah in Cry of the Banshee, also directed by Hessler and starring Price as the witch-hunter Lord Edward Whitman.

In What's Good for the Goose Sally starred as the free-spirited hippy, Nikki, who opens Norman Wisdom's timid assistant bank manager's eyes to the era of Free Love. She appeared as Jackie in Mr. Forbrush and the Penguins, starring John Hurt as a biologist who tries to impress a girl he has been chasing by studying a penguin colony in the Antarctic.

Sally also appeared as Lily in Carry On Abroad, set at the Spanish resort of Elsbels, and Debra in Carry On Girls in which a seaside town tries to boost its image by holding a beauty contest.


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