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Jack Douglas

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 15:23

A stalwart of the Carry On movies, Jack has featured in many TV series, including The Goodies, The Shillingbury Tales and The Good Old Days ...


Best known for his appearances in the Carry On films and television specials, Jack Douglas was born into a theatrical family and produced his first show at the age of fifteen.

Showing no interest in performing until an actor was taken ill and he took his place, Jack Douglas learnt his craft playing stooge to the likes of Benny Hill and Bruce Forsythe before forming an act with Jack Baker.

One night, with Baker locked out of the theatre, Jack Douglas was forced to go on alone. Fidgeting nervously infront of the bemused audience, the character of Alf Ippititimus was born.

As Alf he began a long partnership with Des O'Connor that saw them through pantomimes, summer seasons, and numerous television shows before an impressive performance on the Royal Command Variety Show and an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

A recognisable character actor, Jack Douglas appeared in Carry on Matron in 1972 and stayed with the series until the final Carry on Columbus in 1992. After appearing in an episode of The Goodies, he became a regular on Joker's Wild and played Stanley Pickersgill in Not on Your Nellie. A role in The Shillingbury Blowers led to him reprising his character in The Shillingbury Tales and the further spin-off, Cluffy, alongside Bernard Cribbins.

With many stage successes to his credit, Jack Douglas has also penned the musical, What a Performance, based on the life of entertainer Sid Field.


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